Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Next Time Shop at...


Yep, that is the line I am starting with tonight. Why? Well, duh, because the commercial was just on. You know with the old lady, who is actually an old man, trying to dupe a young lady into buying a car that is leaking some liquid. Then steps in the Carmax sales dude to save the day. Thanks Carmax.

Now being a former band-fag (don't ask me where these nicknames come from), when I here of Carmax, I think of carmex. Yes dear friends, I am a user of carmex which is way better than chap stick in my opinion. Humble as that may be.

Other news...

Is Andrew Morton onto something here? Maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes child is a version of Rosemary's Baby. I mean think about it, he was married to Nicole Kidman for how long and they didn't have any kids. In fact, they adopted two. So, without being personal about their business, we all assumed that maybe one, or the other, was sterile. Hey, it happens. Then Tom and Katie get pregnant and 40 weeks later (remind me to tell you about a book I started to read recently), we have little Suri.

So Nicole must have been the one that was sterile, right? Wrong. She is currently with child. Yep, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are expecting either an actor/actress or a singer for sure. Probably will grow up to be just like Paris, I bet.... Actually, I think not. Only time will tell, right? I promise you this, if I am still blogging in twenty-some-odd years, I'll give my opinion then.

Hillary Rodham Clinton pulled one out of her butt tonight in New Hampshire, narrowly beating out Barrack Hussein Obama in the primary. Leading up to today, and throughout the day, she was preparing her funeral. Now, she'll have a new life and some momentum behind her. I still think she should be worried, because just last week - before Iowa, she was ahead in NH by double-digits. John McCain beat out Mitt Romney on the Republican side.

I don't know about you, but I'm not really thrilled with either side and I hope that whoever it is, will no eff up this country. I know some of you out there think it can't get any worse, but it can, and I fear for my kids and their future. Ugh, gotta get off of this soap box.

George Lopez cracks me up sometimes. In this episode he actually defended his mother's honor. Wow, you go George!

I think I'm on level ground now. Any Britney news? Nope. Good, because that girl is in some desperate need of alone time. I mean I feel for her, and if her mother ever tries to come out with a parenting book, well... you'll see me jump back up on that box.

Okay, it's getting close to bed time and I have wasted plenty of time here as it is. Maybe I'll have more to say about 40 weeks a novel. I hope I got that title right.

Good night,