Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fantasy Football

I play it.

I do okay.

I'm in three leagues, two of which I am the commissioner for.

I had the biggest blowout in all three leagues last week.

All three.

Maybe I don't "Do okay" after all.


Sirius/XM radio musings

Listening to Sirius/XM radio for the past week, mostly Hits One, which is channel two in case you are wondering and it got me to thinking....

Do these singers really experience all this sex and glamour that they claim or is it just for show?

If so, how do they afford such things?

Why do I care whether Ariana Grande is a diva or not?

Why is it All about that Bass?

Thank goodness there are another hundred plus channels.

The 80's on 8 are always good for a trip down memory lane, even the songs I don't really remember.

Why do I keep going to the Electronic/Dance music channels (51 and 52, I think)? It's not like I'm at the club, ever!

The 40's on 4 is actually a  really great station.

Disco still sucks, but I find that I can tolerate it more, weird.

I love the Books channel, but only if I catch a book at the beginning, I mean who wants to hear a great climax without the buildup? It's like sex without the foreplay, I would imagine.

There are a ton of sports options, which is cool.

All that being said, I would never pay for it. I'm too cheap and would rather listen to an audio book, but if it comes with my rental, I won't turn my nose up to it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photo Sunday

Starting a new thing for me, a photograph every Sunday. It may be a picture from my travels, but more than likely it will be a picture that is Disney related. What can I say, I love Disney.

Here's me and my boy, Goofy - selfie style!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Best Intentions

269 days

That's right, it has been 269 days in between posts.

Why? (Let's see if we can find out together, shall we?)

Did I give up writing or something? (No)

Did I die? (obviously that isn't the case)

Did I move to a foreign world where I cannot send proper posts from because of the time and space in between made everything I sent irrelevant by the time it reached these pages? (yes! in fact they still haven't gotten here, which is really weird since I'm back)

Has the desire to be a "wildly popular" figure in the world wain? (Yes!)

Will there be more frequent posting in the future? (You tell me in a month or two)

Does this really count as a post since it is mostly questions that only I, the writer, know the answers to? (Duh, that's what a blog is, right?)

Will there be more swearing? (If I keep listening to Papa Roach while typing this, there may be.)

So, why did you leave us hanging like that? (I wanted to be like George R.R. Martin - as you can see I have failed miserably since I could only stay away for a mere 269 days, whereas I could have read all five novels in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, TWICE!)

What can we expect to see in future posts, if there are any? (well, what do you mean if there are any? I'm supposed to be the cynical one here. Ahem, well there will be lots of high adventure and swordplay  fun! Or maybe just the ramblings of a dude that is nearing the half century mark that wants to leave wise words, even some unwise, for future generations to look at and marvel at the talent wasted because gramps was too afraid to strep out of line and make a name for himself. That might be a little bit more than I should share but I'm now of the mind that every thought should be shared.)


Cheap plot point there (still funny, and not really a plot point, since this is either plot-less, or worse, pointless)

So, why are you coming back now? (Because I am currently bored, and have nothing better to do, or maybe because I realized that like exercise, writing is very healthy to me and it should be practiced more frequently)

So we should expect grand things from you from now on?(Maybe not all of them will be grand, hell some might not even be good - ask me if I care, go ahead and ask.)

Do you care? (No, not at all, except maybe a little. I mean I am human and I do have a desire to please someone somewhere and hopefully whatever I do put here will make someone smile, or even get angry enough to want to make a change, yeah, that's the ticket.)
Why did you go back and bold the word squirrel just now? (Um, you're not supposed to know that I did that - no peaking, okay?)

Whatever. I am you and you are me and (you are looking at some copyright infringement if you keep going.)

Sorry. (No worries, I don't need lawyers coming here prowling for me to do something stupid like that, I prefer to be all original, wherever I can be.)

So what's next? (Well I am about to hit the publish key and then, honestly I don't know, I will probably share some writing, or go and eat some lunch. Currently leaning towards lunch, I have to admit.)

Well thanks for stopping by, please don't be a stranger. (I will do my best, and thanks for sharing your questions with me. If anyone else out there has a question, feel free to drop me a line, and I will gladly get back to you with an answer)

Have a great day!