Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Monday For May

Since nobody signed up, or at least they didn't tell me about it, I will continue to host Fun Monday through the month of May.

Okay you can keep your applause and tears to a minimum.

No really, Mom, please stop.

So, for this Monday, if you choose to participate and assuming that you haven't found a different Fun Monday home, here is your task.

For this first Monday of May I think we should talk about what is true and dear in every one's heart, the NHL playoffs! Okay, I'm kidding, I mean everyone knows that the really good hockey doesn't start for a couple more weeks, right? So instead let's us discuss what kind of plans we have for the summer season. With the economy, and gas prices being what they are, will you be traveling during the summer months or staying close to home?

I'll set up the teasers later for the rest of the month, unless of course, someone else wants to do it. :-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Who Needs a Prince?

This week's story prompt:  Write your ending to the Cinderella story, but this time with the shoe fitting one of the icky sisters.  What does Prince Charming do?  How does Cinderella respond?  What about the Fairy Godmother?   Write in any format . . . serious or humorous.

Hahahahaha! This should be interesting...


By Royal proclamation PC-673, I hereby announce that there will be a special fitting for all the ladies of the land. It seems that our your Prince has found the love of his life, yet does not know who she is. All is not lost, however, as the young lady left something behind that will uniquely identify her to the Prince. So ladies of the Kingdom, please make your presence known at the palace starting at nine in the morn, sharp."

"What's that all about Cin?"

"Oh, the Prince has made it known that all the women must flock to his side for a fitting of some kind. I can only imagine what it is for, but I suspect it might be about the slipper I lost."

"Oh, so you are the future Princess then?"

"Don't be silly. Why would I want that? Besides, as far as you know I wasn't at the ball last night, remember?."

"That's right, I forgot you are just a poor housemaid that never gets out because of your evil stepmother and her two obnoxious sisters."

"And that's the story I'm sticking with. No need to settle down with some misogynist that thinks he is in love with me because of a couple of dances."

"I thought you liked the Prince?"

"I did, until that announcement. Now I need to find my Fairy Godmother and see if I can get her to do something for me."

So it came to pass that all the ladies in the land, with the exception of Cinderella made their way to the palace to try on a glass slipper, that the Prince was sure to be his young lady love. Hundreds of fair maidens tried, unsuccessfully, to get the glass slipper to fit. Finally the Tremain sisters were all that was left and the Prince was certain that his lady love could not be one of them. Alas, a proclamation is a proclamation so he had to prove them unworthy of his love.

Anastasia, the fairer of the two (which wasn't saying much, let me tell you) tried to cram her foot into the glass slipper, to the point where those around her were concerned for her health. They hadn't seen that shade of red on a face since good Uncle Philip got kicked in that place that good Uncle Philip's do not like to get kicked, it was pretty bad.

"My good lady," coaxed the Prince, " please refrain from trying to get the slipper onto your foot, as it is quite obviously too small for you."

"B-B-B-But," Anastasia stammered, "I almost have it on."

"Please allow your lovely sister to take her turn trying it on."

Drizella, with her greasy hair, blemished face and foul smell stepped up to the chair to have a go. The Prince felt relief when he saw her foot appeared to be even bigger than her sisters, especially with the big toe nail sticking out like that.

To say that he was surprised that the slipper actually fit Drizella like a glove. Although he was not nearly as surprised as Drizella was. The royal wedding date was set for fifteen days hence. 


Cinderella sat at home and watched all of these proceedings from the comfort of her home, eating popcorn and giggling to her hearts content.

And legend has it that they did not live quite so happily ever after, especially once Lady Tremain got her hands on the palace.

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's the End of the World, and I don't like Fish

Why they let me out of my box to do these things is beyond me, but this week's challenge has us imagining what the end of the world will look like from your vantage point - either stuck in a cave, or on a boat. Or some throwaway list for those of us not up to the challenge...

My lists are as follows...

Okay, I kid (maybe). Anyway, if you would like to host these for the month of May, your time is running short to take the reigns, or else I will have to dive a little deeper into that vault of mine.

Shall we proceed?

The title probably gave it away. That and the fact that if you knew me, you would know that I have built more cave "safe-houses" in my head than anything else. The exception being islands. I love to create islands and then stick some unsuspecting folk out there just to see what would happen.

Why yes, I have had a dragon or two show up as well. Why do you ask?

Anyway, that's not what this is supposed to be about, so let's go see what this cave will look like - I sure hope it has running water...

That it does, in fact there is a lovely stream that runs right through the middle of the thing, kind of a dividing line between living quarters and storage, if you will. It also is unaffected by whatever craziness happens above the ground, because it's my story.

Knowing that the world is facing an apocalyptic event is one thing, knowing the exact date it will happen is quite another. Unfortunately, I cannot read the future as accurately as that, so half of the people I had assembled to live out the twenty years, or so, that it would take for the planet to get back to a livable state died immediately when the end came. At least that is what I am hoping, because it would really be tragic if they survived for a while knowing that we, underground, were living it up while their faces were falling off. Gruesome, yes, but a fact of life when it comes to the end.

Now, my stream solves many problems, believe it or not. The running water can generate power so that I can run the lights and scrubbers for keeping the air clean and pure. It didn't hurt that I built the system for thirty people and only had fifteen that needed it either. The power also ran other essential things like the security system, which included cameras and other sensing devices used to monitor the outside world.

My cave also had a natural heat source that kept the cave at a nice comfortable seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit, but unfortunately didn't help with getting our food warm. For that we had to rely on our ovens, which ran on natural gas, of which we also had an abundant supply. The fact that the government failed to realize such a valuable resource is beyond me, but I do thank them for it.

Finally, food was my biggest concern, since there is no way anyone can live on government MREs (those are meals ready to eat). So I had to formulate a plan to get fresh food, and all it took was a really big cave.  You heard me correctly, I have a farm with livestock and fresh vegetables down here, and all it took was a few years of practice and a couple of great skylights. Granted those took a lot of digging to get them made, but it was well worth it.

So while I am stuck here in my cave for the next twenty some-odd years, enjoying my fresh food, fresh air and fresh water. I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

No really.

I promise.


Now it's up to you, yes you dear reader to sign up (by emailing me) to be the next host of these here Fun Monday's. So whatcha waiting for? If I don't hear from anyone by Thursday, I will take May and its five Mondays.

Have a great day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Monday - Cave or Water?

Anyone want to host Fun Monday for next month? Let me know, so that I can pass the baton. Now onto this week's challenge...

Welcome to the final week of April, hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.

This week's challenge is going to be about a post-apocalyptic world. Doesn't that sound like fun? Anyway, here is the deal... You knew that the end was coming and prepared yourself for it. In one scenario, you have fashioned a cave into a home for yourself, safe from all the bad stuff on the outside, and you have stocked enough supplies to last for a minimum of twenty years figuring that would be as long as it would take for the bad stuff to clear. In scenario number two, you have acquired a fifty foot boat, yacht if you'd like, and have prepared it in the same manner. The cave has a natural stream flowing through it, and the boat has a desalination device on board, so water will not be a problem.

Your challenge is to pick one of the scenarios and explain why you chose one over the other. See how easy that is? By the way - you cannot bring the boat ashore and you are not able to come out of your cave.

Now, if you don't want to try the above, then I will ask you for a list of your ten favorite books, albums, television shows and vacation spots of all time. That's four separate lists, for one post, not one of the four.

Don't forget to think about taking over for May, just let me know, otherwise I might have to do it myself.


Hayley's Horror

The rules...

Friday: come back for the rest of the story and share your version using the suggested prompts -- a couple sentences, a few paragraphs, or a short story.

This week's gossip:
  Hayley Black
What:  camera, discovery, snoop, letter
Where:  graveyard
First Line:  This isn't where she wanted to be.

Where will we go with this? Let's find out, shall we?

This isn't where she wanted to be.

I mean sure a graveyard has it's pluses, especially one as old as St Mary's, but today it is just full of sadness and Hayley Black couldn't help but think it was all her fault. Curious as a cat Hayley would always snoop around her relatives homes whenever she made a visit. Thinking that she was the next Nancy Drew, carrying around her camera to document her latest discovery.

It was all fun and games when she did it as a child, and she really knew better than to do it as a professional photo-journalist, all that practice as a kid paid off, but she still couldn't help herself. So when she was at her Aunt Babs house a couple of weeks ago, she came across the letter.
A love letter. 

A recent love letter. 

A recent love letter, not from her Uncle George.

It was also the first time she had ever been caught, as Hayley didn't hear her Aunt come into the room behind her. Nothing could be said, and nothing was. The eyes, as they say, did all the talking for them. Hayley's were full of sorrow and her Aunt's, full of guilt.

Now she was here at her Uncle's funeral, while her Aunt was still in intensive care after being involved in an explosion at the local gas station and didn't know whether to feel relief at the fact that her Uncle died not knowing, or anger at her Aunt for betraying him that way. What she really did know though was...

This wasn't where she wanted to be.

Now head over and visit the Georgia Girls and join in the fun.

Last Fun Monday challenge for the month of April will be posted after noon CST today, so come back for that too! And if you want to host nest month's Fun Monday, let me know.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun Monday (I know it's Wednesday) - Tobit or not Tobit

Hey there!

It's my Fun Monday-on-Wednesday post. Yeah, I've been a bit, er, busy. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anyway, I have an idea of what I am going to write and since I don't like to edit stuff anyway, I figured that I would just do it.

Aren't you all lucky.

So here was this week's challenge/task/question/whatever...

 I figured with us going through Holy week, why not go with a little religion, makes sense, right? So this week, I am looking for one of three answers (gotta give you choices). Please share with the group one of the following; your favorite book in the Bible, your favorite character in the Bible, or your favorite biblically based movie.

Piece of cake, right?

Which explains why I needed two extra days, I guess.

Okay favorite character - Job

Favorite Book - Tobit

Favorite Movie - The Ten Commandments

Oh, you want more? Okay, I think.

Why Job? Because if there is an everyman type of character that almost everyone can associate with, I believe it is Job. Now, granted, not everyone has had everything taken away from them like Job, but we have all suffered losses like Job, and I think this is where the saying (I wish I could remember who it was that said it) "God won't give you any more than you can handle" got it's inspiration. Okay, I think that I paraphrased that saying, but you get the gist of it, I hope. I also read a book by Robert Heinlein, of all people I know, he of the whole Scientology thing, called Job: A Comedy of Justice which basically retells the story from a different more modern, actually I think it was more future, perspective. He being a Science Fiction writer and all, so he could do that.

Honorable mentions: Moses, Joseph (from Genesis), and Paul

Why Tobit? It's a great love story, and a few passages from it were used in my wedding, and I suspect many a Catholics as well. If you don't have the Catholic Bible, you are missing out on this wonderful story, sorry. It's not my fault that Martin Luther, or whomever, decided that they didn't have a place in the Bible.

Here is a prayer from Sarah and Tobiah's wedding night:

"Blessed are you, O God of our fathers; praised be your name forever and ever. Let the heavens and all your creation praise you forever. You made Adam and you gave him his wife Eve to be his help and support; and from these two the human race descended. You said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone; let us make him a partner like himself.' Now, Lord, you know that I take this wife of mine not because of lust, but for a noble purpose. Call down your mercy on me and on her, and allow us to live together to a happy old age." Tobit 8:5-7

More Wisdom:

"For if you are steadfast in your service, your good works will bring success, not only to you, but also to all those who live uprightly." Tobit 4:6

Tobit's Prayer for Death

"So now, deal with me as you please, and command my life breath to be taken from me, that I may go from the face of this earth into dust. It is better for me to die than to live, because I have heard insulting calumnies, and I am overwhelmed with grief. Lord, command me to be delivered from such anguish, let me go to the everlasting abode; Lord, refuse me not. For it is better to die than to endure so much misery in life, and to hear these insults!" Tobit 3:6

The book itself is relatively short, only 14 chapters, and you can find the whole thing here if you would like to read it all.

Honorable mentions: The Psalms, Gospel of Mark and Revelation

Finally, why The Ten Commandments, to which I say, why not? This movie tells the story of the Book of Exodus, and stars Charlton Heston (Moses), Yul Brynner (Pharaoh Rameses II) and Anne Baxter (Nefertiti), and is just simply awesome! I try to watch all or part of it every year at this time. Fair warning, it is a long movie - coming in at 220 minutes, which is three hours and forty minutes - and worth every single minute. Trust me on this one. 

Honorable mentions: Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Passion of the Christ.

Now, you may be saying to yourselves, "Roger, buddy, you left out Jesus." I did that on purpose, not to slight my Lord and Saviour but because of who He is. Does that make sense?

Thanks for reading along, and we'll see you next week.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jack gets Gas

This week:

Who:  Jeffrey Kavanaugh

What:  credit card, handbag, vanity, run

Where:  a gas station

First line:  In the end, it didn't matter.

In the end, it didn't matter.

I pulled up to the gas station because my little light that tells me what to do, lit up reminding me of my need to fill the car up with gas. I think it's a remarkable little light and there are several more inside that tell me things like which direction to turn, if my door is left open or even if I don't have my seat belt on. Pretty amazing stuff.

So after I place the car in park and turn off the engine, because there is a sign that says that as well, although there are no lights attached to this one. I wonder if you can still read it after the sun goes down, and if you cannot read the sign, does that mean you do not need to turn off your engine? I had never thought of that until now, I wonder why?

I make a mental note to come by after dark some evening to see for myself. I can just see all of the cars running while having gas pumped into them. 

I grab my credit card out of my wallet and proceed to place it into the slot that says place card here, again no lights and again I am left to wonder about how anything gets done at night around this place without lights that tell you what to do. 

Behind me a young lady pulls up to fill her car with gas and I wonder if her car has those very informative lights as well, and decide that I must investigate. As I run towards the young lady, she starts to hug her handbag - I don't know why she does this, is she really attached to the handbag, is it a sense of vanity, or maybe she doesn't even realize that she is doing it.

"Get back, or I'll call the police," she exclaims as I slow down to ask her my question.

"Why would you call the police?" I ask, although that was not my original question, that was in regards to the lights in her car, if she even has any.

"You want to steal my handbag and take advantage of my innocence." She says.

"I would do no such thing, madam, I just ran over here to ask you a question before my gas stopped pumping into my car." I try to explain.

"Oh, I apologize, I thought you might be one of those hooligans I have been reading about in the news."

"What? I would do no such thing." 

I act offended enough that she says.

"I'm sorry."

"It is okay madam, I was just coming over to inquire about the lights in your car, or rather, if you have lights in your car that tell you when to get gas."

"Um, yes I do have lights, but I don't always wait until they light up to get gas."

Needless to say I am shocked by this pronouncement and I turn to leave.

"What is your name, may I ask? You seem familiar to me."

"You may ask, my name is Jack Kavanaugh."

"Nice to meet you Jack, my name is Babs. Do you perchance have a light?"

"Yes I do, several of them in my car."

"No, silly man, I mean a light for my cigarette."

"Oh that, I sure do. Here, let me light that for you."

In the end, it didn't matter. 

Fun Monday - Bible Favorite

Welcome to round three of my hosting of Fun Monday!

I figured with us going through Holy week, why not go with a little religion, makes sense, right? So this week, I am looking for one of three answers (gotta give you choices). Please share with the group one of the following; your favorite book in the Bible, your favorite character in the Bible, or your favorite biblically based movie.

So what do you say? Want to join us this week? Then sign up below and we'll all have a great time sharing.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Mouse has a Great House, but the Bunny is Funny

 This week I asked this...

This week I have a new challenge for you and one that I think will be pretty easy, so I'm hoping that you all will participate and have fun along with me. The question is this, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? Which is your favorite and why?

As many of you know, I am a huge Disney fan. I absolutely love Walt Disney World and find it to be one of the best places on earth to visit, ever. That being said, I will still have to go with being a bigger fan of Bugs Bunny.

Now why would I risk upsetting any fans of WDW in this manner? Well, I didn't ask what amusement park is better, Walt Disney World/Disneyland/any and all other Disney properties or Six Flags. I mean come on, there isn't even a comparison when you match those two up. Disney is a complete atmospheric change, as in once you are there, you forget about any place else. It's magic. As for Six Flags? Well, let's just say I tend to be dragged tooth and nail to go every summer, because my kids get free tickets for reading x amount of hours. Which is nice, but I think I'm still paying too much.

Nope, my question was comparing the Mouse against the Bunny. 

I like Mickey Mouse, and I find him to be an enjoyable cartoon character, but to be honest, I prefer three of the classic five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) over Mickey. That would be the two dogs and the duck.

I love Bugs Bunny, and find him to be one of, if not the best cartoon characters ever. He has plenty of range - playing a female bunny/hunter/whatever to singing and conducting operas and classical music. He is a war hero and helped to sale many war bonds when the country really needed it, not to mention the awesome propaganda movies. Now I know that Mickey and gang did the same, but I remember Bugs effort and wish that his cartoons weren't so edited nowadays (Thanks Ted Turner and all you folks that love the politically correct lifestyle), because I don't think they are as much fun and you miss out on a lot of the humor, in my opinion.

So yes, I do enjoy Mickey Mouse very much, but if I had to choose one character over the other it would have to be Bugs.


Now I need to get back to planning my trip to Walt Disney World, less than sixty days away! 

Come join the fun and share your favorite, be it Mickey or Bugs. I would love to see what you think.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Babs Watson

Just cleaning out my old drafts...

Who:  Babs Watson
What:  a fur coat, phone call, jealousy, push
Where:  a taxi
First line:  Babs threw her bag on the floor and burst into tears.

That, my friends is where I start...

Babs threw her bag on the floor and burst into tears.

She was a mess and knew it, but didn't need to have a phone call remind her of all those inadequacies just the same. I mean who does her brother think he is anyway? She's the oldest and she should know what to do in a situation and not have to be bailed out by some punk kid seven years her junior.

Okay, so he is forty-seven and the vice president of the bank but really she didn't need to hear his crap. Especially with it stemming from his jealousy of her situation with her latest love interest. The fact remains that the fur coat she gave to her sister in-law, was just going to be wasted sitting in her closet.

This latest incident was just going to push Babs away from her family even more so than she already was, and instead of being a "Chreaster" - one who visits only around Christmas and Easter - she might just wait a few years before visiting again, even though she dearly loved her nieces and nephews.

"Here's your stop ma'am," barked the taxi driver, as he rudely slammed on the brakes in from of the Essex House.


Went for the free flowing, just-off-the-top-of-my-head approach to this. Hope it makes sense, as I don't like to edit you know. Click the link(the picture, up there) and give it a try, be it the free flowing manner in which I did it, or after some serious thought. All entries are welcome and appreciated.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to try your hand at the Fun Monday for next week.

Fun Monday - Mouse or Rabbit?

Back from the resounding success of last week's Fun Monday, we have some more fun in store for you! By resounding success, I mean that I have never had any spam of any kind here at A screed in Time, and I got not one, but two entries of the spammy nature on my Mr Linky. How awesome is that? And by we, I of course mean me, because I am a solo artist.

I digress. This week I have a new challenge for you and one that I think will be pretty easy, so I'm hoping that you all will participate and have fun along with me. The question is this, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? Which is your favorite and why? See easy as pie, although I have heard that making pie isn't nearly as easy as this will be. Have fun with it, and if you have a special memory with one, or both, of these characters; by all means share.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to the Gym


Staying away from the gym for more than a week was a bad thing.

Going to the gym tonight was actually not nearly as bad as it could have been.

Needless to say, I will not be missing a week again.

Basketball night is tomorrow, can't wait.

The electorate in this country is both lazy and stupid.

The sun feels absolutely awesome, just saying.

Jessie has track meet number two this weekend, hopefully we won't need to thaw out like we did after track meet number one. From the looks of it, the temperatures will be warmer but the rain might be wetter.

I'm still miffed at the fact that SGU has been canceled - loved that show.

Netflix is one of the greatest inventions ever.

If you are wondering about the rain being wetter bit, it didn't rain at the last meet, hence it will be wetter.

Your welcome.

I wonder if I could do this for a thousand words?

Nope, I'm done.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ten Years with Charlotte

Per my instructions...

For this week I would like you to answer one of the following questions (yes, I am giving you a choice); If you could pick any ten years over again, without changing them, which ten years would you choose and why? These years do not have to be consecutive years, but there should be ten, okay? Your second choice is, explain the wonders of living in orbit over the moon, or any planet of your choosing (not Earth) for ten years, describe what you think life would be like and if so inclined, describe the planet....

Day One, - I am so excited to be here orbiting the planet U-465B, or what I shall affectionately call from now on, Charlotte. Why Charlotte? No reason other than that name just popped into my head as I started this entry, so I figured why not name U-465B Charlotte. It is my prerogative after all, since she'll be my neighbor for the next ten years. This is my first of what I know will be many entries into the life of Charlotte and myself as we sit in the great expanse of space, millions of miles from my home planet Earth, which is kind of silly. I mean I have spent more time in space getting to Charlotte that I ever spent on Earth, but it sounds better than saying my home... Space. 

Day Two - Hey there! I'm back, did you miss me? Charlotte is going round and round just as we thought she would be doing and there does not appear to be anything but a lot of rocks down there. We'll be looking for water and plant life, among other things while on this mission. We, of course, are me and my computers, maybe I will introduce them to you some day. Good news is I have a lot of "free" time to catch up on my reading. Good thing I have all those books in my e-reader. I figure one thousand should be plenty...

Day Three - Wow, I just finished my sixth book today, at this rate I will be done with my list a lot sooner than I thought. Who knew orbiting a planet would be so conducive to a lot of reading time. As for Charlotte? She's still there, with nary a peep coming from her surface. She's kind of boring.

Day Four - Ten more books down, more boredom from Charlotte and her rocky surface. I sent down a probe to take some readings of her atmosphere, etc. when I first got here, it won't be back for another three weeks. I wonder if I should just let my beard grow out?

Day Thirty-Six - Probe came back from Charlotte today, a little late so I was hoping for some excellent data. I will send out another probe tomorrow.

Day Three Hundred Sixty Six - Wow, that year went by fast. Charlotte is still doing absolutely nothing other than spinning around and spitting back my research probes. Haven't heard back from the command center about my request to shorten my stay here, since there is nothing remarkable about Charlotte, and well, I have nothing to do. My books have all been read and I have recreated many scenes from my favorites with the computers, but I don't think they quite get the nuances of a Tolkien, so we'll call that a fail. I wonder if this is what I signed up for, or is this some excellent practical joke.

Day One Thousand Ninety-Five - Three years, planet is still spinning, and there has been no word from command in regards to my many requests for a transfer. I think they hate me. As does Esmeralda, ever since she caught me talking to Joann. Who knew computers could get jealous, surely not I.

Day One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-Six - Ugh.

Year Six, Day Twenty-Nine - The computers are planning a mutiny, I suspect. 

Year Six, Day Thirty - It was all a big misunderstanding. Esmeralda is a big trouble maker obviously. She just can't get over the fact that I left her for Joann. Talk about acting all high school.

Year Eight, Day Who really cares - This place sucks. There I finally said it, officially, and you know what if command wants to fire me then so be it.

Year Eight, Day Who really cares plus one - Who knew that Command was monitoring these entries, and now they want to see what else I have written. Figures.

Year Eleven, Day One - What gives? I'm not supposed to be here anymore. Hello? Is there anybody out there? Hello? Bueller?

Year Eleven, Day Two - This sucks..... 
Attention Space Ranger
Your mission has been an arousing success!
So much so that we are extending you for an additional ten years!
Won't that be grand?
Don't worry, we're sending you some new supplies!


Sounds like a great place to hang out at doesn't it? Go check out what everyone else came up with - except for those spam entries for "dating" and "Car sale" I strongly suspect that they don't care about Fun Mondays. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Monday - 10 Years Over

 Welcome to my first attempt at hosting Fun Monday, I hope that you will find this month's journey to be an enjoyable experience, and maybe even one to make you think a little bit. A little about me first though. I am a bit quirky and like to just throw a few abstract things out on occasion, which may be a concern to some of you. Fret not, it's all in harmless fun and at least you don't have to live with the voices in my head. That being said, I hope that my questions are suitable for getting you to think a little bit more outside of your realm of comfort. Sounds scary doesn't it?

So you are saying, okay Roger, what do you have for us this week? You are saying that right? I digress. For this week I would like you to answer one of the following questions (yes, I am giving you a choice); If you could pick any ten years over again, without changing them, which ten years would you choose and why? These years do not have to be consecutive years, but there should be ten, okay? Your second choice is, explain the wonders of living in orbit over the moon, or any planet of your choosing (not Earth) for ten years, describe what you think life would be like and if so inclined, describe the planet.

Not so bad, right? I though about giving you and option of sharing your journal from the ten years you spent in a Turkish prison, but thought that might be too risqué. Of course, I won't stop you if you so desire to give it a try.

UPDATE: There appears to be a few nefarious entries on Mr. Linky, the dating site and the car sales site, please don't follow those links as I suspect that they are not participating. ;-)