Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ah,To Give Blood!

Yes, the call is out there and very few of you are answering it.

So, with great risk to myself (hadn't told Mrs. Bug this part yet), I have decided to match Manic Mom's donations dollar for dollar.

You heard me right.

So , get over to the blood bank, give a vein, snap a pic and send it on in to

If you don't, you will miss out on saving someones life. You heard me. Your pint of blood can save a life, today! I guarantee if I could give the blood, I would, but because the power's that be seem to think I may have contracted Mad-Cow Disease (mwaah haa haa), I am banned.

I have AB Positive blood, which is a very rare blood type. Only 3% in the USA, share the same blood type as me. So, you would think that they could make an exception for me. I could lie, but, what if I really did have Mad-Cow and got someone sick? I could see the headlines now:


Manic is at four donors, as of this writing, I want to see it at eight by this time tomorrow. Or, I'll cry, or something more radical, I'll come to YOUR house and sing Karaoke!

So get donating.