Monday, January 7, 2008

Impressive Light Show

That is what I got on my drive home tonight.


The lightning was pretty cool and the weather outside made me think it was April instead of January. My yard is basically turning into swamp land right now, which makes it an adventure when you have dogs and little kids tat like to go outside to play and poop. Okay, the dogs do the pooping, the kids do the playing. Unfortunately, sometimes the playing involves stepping through the poop, need I say more?

Of course Danny was the victim of the poop, but he was smarter than his big sister. She decided that stocking feet were the way to go when it came to walking outside. Needless to say, Mom was not happy about said situation.

Question for those of you that may be reading this... Should I use cute nicknames for the kiddos instead of their real names? I mean, is there a chance that some sicko out there will latch upon my private life in this not-so-private forum, and do something that sicko's do? Now, I was thinking of just using numbers, so that the above paragraph would start out as " Of course #6 was..."

Then again, it could be fun coming up with some nicknames and using them instead. I have Magpie and Cuddle-bug already reserved for #5 and #4 respectively. Now, the problem then comes down to what if someone in my family - not including the immediate folks, reads this and mistakenly calls #2 Cuddle-bug. I mean imagine the horror of a 13 year-old boy being called Cuddle-bug. If you were a 13 year-old boy, would you like it? Then again, I think it would be fun, but I am slightly imbalanced when it comes to things like that.

You know what I love, as I break off into a new tangent, is the fact that I started this post with the intention of writing a few words about the weather. I do that every now and again to pass the time I think. And here I am four paragraphs later...

Just jinxed myself, because now the mind is blank.

Good night.