Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary...

Today in 1845, Edgar Allan Poe released The Raven, in the New York Evening Mirror. A marvelous piece of work that stands the test of time. At least in literary circles.

The Raven tells the story, in the form of a narrative poem, of a young scholar lamenting the loss of his beloved Lenore. Oh, and he is visited by a talking Raven that makes the scholar a little loopy, to say the least. Of course is he really loopy or is he trapped in the shadow of.... something far more sinister. Hmmm.

Or maybe I am just pulling things out of my posterior? It has been a long time since I read The Raven, and may be a long time before I do it again. Although, I have to admit that my curiosity is a bit piqued at rereading it. I'll let you know.

Two things caught my eye today, as I perused the Internet news sections. Both interest me greatly, for different reasons. First we have this moron. Yep, go ahead and read it, or keep with me and I will spoil the surprise.

It seems that this esteemed archivist, esteemed is my word, decided to steal archives from work. Where did he work you say? Why would such a theft bother the Bug? Well, you see this archivist works with the New York State Library and stole various artifacts, sorry archives, like Davey Crockett almanacs, a four-page letter from Vice President John Calhoun written in 1823, and the 1865 railroad timetable for Abraham Lincoln's funeral train.

Why did he do this? To help pay for his daughter's $10,000 credit card bill. I kid you not. He even sounded rather cavalier about the whole thing, saying that he would steal archives whenever he needed the money, for remodeling his house, vacations, you name it. What a puddwhacker! He deserves the 25 year maximum sentence.

Next story that caught my eye was this one. The sky is falling, and it may be falling near you too. Especially if you live in North America, which I do. So that's just great, a huge chunk of a spy satellite is hurtling towards us as we speak. I imagine that it would be quick and painless, at least. I thought these things were supposed to burn up in the atmosphere? Sheesh. So everyone look to the sky towards the end of February and see if your future isn't going to be so bright. Actually, I guess it would be pretty bright right up until the....

Other stories, I am sharing with you this fine Tuesday evening, from the grand cabin of my workplace. The employee mentioned earlier, a few posts back. I think their days are numbered. We have a meeting on Friday at 5 to discuss the matter. Never a good sign.

Catherine, I really do not dislike my job, I just vent here on occasion to share with the world what I feel is an inordinate about of stupidity when it comes to some things. Heck, I have been accused of being inordinately stupid myself - especially when it comes to French. :-)

Diet Coke two-liters were on sale Five for $5, you know I got some of that! Same goes for Campbell's Chunky soups, they were on sale for ten for $10. I know can be trapped at work for several days and still not lose any weight!

Just got a call from the Mrs. and apparently the day that started out in the high 40's is now in the teens and dropping. Plus there is wind, snow and ice. Yea! Drive home should be an adventure, to say the least. i guess the weather dudes and dudettes weren't exaggerating, eh?

Oh well, better go then.

Music that was just playing for me:

Eagles of Death Metal: I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News)

What the heck kind of group and title is that? Oh well, I like the song, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Have a great evening!!