Monday, January 7, 2008

Back from the Dead.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but let me tell you I feel 1000 times better now than I did at this time yesterday. Whew!

Nothing like a little twenty-four hour bug to make you appreciate life. I mean I was calling old friends and acquaintances to make sure that they knew when and where the services would be held. Okay, again me and Mr. Hyperbole are great friends - in case you couldn't tell. Besides, everyone knows that I have no friends.

Just got off the phone with the Mrs. and she tells me we are under a tornado watch/warning. WTF?! It's January 7th last I checked. Maybe we better call Al Gore and find out what is causing all of this, although I am sure that it is our own fault. Anyway, a tornado watch/warning in January, kind of cool, except that it's dark out by now (I say this because it is an assumption on my part, due to the fact that I work inside, essentially, a cave) and a dark tornado is a dangerous thing indeed. Why, you may ask? Uh, because it is dark and you won't be able to see it to run away. How's that sound?

So, we have a new tactic for young Mr. High Schooler that doesn't think it is that big of a deal that he is weeks behind schedule. Tuition reimbursement. Yesiree, now that he has a job that pays him some good coin, relatively speaking of course, he will be paying for most of his tuition. Then after the school year is up, if he has all bees (or is it all 'b's) he will get the money back. Hit him in the pocketbook, welcome him to the 'real world.' A brilliant idea from my brilliant wife if I don't say so myself. We'll see if it works, come back in May/June and find out.

Benjy quit band today. On the one hand I am bummed because he was playing the trumpet, my instrument of choice, on the other hand, if it doesn't interest him anymore why make him keep it up?

Confession time... I don't know if it was because of my near death experience, or what, but I started crying during High School Musical 2, towards the end. You know when everyone makes everything work out okay, and when Sharpay gives Ryan the "sparkly award" (whatever it's called). Thank goodness no one was home. Please tell me what the big deal is with Vanessa whatever-her-last-name-is? personally, I like Ashley Tisdale better. She just seems to have a better personality, but the other girl gets the top billing. Oh, I could go on and on about HSM2, but I really shouldn't.

What else.... Work sucks. I mean PITA sucks. They are taking away our 7% kicker to the 401(k) plan that we had. Over the years, conservatively speaking, I'm losing well over $250K of free money. At least I still have a job, right? Got an email out of the blue from someone I used to work with, I wonder if it about a job opening.... Could be a new door opening for the bug? Stay tuned, you know I will tell.

Anyway, have to go into the thunderstorm - Jenni says the lightning is spectacular, and go to the bank to get the "tuition reimbursement" before the bank closes.

More later.