Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thoughts and Maybe a Rant

Hey there, and welcome to the Blizzard of '08!

Okay, I haven't been near a window all day, but people keep calling me here at work to tell me how bad the roads are getting. So, I'll call it like I hear it. :-)

Locks of Love is a great non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children, under the age of 18, that are suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. My daughter Jessica's school had, I think it was, The Hallmark Channel at their school last year to promote this cause. Several girls donated their hair - has to be at least 10 inches in length, and some were even on the special. Jessie didn't make it then, partly because she had recently had a haircut and her hair didn't get to the proper length in time. She was bummed, but determined.

Jessie is blessed with my hair. By that I mean, very thick. Of course when she is screaming about getting her hair brushed, well, it's not such a blessing. Anyway, she wanted to donate her hair, and today she did it! We are so proud!! And Jessie's neck is a little cold. Bad timing, I guess, but that's what they are taking their knitting class for, right? Scarves galore!

Jenni actually has made more posts than I today. I'm going to have to rectify that! Actually, I am glad that she is, and very proud of her taking the time to jot down a few words. Maybe she'll get to the point that she joins the "mommy blog" network. :-) She still lurks a lot, but I think she is warming up to the idea of a blog. I like the blog because I can vent, I can share, and I can be silly, while not hurting anyone. I think. :-)

My work laptop is dying a slow and painful (to me) death. Actually, I just looked at some stuff, and I HOPE that I will be able to defrag it. That may improve things a bit. Nothing worse than needing the computer for work, and not being able to use it for several hours.

I wish Congress would quit their bickering and settle on what dollar amount that they are going to send me. I'll spend it. Promise.

Have you donated yet? Time is running out, only fourteen more days to save someone's life.

Lost is back!! I hope I can get home in time to watch it. Otherwise I will have to watch it while I'm at work.

Eddie Slovik was executed for desertion on this day in history.

David Beckham won't be playing for England during their next friendly soccer match. He was hoping for his 100th cap, that will have to come on a later date.

How's that for the Bug Report? Okay, it's not has expansive as Matt Drudge's, but you didn't really come her for that anyway.

Have a nice evening.