Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday,...

Also known as the day I have to do some actual work.


I actually cannot believe what I did today. I finished laying the floor in the basement (okay, truth be told, I have been working on that all week, but I'm done!), and I completely framed Jessica's new room. She is so excited! 

Wish I could say the same thing about the boys. :)

Tomorrow, we I will be picking up the drywall and finish that part. Who knows, maybe I'll be motivated enough to get it all taped and mudded (hey some miracles happen). Jessie wants us to move her bed down there, so she can start getting everything set up even though she might not be able to sleep in there tomorrow night. 

She said that she wants to sleep on just the mattress, because she can't remember sleeping that close to the ground. Her bed is about four feet off of the ground normally, made by her Poppa with tender loving care. You won't find another bed like it, I promise. It has a special shelf built in right next to her mattress, because she likes to have her stuff close to her. It's cute, but making that bed can be a chore, let me tell you. The bed sits on top of two bookcases, to store more of her stuff, with a toy box built in - between the two bookcases. On the back of one wall there is a blackboard painted, so Jessie can draw or keep notes, etc.

Jessie loves her bed, and thought at one time that she might need to get a new one. I think she was relieved when we told her that we should be able to move her bed into her room. Jessica is more excited about having her bed moved, than those of us that have to move it. My Father in-law likes to build things that will last, and last, so it is rather heavy. 

At least we don't have to buy her another bed.

Okay, I'm off to catch up on my reading!


Friday, February 27, 2009

How Do They Do It?

We got some news today. News that we have been expecting, yet hoping to never come. However, as the flow of equipment slows down, you figure that it was inevitable and the message finally came clear.

We're going to have to tighten our belts a little, and make every dollar count. We will have to stick together and not give anyone a chance to tear us apart. Yes, it's true that some of us will have to leave, but it is for the better. They aren't happy here anyway, which doesn't make it any easier, but why suffer the disgruntled attitudes of the few, when the many know how to suck it up and make do with what we have been given.

I really don't feel good right now, and I hope that the four will be able to get back on their feet again. My thoughts and prayers go out with them, now if I can only get up the courage to tell them.

This sucks. Period. How do people do this for a living and live with themselves. I know that I couldn't.

Too bad I have to.

Any and all prayers would be appreciated, God Bless,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ask A Question

With February almost over, I thought that it was about time for me to open up the floor to y'all and allow you the opportunity to ask me a question. I will do my best to answer them all, with the exception of any math - I don't do math anymore.

Floor's yours, so ask away!

*It's late and I have been downloading stuff from iTunes, please forgive me. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Does Five Minutes Really Matter?

Let's see,

I just missed the first five minutes of LOST. So that would be a Yes. It really does matter.

What else?

Pouring milk into a large bowl of Frosted Flakes right before your two-year old has to use the bathroom, and while there wants to discuss what Thomas the Tank Engine did on the island of Sodor, over and over again. Another Yes.

How about...

Having five minutes worth of gas left, with ten minutes until the next gas station. Okay, that one may be a stretch, especially since you can't really know how much time you have left in your gas tank, that is just plain silly.

Speaking of silly, the bunnies on the header are a sign of sure silliness. Plus, I occasionally will submit a 'fluffy bunny' story here for your approval. They are also kind of cute too.

Did I mention that I missed the first five minutes of LOST?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Would You Do?

ABC has this great little show that puts people in awkward positions, like having a mom and daughter shoplifting, in front of unsuspecting patrons. Believe it or not, only 20% of the people actually even said anything to the store manager. So what would you do?

Another segment showed a man helping out a woman in distress, without hesitation, so ABC wired him up, and have him ask for some gas. All of the men that he asked gave him some gas, without question. The women on the other hand, didn't want to help him out at all.

Now they had a sociologist on the show that explained it as being the man's fault because of the way he approached the women versus how he approached the men. I guess I can see that, but I thought that he pretty much approached the men and women in the same manner. Could it be because the sociologist was a woman, perchance?

Here's a scenario for you all; you are put in a prison camp for 25 years, in Siberia. no chance for parole. Would you try to escape, or just tough it out? Remember that you are several hundred miles from any civilization, and that life in the camp has become fairly routine, and aside from the weather, life isn't too bad. In fact, you got special duty, that gives you some extra bread. So, would you try to escape or realize that 25 years is only 9131 days and you want to make a go of it?

Have a great day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Facebook Pat-Down

I'm in a bad mood, so this will cheer me up, and make you laugh as well.

Have a nice day. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Do My Boys Like The Weird Ones?

I really don't know, but I don't like it.

First it was Andy and his, slightly unbalanced, girlfriend that was into nose piercings and 'cutting' among other things. Not to mention the stuff that accelerate the growth of grey hairs.

Now it's Benjy and his Anime-loving, goth wannabe, whose mom went to a rival high school (not that it matters, really). I mean, what's up with that?

Both boys have shown quite different personalities when they are/were with these girls. I mean it's like they don't care what we think.

Now, the girls we like - they have no time for.

I'm sure I was never like that.

In a completely unrelated note, if you have a Facebook account, please check out the video for Pat Tomasulo, that is linked at his fan club. It's hilarious. If you don't have Facebook, uh why not? And don't forget to be my friend, because I have that video linked to my profile, so you can see it that way as well. I will finish off this rambling paragraph with a thank you for reading and if you don't know who Pat Tomasulo is, well you are just unlucky, or don't watch WGN Morning News from Chicago, or you may just have a life.

The floor project has begun in earnest, and will be completed by the end of the century, I promise. Also known as next weekend in Jenni time.

That's it for now, Ciao! (what a poet I am)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's The New Me!

So, what do you think?

I have a new look and I have one Napwarden to thank for the wonderful work. She's very reasonable and put up with all my whining and crying even. Not to mention the hundred and forty=nine questions I asked throughout the process. So, if you are thinking of a new look, I would highly recommend Cyn, because she ROCKS!

Had a young man over today courting my baby girl with cinnamon rolls, no less. Too cute. Except maybe for the kissing part. Little Mr. K was telling his mother that he was torn because if he became a priest, then he couldn't marry Maggie. When Maggie heard this, she said that she wants K becomes a priest. Apparently, he's gross. That's my girl! :)

Hold that thought... Jenni just told me that Maggie might have kissed K. Hmmm, maybe not so gross after all.

Phase, whatever, of my home improvement has begun officially. A few weeks back we were in prep mode and threw out a LOT of stuff. So the utility/laundry room was looking good. Well, now that we are on the next phase, the room is full again. Only this time it is filled with as much stuff that we can move into it from the family room. Jenni and I then went out and picked up some flooring underlayment and the flooring itself. Apparently doing a good job on the kitchen floor means I should be able to do a good job in the basement as well. I knew there was a catch.

Anyway, we picked up the underlayment and the price said $24.97, for both the thicker stuff and the basic stuff. We thought it was odd, but figured that maybe they were trying to move some product. We were just going to get enough for one section, but figured that we might as well do the whole floor in one shot. We also picked up about half of the flooring for the room - only had so much money, you know. We go to check out and the underlayment rings up as $45.97, wait a minute, it said $24.97, so I went back and checked where we got it from and showed the guy on the floor. It turns out that the stuff we picked up was in the wrong spot, but because of their error, we got it for the cheaper price.

We're talking over $160 savings there folks. Someone wants us to get this floor done, I think.

I'm going to have to remember to get a picture of what was under the carpet, when we pulled it up. At least it matches the walls. I wonder how it would look in a black light? Hmmm.

Our local St. Vincent DePaul Society had a fundraiser tonight - A Caribbean Night, and Jenni and I went and had a great time. Plus all of the money made from this event went directly into the coffers of the society, which does a lot of work and helps out those in need in the area. Kudos to the team that set up the night and to everyone that volunteered to work it and to those that donated the really cool raffle baskets.

We won two; one was a coffee basket that my FIL really wanted, and the other was a family membership to the Morton Arboretum, that we really wanted. My MIL told me not to mention winning the coffee basket, I think that was so she could excitedly tell him, "Look what Roger won!" Funny thing is, I don't drink coffee, don't even like it. Give me a Diet Coke or some tea any day and I'll be happy. The basket contained five pounds of some coffee -which is brewed by a parishioner, and from what I have heard; is very good. We gave my FIL three pounds of it. He deserves it, for putting up with me.

The Arboretum membership came at just the right time, because our current membership had just expired and we needed to renew it. Perfect timing there.

Today was a good day. New blog design, new floor (on the way) and we helped out some of those that have been less fortunate than us. I shall now head to bed with a big smile on my face. Let me know what you think of the new digs, and have a great evening/day (whatever time it is when you 're reading this).

Good night and God Bless,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why Twitter Can Be Cool

I'm watching our local news right now (channel 7 at ten) and Twitting with the weatherman, Jerry Taft. While the news is on! I mean how cool can that be, right? He was responding to one of my tweets about another weatherman's forecast.

Too funny.

Well, it looks like we'll have another new junior senator from Illinois soon. Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring, for some giggles.

The new design is coming, and I'm sure that you'll like it. At least I hope you will.

Today Jenni was making a meal for another family that just had a new baby (I think) and while she was making it, she had this conversation with Maggie:

M - What are you making?
J - Dinner for the Jones* family.
M - I don't like it when you make meals for other families.
J - Why honey? It's good to help out others, when they need it.
M - I know. It's just that the last time you did this all we had for dinner was some bread.
J - Oh.

Ah yes, a dinner fit for Lent. :)

*Not protecting the innocent, just can't remember who it was. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy Train

Is very hard for Roger to play on Guitar Hero. Very Hard.

Giving a credit card to an 18 year old baseball fan, on the day of single-game tickets go on sale for the Chicago Cubs, may be a bit crazy. But only a little bit, as long as Jenni says it's okay.

I wonder if that CNBC reporter that railed about the idiotic housing plan (you know the one where since I can pay my own mortgage I need to help pay someone else's, yea that one), will still be employed by General Electric and their stimulus receiving butts. Imagine that, a conflict of interest.

Idiotic. Stupid. Government.

What do you know? Blago wasn't/isn't the only idiotic and corrupt politician from the state of Illinois. I wonder if the junior senator from my fair state will do the right thing and resign? Doubt it, since he has an election coming up in two years that he has to start getting ready for. We, the idiotic people of Illinois, will probably even reelect him.

In case you were wondering, I am NOT a fan of the government.

In lighter forms of amusement...

In case you were wondering, he's out for the season.

Back to the Guitar Hero, because going to bed at 11:30 is so 2006. (I have no idea, really I don't).

** New design is a-coming, along with a new web address just the first of a few head's up for y'all. :) **

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tryng To Get My Mojo

What is Mojo anyway? Let's see...

According to Wikipedia:

Mojo (pronounced /ˈmoʊdʒoʊ/) is a term commonly encountered in the African-American folk belief called hoodoo. A mojo is a type of magic charm, often of red flannel cloth and tied with a drawstring, containing botanical, zoological, and/or mineral curios, petition papers, and the like. It is typically worn under clothing.


1. A magic charm or spell.
2. An amulet, often a small flannel bag containing one or more magic items, worn by adherents of hoodoo or voodoo.
3. Personal magnetism; charm.

Finally, Meriam-Websters:

Main Entry: mo·jo
Pronunciation: \ˈmō-(ˌ)jō\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural mojoes or mojos
Etymology: probably of African origin; akin to Fulani moco'o medicine man
Date: 1926 : a magic spell, hex, or charm ; broadly : magical power

So I ask you, is this something I really want back?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Oh Why Do I Laugh At This

I'm just in a weird place apparently, because this is all I have for you, AND I'm not even getting paid for it.

Still funny though. I mean who takes a picture in front of a car dealer, right? Oh and the guy talking his friend into jumping in with a "hibernating" bear, that was funny too.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Most Interesting Blog Post EVER!!

Okay, not really. Just in from a mini-vacation and have to absorb it all first, so I'm just going to bed.


* Loving these 22 word posts, aren't you? No worries, long-winded Roger will be back soon enough. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

22 Words

This is an exercise in getting my point across in as few words possible. Twenty-two, in fact, you should try it. Really.*

* I threw in "really," because I wasn't sure the rules regarding hyphenated words, so it may be one over. Not like this.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

To all my favorite Valentine's:

Jenni, Andy, Benjy, Jessie, Katie, Maggie, Danny, Baby to be named later, Zoe, Kirby, Quigley, Mom S., Dad S., Nana, Mom, Dad, and everyone else out there. Hope your day was all Red, Pink and White and full of love and joy.

I love you all,

Friday, February 13, 2009

U-Ti-Ca, U-Ti-Ca, U-Ti-Ca

I'm told that the title is a The Office reference. I'll just have to trust my kids on that one.

We are here in lovely Utica, Illinois. Population 1,000, that's funny, my family just added .01% to their population. Cool.

So, why are we in lovely Utica, the land of sporadic cell signals? Glad you asked, because I really don't know. :) I knew that I was going to Dubuque, Iowa with Andy on Sunday and Monday, for college related stuff. Now for the rest of the story, maybe. Because my signal just died.

Now it's back, but I will have to finish this later, I think.

Blame it on Utica.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's In A Name

Jenni and I had a humorous conversation as we lay in bed last night. It all had to do with our future child and their name.

Names are tough. You can't just throw a couple of names together for us, not a chance. We like a nice smooth flow. Names that roll of the tongue and seem to be perfect matches. Names that it will be very difficult to be made fun of. See we are sensitive parents that do not want our children to suffer through incessant teasing.

Okay, that is Jenni's idea.

I already had my names picked out before we got married. I was going to have six daughters named: Samantha, Tabitha, Jessica, Rebecca, Veronica and Jennifer. I know the last one doesn't exactly fit the pattern, but I was, and still am, in love with Jennifer. Which is why I feel so honored to be married to her. :)

There is a saying that goes something like this: "Tell God your plans, and He'll laugh." Or something like that. Because I obviously do not have six daughters (yet!), and only one of my six names have been used (Jessica).

Back to last night's conversation.

J - Abigail? Me - Yes.

J - Abigail Elizabeth? Me - Yes.

J - Abigail Cecelia? Me - Umm. Don't like the flow, but I like that it's your grandmother's name.

J - Yeah.

Me - Abigail Marie? J - No, too much like Alice Marie (My mom's name)

As you can tell, if our next child is a girl, she will be an Abigail.

J - Joseph Me - Don't like Joey, and we have one across the street.

J - Henry Me - No. J - George, Me -Interesting, since my parents called me George for the first two plus years of my life. Don't ask, even they don't know why.

Jenni then burps and it sounds like Baaa raaaa ckkkk. Uh, no. no. no.

We went back and forth with names, until I fall asleep.

This morning at work, Jenni calls me and starts to recite boy's names from the 1910s.

You just KNOW that we're going to have a boy now.

Good Night and God Bless,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Silence Is Screaming

Because my Wii has been off all day.

Quick, someone call DCFS. My poor deprived children are even more deprived than usual. Besides, I can't very well play with their puppy dog eyes looking at me, right?

In all seriousness, I don't believe that the kids were grounded from it or anything, but it sure was quiet around here this evening. Then again, I was gone shopping.

Yes, I said shopping.

Shopping for some mysterious stuff that Jenni swears exists, yet I cannot find ANYWHERE.
She says that they taste great and that she really wants some. I'm not sure if this is a craving thing, or just delirium. I'm talking, of course, about Eggo Strawberry Muffin Tops. I can find Blueberry (a good substitute, mind you), Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip, but Strawberry has apparently gone extinct, or maybe never existed at all? Hmmm.

After three stores, I quit looking, but did get the blueberry muffin tops, and strawberry waffles in an attempt to please the cravings of my future child. Or at least my beautiful bride.

I was also on a mission to find Valentine colored M&M's. Go figure, three days before Valentine's Day, and they are nowhere to be found. Of course we need the Red, Pink and White colors, and can't use Blue, Green, or Brown because the cute little treats we're going to make need the Valentine colors.

Shoot me now.

Luckily, I found these after only three stores and was able to make it back for the last thirty minutes of LOST. I will now go silent to respect the wishes of my foreign readers, that don't get to experience LOST until later this year. See what I mean by the silence is screaming? Because it was AWESOME, and maybe a bit confusing. :)

God Bless,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Metalicatized Salt

Uh, yeah...

One response...


Finally why I would have NEVER even tried this...

Have a great day!!

God Bless

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Reason To Move?

Granted I don't actually live there but, this can't bode well...

Lousy weather, long commutes, rising unemployment and high sales tax. Welcome home.

Chicago would seem to be on quite a roll these days. The city is a leading contender to host the Summer Olympics in 2016. The hometown Cubs had the most wins of any team in the National League last year and are one of the early favorites to win the 2009 World Series. And, of course, one of its own just became the most powerful person in the world (we're not talking about Oprah either, but she's close).

So with all of the good vibes coming out of Chicago, how does it show up as the third worst city on our second annual list of America's Most Miserable Cities?

Lousy weather, long commutes, rising unemployment and the highest sales tax rate in the country are to blame for the Windy City being near the top of our list. High rates of corruption by public officials didn't help either...

You can read the rest at the link


On a completely different front, I'm looking into making some changes here, relatively soon, so keep on the lookout. I will keep you informed, cause I'm nice that way, and don't want to lose you. :)


Anyone watch the President tonight? I didn't, but am curious if he's still being delusional about this whole "stimulus" thing that he's pushing? Well, maybe not that curious.


Currently jamming to some The Veronicas, just your typical fast-paced dance song, Untouched, but I kind of like it. I have an eclectic musical taste, what can I say.


My buddy Dan and his Japanese wife bought Benjy some treats from the Japanese store near Schaumburg. I might need some directions, since everyone seems to be enjoying the treats.


Have a great evening and God Bless,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wit, Wisdom and Apple Pie

That's what you could get when you visit me here, just not tonight. I mean it's 11:30 and I have to go to work tomorrow, but I'll do what I can.

A patient went to the doctor and said "Help! I have amnesia what should I do?"
The doc says "Forget about it!"

Did you hear the Speaker of the House of Representatives the other day say that we (meaning the good ole USA) were in danger of losing five hundred million jobs per month, if we didn't get the stimulus (waste of government money) passed and soon.

Okay, let's see here five hundred million times twelve months, equals six billion jobs in one year. Yes, the little ole third in line to the presidency says that the USA could lose five hundred million jobs per month, or six BILLION jobs in one year, if we don't pass the porky pig bill.

Silly me, I thought that there were only three hundred ten million citizens of the USA, of which maybe a third of those are actively working. Yet, I'm the dumb American citizen that doesn't know any better. Uh huh, right. Gotcha.

The following are brought to you from Thomas Jefferson, pay attention (especially you Ms Pelosi, they may come in handy some day):

"A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference."

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government."

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

"All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression."

Thanks Mr. President, you were a great and wise man.


6 cups thinly sliced apples
3/4 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 recipe pastry for a 9 inch single crust pie


1. Prepare your pastry for a two crust pie. Wipe, quarter, core, peel, and slice apples; measure to 6 cups.

2. Combine sugar and cinnamon. The amount of sugar used depends on how tart your apples are.

3. Arrange apples in layers in pastry lined pie plate. Sprinkle each layer with sugar and cinnamon. Dot top layer with small pieces of butter or margarine. Cover with top crust.

4. Place on lowest rack in oven preheated to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Bake for 30 to 35 minutes longer. Serve warm or cold.

I believe that I have delivered.

Good Night and God Bless you all.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heading Into The Closet

Remember the boy's rooms from last year? The ones that still need a better floor, and their closets fixed, and some more paint and doors to be put in? You know the ones I will not forget.

Yeah those.

Well, I have started working on them again. Yay!

First step, putting in the closet system. Check. We went with the Rubbermaid system and it looks pretty good, if I say so myself.

Next step, doors. At least for Andy's although, to be honest I really don't see the need for them, but my vote doesn't count. In fact, my FIL just commented on my Facebook status about said doors - because they are in his garage. I will be picking them up, post haste. Or at least after church, sometime tomorrow. I think.

Jenni says definitely. Which is pretty impressive since she is asleep at the moment. Must be that secret language that all husbands and wives share. Fellow husbands, you know of the one I speak.

We finally found Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii today, so Benjy and I just "jammed" on it for the past hour and a half. Fun stuff, but I think I need to move up past easy, because easy is just too boring, and uh, easy.

Andy's doing a solo tour on the drums right now as I type. I must say that the drums are WAY nicer that the Rock Band drums, by far. Oh, and an FYI for my fellow Guitar Hero/Rockband fans out there. The Wii version of Rock Band is NOT compatible with Guitar Hero guitars, we found that out earlier today when I picked up the drums and the game of Rock Band for the Wii, figuring I wouldn't need the guitars because I already have two guitars for Guitar Hero as is, so why not. Wrong oh, captain. Luckily Sam's Club took the drums and game back AND gave me back my money, which we didn't think we were going to get. Whew!

Well, hat's it for now. Church is in the morning and I need my beauty sleep.

Good night and God Bless!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Poker Joker

It's probably a good thing that I only play poker once every now and again (it was supposed to be a once a month deal, that has turned into a once a month for two months, then wait ten months), because I am super awesome at it and would be the envy of work. Well, almost super awesome, at least, until I had a brain fart and went all in with a King and a two off suited.

No, I have no idea why I did that. Maybe I was trying to bluff the guy with pocket aces. Or maybe I was hoping that I would pull one out of my butt, like I did three hands prior.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I'm going to bed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Madness at Wal-Mart

That's what you get when you go to the store after ten post meridian (P.M. for you not-so-crazy people). Ye, we have a Super Wal-Mart, and you know what? It is turning into my favorite store.

Yes, this is me, and yes I think I really mean what I just said. Just look at my receipts.

The beauty of a Super Wal-Mart is that it is a) Super; b) Open 24 hours and c) five minutes from my house! See what I mean?

Anyway, Benjy wanted to go to the store to shop. By shopping he means wander around the store checking things out - he gets that from his mother. I'm more of a get in, buy, and get out kind of shopper. I generally know what I'm going in for, and since I've been there enough times, I find it and leave.

Oh don't be silly, I pay for it also.

Tonight, I made sure that I took my time, because Benjy was mad that the last time we went, he didn't get to shop. (Okay dude, that was Super Bowl Sunday ten minutes before the game started). Anyway, I had a list of stuff Jenni needed for the homeschooling group, so Benjy and II grabbed that stuff first, it would have been quicker if they hadn't moved the juice from where it was, or where I thought it was. Okay, so I didn't know where it was, but it wasn't in the logical place. You know, in the same aisle as the beer and liquor.

After we get all the stuff we actually came for, we shopped. It was actually quite fruitful shopping at that. We found Mario Kart (finally!), and we got the kids an exercise bar (their gymnastics coach recommended getting one), and noticed Wal-Mart's pathetic soccer section. Maybe we were still too early for that to be in full swing.

One thing that we also noticed was George - the greeter. He's this very friendly, and loud, greeter that Benjy wants to get a picture with. Imagine Grizzly Adams with a ponytail. Benjy wants the picture for his Facebook profile picture. Weird, but totally Benjy.

Jin is ALIVE.

Just thought I would throw that spoiler in there, when you weren't expecting it. Of course, you knew that already, right?

Wal-Mart was good to us tonight, and we actually only bought three things that we didn't go there for.

Now that's success!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Do I Say This Without Spoiling The Surprise

I'm gonna be a new daddy!!!!

What's that? You already knew that? Who told? No seriously, I wanna know.

Okay that's not the surprise, this is.

Jenni, being the bestest wife ever, let me watch LOST, live. Well, okay, technically it's been in the can for a while now, but I watched it the same time as everyone else. Pretty cool. Also, I tried to follow along with my friends on Plurk AND Twitter. Dude, that's hard to do, especially when you want to write on both social media dealies AND actually watch the show.

Want a recap? Me too. :) Gonna have to read Doc Jensen tomorrow to see what I missed, although it was pretty straight forward, I think. Except maybe the bouncing back and forth in time bit. Can you imagine what the "Master Plan" of this whole story looks like. I mean we have this arc going that away, and that arc going this away. Then there is the part where they intersect, and then where they aren't supposed to intersect. Oh yeah and then there were some French people, and the always young Richard Alpert.

Ha! If you saw it, I guess you would understand. If you do, let me in on it. :)

On a completely different note. Do you think it's too risky to try and get a new job? There's one that just popped up that might be interesting. Hmmm. Oh, and if PITA is looking here, I'm not who you think I am. :)

Great news fellow Chicagoans!! It's going to get ABOVE freezing this weekend. YAY! We're talking fifties, maybe.

Did anyone else chuckle about London being shut down (make that most of Great Britain) over a measly 10cm or four inches. Yep four inches shut down the city that outlasted the bombings from those evil bastard Nazi's. What has happened to this world? Sheesh.

My little whine session down there, has guilted my Sister In-Law to actually comment on my posts. Who knows, maybe she'll start her own blog and blow mine out of the water. I would probably hate her for it, but we'd still be good. Right Jen?

MIL and FIL are on Facebook! How cool is that? I should recommend that all the teens I'm "friends" with become their friends. Most of them know them already anyway. They are the cool grandparents, after all.

Yummy, Dean's Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream. Why can't there be an ice cream diet? That would be the most popular thing. Ever.

If you want to laugh, really laugh, head over to Holly's Animated Life on her blog. Too funny.

Okay, I've said enough. Did I mention that LOST was awesome again tonight? Too bad about Jack losing his arm though.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Think I Am In BIG Trouble!!

I'm a pretty conscientious guy. I think things out, I back stuff up.


Apparently when I deleted something (*cough pictures *cough) that I thought was just a copy, well, you know. Now, the good thing is that I haven't deleted my recycle bin, so I should be able to get them back, right?

Uh, no.

I swear that I did not delete the recycle bin. In fact, there was still stuff in there so I know that I haven't deleted it. However, I cannot seem to locate them.

Houston, we have a problem.

It all started when I tried out this cool little sharing thing, called Dropbox, which is pretty neat but I should have read the instructions closer, I think. I decided that it would be a cool place to keep some pictures.

It is.

Just not 35GB worth.

Oops! No problem, I'll just delete them and free up the space.

No problem.

Yeah right.

I guess I better go and read those instructions, or buy a better couch.

Monday, February 2, 2009

77 Channels and Nothing On

That is what is going on in my head. Seriously. All of a sudden I have a whole bunch of story ideas running through my head (no fluffy bunnies, thankfully). Now, I have a bigger problem. Too much noise.

Why is it always one extreme or the other? It seems to be an all or nothing deal in my head - no middle ground. At. All.

I have an isolationist story.
I have a shipwreck story.
I have a serial killer story.
I have at least four different stories regarding saints.
I even have a social networking story.
I have a historical fiction idea.

Believe me when I tell you that this is just the tip of the iceberg, Believe it or not, each of the above mentioned story ideas, has at least four different options. Noise. Noise. Noise.

At least I'm not whining.Much.

Let me take you on an adventure kids and tell you about a great book that I just finished: About the Author by John Colapinto. As you may be aware, the book is the first selection in a new book club, started by Holly, that I joined with fellow bloggers. I am looking forward to the discussions, which start in two weeks. It is the only book where I have read the word coccyx. Twice. No kidding, I should let TexasHolly know. I mean she is definitely fascinated with hers. Or, I should say her readers are.

I downloaded several (ten) songs tonight for my little iPod. Wanna know what they are? I 'll tell you anyway, since I am actually pleased with them all.
  1. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson (Definitely pop and dance, but I really like her voice and she uses it to her full potential with this song)
  2. Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects (I like their sound and this song has a nice little beat to it. Plus it's a bit vengeful)
  3. Sober - Pink (I have become a bigger fan of Pink with each new song of hers I hear, I think that she has a great voice as well and an attitude that comes through her music very well)
  4. Untouched - The Veronicas (I have never heard of them before, and actually bought this song on, more or less, a whim and a thirty second soundbite. I can be impulsive, at times, sometimes it works, others it does not. I believe it worked here.)
  5. Womanizer - Britney Spears (Don't say it, because the song is actually pretty good, and I am glad that I bought it. So there.)
  6. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (Classic stuff. Takes me back to high school, and this is really a great song that still plays well today. Plus I think it is in the top 50 iTunes songs.)
  7. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy (Got to get my Emo fix, yo. Actually this song comes across as more alternative than Emo, whatever that really is. We used to call it grunge, I think.)
  8. Tarantula - Smashing Pumpkins (Not sure if this is their brand-new song or not. I bought this because I read an article blasting Billy Corrigan about selling out and, I think, this is the song they were talking about being used in a Hyundai commercial. I like it)
  9. Lips Like Sugar - Echo & the Bunnymen (Brings me back to those wild and carefree days, or something like that.)
  10. What's My Age Again - blink-182 (Like most of their songs, lots of fun and easy to listen to. Works as a pick me up also)

I'm currently bobbing my head to 'Womanizer' by Britney Spears.

Still like it. :P

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each" ~ Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

This game has to go down as one of the great ones.

I watched it, and I enjoyed it and I cannot recite what happened other than one freaking awesome football game. Especially the last three minutes of the game, we had a safety, a sixty-plus yard touchdown, and a drive by the Steelers (particularly by Roethlisberger and Holmes) that ended with one of the sweetest looking catches ever! Holmes again.

Now I am distracted by the insanity known as The Office.

Maybe I have ADD, or ADHD, or maybe even IRDLTO (you figure it out, and comment on it).

Speaking of comments, why don't you all do that? Am I just writing stuff unworthy of commentary, or are you like my sister in-law who says that she can't figure out how to make a comment. Likely story.

Maybe it's because I published stories about fluffy bunnies. If I promise no more fluffy bunny stories, will you comment? Am I laying on the pathetic-ness of myself too much right now? Will you actually read these words as they are, or will I delete them before I press the publish button? You tell me, please.

Okay, on to real life. We have donated about eight large bags of clothing, three large boxes of books are about to go, once I haul them out to the car. Then there is twice that much in garbage. We are maybe a quarter of the way through. How the heck did we fit all this stuff in here. I actually spelled it hear, can you believe that? Me the writer of sub-par fluffy bunny stories? Don't tell my publisher, I mean they might drop me, or something.

See the talent? I sequed right into fiction there.

Okay, I'm thinking that sleep deprivation might be the problem, so maybe I should just go to bed. Or at least back to Twitter. :)


"Stanley tried to die, just to get away from you" - Andy from The Office (the one and only quote I think I will ever use from this show)