Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with the old...

...And in with the new.

Hello 2014, what do you have in store for me and the family this year?

Last year we saw a college graduation (Andy), and a high school graduation (Benjy), we saw some softball (Jessie), and some track and field (Katie), we also saw the  "littles" start to come into their own, be it an interest in baking and cooking (Maggie) or gymnastics (Danny) or just being an awesome super hero (Timmy).

One big change was moving into a much bigger and quieter house. If you don't have our new address and want it, drop me a line and I will give it to you.

For me, I got to go to both Disney parks, and see both oceans that border our beautiful country along with the Gulf of Mexico. I also ventured into some foreign land - Canada.

We got to see our beloved Blackhawks win Lord Stanley's Cup again, after a totally dominating season. It all came down to seventeen seconds though. The Cubs and White Sox were meh. Maybe next year? I think that the cubs will be there in the 2015 World Series, at least if the back to the future movies can be believed. Bring on the hover boards and flying cars! The bulls put up a valiant effort without their Rose, who they lost again for this season back in November. Oh and my beloved Denver Broncos have number one seed again this year, after Peyton Manning led the team with 55TDs, a new NFL record, I might add.he also got the yardage record, but I don't know that number, just that he surpassed Drew Bree's old record by one yard.

As for the local team? They choked it away once again.

So what does 2014 have in store for us? No clue, only that I plan on embracing it fully, unlike how I embraced the clock reaching midnight last night/this morning, sound asleep and snoring away. 

Here is to a great new year!!