Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Birds!!!

Okay, I know that the first pictures aren't necessarily of birds, but maybe they are and you just can't see them! :-)

Truth time! These are from a little while back when we had a lovely ice storm hit the entire area. These pictures come courtesy of my favorite photographer, well at least favorite photographer that I know personally, well.. Okay, not looking for any trouble here. So, it's my favorite nature photographer - that I happen to know. :-) As you may be able to see, the above picture was taken from the Galena territory on December 14. Looks warm doesn't it? Well, that is all covered in ice and it isn't very warm.
Spectacular image of a tree just standing there, taking all the punishment that nature can dish out, if you go to Lady of the Rose, you can see another icy image. Pretty cool actually and a well-taken photograph, that won a prize at the Sandwich Fair.
Don't think anyone is home. Or if they were, they ain't coming out!
Finally! Birds!! Here are a couple images of one of my favorite birds, the Northern Cardinal - these guys are, well uh guys. Yep, for some reason God made the male cardinal the attractive one. You see, the female is kind of just another brown-ish bird. Oh you can still tell one, by it's shape, just not the reds.
Below, is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, as you can tell by the second photo.

Lastly, it is a Black-Capped Chickadee. Gee, I wonder where it got it's name from?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

More posting to follow.