Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Random Party

I was given a challenge once, well not really, but I took it as a challenge - to write a poem about an incident that occurred at work one day. Now that I think of it, I decided to do this all on my own and thrust it out to the masses... What was I thinking? Anyway, I thought that I would throw it up here, get a quick 250 word head start - is that cheating? i mean I did write it right? Besides the only one I am cheating is myself, kind of like counting your golf score as a four when you actually shot a six. Sure your final score will look better, but deep down, you know that you really sucked at that hole. Now imagine doing it for all eighteen holes... Although i am sure you will get caught. In this case, sure I got 250 "extra" words, but i have just written over a hundred to explain it, see how that works?

I have a story that I must share
about a man as big as a bear
He would often go off to think
and leave the room in a stink
Wonder not about his plan
while in the room with the can
He would use some water to drink
but never wash up in the sink
One day our hero came by
and started to open his fly
He noticed something replete
when he lifted up that seat
Like looking at a bagel from over here
he noticed a great brown smear
Behold the great man had left behind
something that might be considered grime
Disgusted was our heroes thinking
that he barely noticed that stinking
He did however have to share
with all he worked with there
By groups of two or three
they had to see that which was not pee
One brave soul even took a photo
of what that man did solo
To the internet he would want to go
but someone told him, “No”
He relented and didn't send
what could have made the world end
My tale does not end here I say
because later that Saturday
Three friends were helping to work
with someone that acted a jerk
He decided to share a prize
of which came from inside
No my friends we’re not talking a pearl
instead it was a photo of a swirl
So now my tale has been told
I hope that you were all bold
in coming here for me to share
my story of that disgusting bear.


Jumping into the fray today, I will tell you that it is Wednesday, and apparently the date, October 5, is the most popular date of birth, as in more people were born on this date than any others. Can you guess which one is the least? Doesn't take a braniac, especially since the date only happens once every four years. Looking back on this I wonder if I should have said day instead of date, because the date is October 5, 2011 and who knows how many people will be born today, especially since the day isn't even over yet.


Another fun weekend ahead - it's a three-day weekend for the kids, with a volleyball tournament thrown in. Yes, Jessie will be playing volleyball all evening on Friday, and depending on where they get placed they will either be playing in the AM on Monday - a day I have to work by the way, unless I become ill of course - or in the PM.I suspect it will be the AM bracket because of the overall quality of players on the team, however, they did fairly decent against a bunch of club teams in last weeks tournament, maybe some of that will carry over to this weekend. Once can only hope.


I posted yesterdays 750 words on my blog, and got no response.

Nothing but crickets out there, let me tell you.

So I'm going to do it again for today, can't say i'm not a glutton for punishment, and for those that have read, or read my blog, I know that the Ode to Poo has already been published here, which is probably why I admitted to my "cheating" ways up there above the poo.


i am also thinking of swinging the blog over to using a Word press blog platform, because I think I can play more with it over there. Then again, I like it here and the few of you that do read it know where to come for your occasional Rogisms. So maybe I'll just build a new one from scratch, using the lessons I have learned here, whatever they may be.

Have a blessed day.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oops! Forgot to Title This Thing

Today is being brought to you by the letter T and the number 6.

What a remarkable day today has been, first off check it out, I am writing my 750 words before eleven pm. Let's all stand up and give ourselves, especially me, a cheer.

Go Roger!!

Thank you very much.

Today was the big Apple iPhone five reveal that revealed the iPhone 4S.

i totally butchered reveal there by the way, twice. Imagine an "i" where there is an "a" and you will be able to visualize my error, because you know darn well that by the time you are reading this, it will not be there.

like I was saying; Apple decided that today was the day to reveal their latest and greatest. Word on the street, well at least on the Internet, was that it was going to be a new phone called iPhone 5. Um, not so fast, apparently they are huge fans of the great detective series on the USA network, because they did a big "Psych" on everyone.

Don't get me wrong, there are some new and improved bells and whistles, just not what the adoring public was looking for, and Apple's stock lost 11% shortly after the announcement. Wonder what Steve jobs is thinking?

Then again, what do I care? I have an Android.


It was a dark and stormy night....

There was a sense of love in the air as the two long lost friends finally came face to face with reality. Yes, they were indeed in love, and it was indeed very bad timing. You see, one of them had to die...

Why did one have to die, well because it makes for a better story and there will be tons of built up tension, as long as the author does it write, er right. Will the dude be all chivalrous and die for his love, or will the lovely maiden throw herself to the wolves, per se, and sacrifice herself for him? Or is it a case of them not really knowing that one had to die but that circumstances were beyond their control and one of them would contract a deadly disease that will kill him/her in the middle of the night, unexpectedly...


Chocolate covered chocolate is chocolaty.and tasty and probably not all that good for you, unless of course you are eating dark chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, why do I have such a hard time spelling that word? Weird.

Speaking of weird, why do people seem to have a hard time spelling that correctly?

I digress.


There was a man that received a letter of great power, not a letter of the alphabet, but rather, an honest to goodness hand written letter. Imagine, if you will a Genie and his lamp, only on paper. There are always conditions and there is that fear about absolute power being bad and all, but this guy uses it for good - at least his good, I mean he is still a bit on the selfish self-serving, self-preservation kind of kick. So you know how that goes. Oh and unlike with the Genie, he isn't limited to three wishes, as long as he remains in possession of this letter, he will pretty much be large and in charge.

One day - isn't it always the case - someone finds his letter and all heck is about to break loose.

Not to fear, our hero has a plan and it might entail time travel, or maybe something as simple as breaking and entering. Anyway you should stay tuned because this bad boy is gonna get fleshed out and become bigger than anything J.K. Rowling ever wrote.


Who knows what people will buy these days, but I think a good story about love, redemption and evil will sell big time. And I have actually started writing it - go figure.

Like I said stay tuned.


I should mention that if you are reading this it is because i felt it was self-serving enough to share with the readers of my blog, that would be you, yes you. I should also mention that this is a daily exercise that I am pursuing, um, daily and who knows, maybe I will continue to post stuff that spews from my head onto the blog.

Now, if you are looking for something to motivate you, give a try. Basically it is a private, unless you share it like I have, place where you can create whatever you want and develop it further or just practice your writing craft, if you care to practice it. I mean this is the fourth day in a row that I have decided to participate, in fact I am participating in a daily challenge as a way of motivating myself. I think I am closing in on 3000 words in four days, so it might be something.

Must go now.