Sunday, January 27, 2008


I am safe! Yep, the taxman approves of my latest transmission, and even said that I can buy my many alcoholic beverages on or after 8 Feb. I can guarantee you all one thing for certain - it'll be gone by the ninth!

We had an appraiser stop by and, er appraise the house. No, we're not moving - yet! But we are in dire need of getting out of a bad situation, caused three years ago when I was laid off from Avaya (bastards!).

Actually, I believe it goes a little further back when we got our last home loan. You see, I didn't see the layoffs coming - silly me, and we refinance with an ARM. It also was, apparently, considered one of them sub prime loans that has been in the news lately. Anyway, we figured that we would keep that loan for a year or two, and then either move or refinance to a fixed loan.

In the meantime, the financial people that we dealt with were part of a $365 Billion lawsuit. The lawyers got the bulk of the money, of course, while we all got a small piece of that pie. The billion might have been million, I can't remember anymore which in itself is sad, because it just got paid off in early December. Ugh, I am confusing you all, aren't I?

Anyway, my original point was that this appraiser went through the house, checking things out and one thing that we found peculiar was the flushing of toilets. Why did he need to flush the toilets? Is he part of some secret police force that is out enforcing the two gallon per flush rule, or something worse? I mean does the flushing action of one's toilet make the house value change that much? I can see checking out the furnace and central air, but we're talking toilets here.

The King of Queens is my life. Okay, not really. But I do get a giggle or three from it.

Anyone outside of the northeast even caring about the Super Bowl? How about the commercials? They have been more entertaining of late.

Catherine, the Denver Broncos are an American football team that plays their home games in Denver Colorado, and has been my favorite professional football (American) team for a really long time. They had a bad year, not as bad as the American Rugby team and the Rugby World Cup, this year, but a bad year just the same.

Kalynne, does an accountant know my wife's birth year? I need to go and talk to my wife! :-)

What is funny about the whole tax thing is; this is the FIRST time that I completed the Turbo Tax program with no errors. If I only knew. What is funny is that Jenni had to go through all these hoops with the Social Security Administration, to get her birthday correct about seven years ago, and that was our first thought when we got the error.

Okay, I think that I have gone full circle here with this post, so I shall now finish.