Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's Halloween - ooh scary!

What's up with the costumes these days? Do I really want my daughters to be parading around looking like some skanky version of Alice in Wonderland? Ridiculous. I would have added a link so that you could see for yourself, yet that would be promoting the nonsense, don't you think? Look ma! I wanna dress up like Paris Hilton! Not in this lifetime kid, at least while I'm still here.

Atleast there have been some stories out there talking about what trashy costumes are out there, and what kind of parents would buy their kids these items, because it's cute. It is also degrading and tasteless, but we don't want to look at that. Having a sense of morality is just so boring!

Okay, so tomorrow at midnight - a mere seven and a half hours away - NaNoWriMo starts. Let's see if we can actually get something written for a change. It would be nice to have a spark of creativity that takes me off into a fantastic world and then allows me to start a new career. Wouldn't that be cool? I think so. So does my family, who are probably tired of hearing about how I 'want' to be a writer. I need to actually give it a chance this time, so I will know if this is what I am called to do. I hope it is, because I have been wanting it for so long now.

Not meaning to jump topics like this and all, but I hate driving on Halloween. Too many kids with costumes that have poor vision, and being hyped up on all those sugary treats, can lead to many a bad situation. I hope and pray that no one gets hurt tonight.

So, Jeff wants me to organize a "Field Day" for the lab. A time where we clean up the lab, usually for a special guest, etc.. Normally, I have a couple of weeks to organize it.... he wants it for this Saturday. How does that saying go, 'a lack of planning on your part, does not make it an emergency on mine.' I really DO NOT want to work cleaning up the lab this weekend. Especially for someone that will see the lab for all of five minutes. Oy! I sent out the "invites" now we'll see if I get any positive responses. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Will this be my last post for October? Probably, here at least, unless I see something worth noting tonight. May happen.

Finally, someone wins against these morons.

Hope that link worked. Basically, it's about these extreme fundamentalists that believe that God is punishing us for allowing gays in the military (or something to do with that lifestyle), and killling our servicemen in the war. So what these braniacs do is go to as many military funerals as they can, and protest. I thought that we were supposed to respect our dead. Especially someone whose life helped to keep those free speech rights alive. Anyway, they are getting socked with a $2.9 million in compensatory damages, the punitives are yet to come. Maybe now they will shut up and read the Bible about compassion, etc.

Okay, I think that I am done here, and I need to go check on my own little 'goblins.' Talk at you later.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bad Weekend

For my favorite teams from Colorado. With the exception being the Avalanche, they actually won this weekend.

Rockies, can now go and play their golf, or whatever it is that rich baseball players do during the off season. Hopefully it will entail learning how to hit a fast ball. Oh well, it was a great run and with these words, I shall not talk about the Rockies again until Spring Training, unless they win a seasonal award. They announce those soon, I believe.

Now the Broncos had to come from behind (again!), only this time they tied the Packers and went into overtime. Green Bay won the toss, and proceded to throw an eighty-two yard touchdown strike --- Game Over! I don't know what it is, but the Broncos seem to be a tad bit snakebit, and it has become painful for us fans of the Orange and Blue. Gotta go out and beat the Lions next week, or I might have to quit talking about the Broncos until camp next summer. Okay, that isn't true, but it will be hard to write down what I am feeling and keep this blog rated PG.

Not much more to write for now, so I will go back to work. Bummer.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Run is Over

The Colorado Rockies wonderful season has come to a close, in a rather anti-climatic manner, getting swept by the Boston Red Sox. The new "Evil Empire." Whatever.

I guess that the time off had to affect the Rox a little bit, I mean batting practice pitching is one thing, Josh Beckett pitching is quite another. I'm glad to hear that they aren't making any excuses at least. They cam, they saw, the lost in four straight...

Bring on the Hockey Season!!!

I am insane and I even know it. :-)

Work beckons, see ya!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is it cheating?

To come up with ideas and maybe even an outline for my NaNoWriMo work? I think so, but am I really supposed to be starting from scratch? Does everyone else? I doubt it, especially considering all of the pre-event stuff that I'm getting emails about.

So, I do hav an idea, but I won't share it just yet, since I think that if I write any of it down, I would be cheating some how. Of course it is all just an honor system thing until the end when you have to submit proof of your 50,000 words written. I wonder of anyone has just submitted 50,000 'apartments' for credit? Now, that would be cheating.

Okay, I'm off to watch some Sesame Street with Danny - speaking of 50,000...


... basball season may end today, bummer.

... the sun will still come up tomorrow.

... my dog is allergic to life, apparently. Or something that just won't let him live in peace. Poor dog. Even though I think that he is some sort of mutant version of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he still is my dog, poor guy.

... you give your wife $20 for popcorn, and she doesn't spend it. Do you think you will be getting it back? Thought so.

.... Philadelphia won today, so Benjy is happy. The Bears lost, so Andy isn't.

... I'm running out of things to add.

...I'll say goodbye.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Check these out!

Jenni's uncle Alan has a knack for taking great photographs. Okay, a lot of patience as well, I cannot imagine sitting there waiting for the perfect moment to click the shutter and voila' magic!

Anyway, I hope to bring some of his beauty to this blogosphere and maybe beyond, oh yeah, check out his website here to see more of his great work. Not only are there pictures of birds here, but also some very informative essays. A bird watchers (or are they just called "birders") home away from the great outdoors.

The photo's above are as follows... from the planet Juniper, oh wait, that's actually our planet's moon. No kidding. Doesn't it look HUGE? The moon that is. These pictures have not been doctored either. The second is from the same location only a little later, I love the contrasting colors of the shot - like I said he has a knack for some great photos, or is that an eye?

One of my favorite shots of his, recently, is of the train as it passes by the Black River, I think, or maybe it was a lake - yikes, I'll have to find out. Anyway look at the color in that shot, oh yeah, see the ducks sitting on the water as well?

Finally, we have a cardinal. Such a pretty bird. I wish the cardinals that lived in our bushes would come back, but I think we scared them away for good with the hedge trimmer. They have a point, I wouldn't want to live somewhere that has sharp, moving blades overhead every now and again!

Anyway, just thought I would plug Uncle Alan's work, and let you know there will be more to come....

New Stuff!

I found a place where I can add links, and I don't even have to deal with HTML, how nice is that? Of course, I wish that the widget would have been set up to allow the links to pop up in a new window. Oh well. I couldn't find anyway to change it either, so it will have to stay that way for a while, I guess. Unless I want to spend some time reading about all that HTML stuff, which I'd rather not do - I am a simple man, with a simple mind.

My week as supreme boss-man is almost over. Wasn't too bad, and there was minimal drama involved which should be resolved soon-ish.



We'll see.

Until then I will continue to come in and do my job to the best of my abilities, and hope to grow and prosper, blah, blah, blah!

Truth be told, I don't really know what I want. I am thinking about fasting for a week though. Is that crazy? Maybe. Maybe not. I've heard and read that there is a lot of beneficial things to fasting. Mostly, I think I want to cleanse my self of whatever kind of crap is in there. Figures that I want to do this now, so close to the holiday eating season. I don't know why, but it just sort of popped into my head, so maybe my body is talking to me.

I think the hardest thing to give up will be the Diet Coke, because I tend to get headaches when I go without. Maybe that's another reason I should give it up. I'll let you know if and when I decide to do this. I figure I'll try just water, but if it gets to be too uncomfortable, then maybe I can mix in some Jell-O! It's almost like I'm planning for my colonoscopy now, when I don't need one for another ten years.

Ugh, I just has a train of thought blast through my head... couldn't catch it, so this is all you get.

Pretty boring, eh?

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, only six more days. I think I have an idea of what I want to build my story on, just trying to figure out how to get this character into the situation that I want to write about. Did that make any sense at all? If not, don't worry about it, it's my story anyway! :-)

Gotta go!


Now maybe I should be concerned... Naw, like I said before at least they made it. Do I think that they will lay over and die? Nope, in fact, I still see the Rox winning in six - you know what that means, right? SWEEP BABY!

Oh well, we'll see. Today is an off day and they play at Coors Field for the next three, if necessary.

Back to work!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting the family involved

Yep we now have a family blog, and I imagine someday that they will all add their own personal blogs, we'll see though.

Update: Last I heard it was 1-1 in Boston. Rox need more runs, many more. :-)

Leaving for now...

Take Two

That's right it's time for game two of the World Series. Colorado is down 0-1, but not out of it by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, if they win tonight, there will be stories about how they are in control of the series now. Blah, blah, blah. You know what? It's a game, a game between grown men that is in all actuality a kids game. They get paid big bucks to, and we spend big bucks to watch them, play. Do I feel sorry for them? Nope. Well maybe Morales, he looked like a deer in the headlights last night when he came in and worked his 2/3 of an inning, giving up 7 earned runs... yep that is correct 7! His ERA is something like 94.5, yikes!!! I hope that Hurdle puts him in again tonight and he shuts down Boston. That'll help his confidence, and shake the Sox.

Anyway, today is also a very special day in my life, my first daughter is now 10. Whew, I can hardly believe it. Ten years old. Where has all the time gone? Anyway, I need to split so that I can spend a little bit of time with her. More later.

Happy Birthday Jessie!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well it went from bad to okay, not so bad to, oh my God I can't look!




Bad, bad, bad. But you know what? It's over now, and the sun will come out tomorrow!

Anyway...Going to bed now.

Stole this!

Hope it's legal...

By the way, it's now 3-1, top of 2nd... SO, double, SO, double.... more later, maybe I'll stay here through this half of the inning. Joe Morgan says that the Rox can't catch up with the fast ball, yet. :-) Final out of the inning Torrealba grounded out. So it stays 3-1 Sox.

Now I really will be leaving. I mean it this time, I think. :-)

Let the games begin

Okay, so here I am listening to the first inning of the first game of the 2007 World Series, between the Colrado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox. It hasn't started well for the Rox, going 1,2,3 in the first inning - all strike outs. Then Boston comes up and it goes HR, Double, Sacrifice, single, single, strike out (I think), single and ground out.... 3-0. But the funniest thing I think that I have ever heard is Joe Morgan - a hero of mine from the Big Red Machine of the 1970's, says that the Rox are done. Okay, I should clarify, he said that the Rox are done if Lugo got a hit - he didn't, so...

Can you say the Rockies are rusty after 8 days off, sure can. Do I think that it's over? Are you kidding me? It's the first inning! Oh well, we will see, I guess.

I need to go home now, and will update later.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bring on the Red Sox!

Yep, the World Series opponents are finally set. We've known that the Colorado Rockies were going to be there, but had to wait out a seven game series between Cleveland and Boston to find out who the American League representative would be. Congratualtions to Boston, who clobbered the Indians something like 23-4 in the final two games.... they appear to be the hot team now, especially with an eight day layoff for the Rockies. We'll just have to see though. Of course, I imagine that EVERYONE wil pick Boston to win their second World Series in 4 years. Heck, I'm just excited that the Rox even made it, so it doesn't really bother me if they lose, although I don't think that they will. :-)

***Breaking News -- The Denver Broncos actually showed up and won a game last night!! Maybe some of the Rox success is wearing off on them. One can only hope, right?

More later, just wanted to get that important sports stuff in...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A camping I went...

Yep, me the great outdoors man - NOT!

Okay, it's not that bad, I do not mind going camping, I don't like sleeping on the hard rocky ground (which I did), and I don't really care for the long, LONG boring times in between doing something.... ANYTHING!

Okay, so Benjy and myself are going camping to a local Forest Preserve - I didn't even realize that they had camping there. Go figure. We were to meet at the church at 5:30 - we got there around 5:52. Guess what, not really late, I know that sounds odd, especially since we were :22 minutes late. You have to know this Boy Scout troop to understand. Anyway, we gather everyone around and then left around 6:20 - ish.

We arrive at the campsite, in the dark, around 7. Now for a little bit of back story, Jenni just picked me up a tent, because we had somehow managed to damage our previous tent. I think that Benjy left it out, and something about rotten and moldy-ness, in other words - YUCK! So here we are in the dark and I have to 1) find a suitable campsite (which is hard because I really don't know the size of said tent) 2) Set up a tent that I have NO history with and 3) Do it without whining like some little baby!

I did get some help, Benjy told me the tent was a 7'X7' tent, so finding space was a little bit easier. Except for the fact that we were setting up 10 or 11 tents in a space made for probably half that amount. Everyone found a site to set up, including myself, and the tents went up. Mine with surprising ease, and a little help from Benjy and Michael. Plus, I thought I had a great spot picked out, with part of the tent on the high grass - I figured it would make a nice cushion.

Okay, well with my tent set up, I needed to head home for the mess kits that we forgot. Good thing it was only about eight miles away. On the way home I called Jenni and we continued with our little running gag about an old elementary chum that she got reacquainted with at a funeral for a friend of mine's mother. Whew, that was a mouthful. Anyway, the guy is now a "Dr." I only put quotations around the DR because, Jenni does it with her voice - if you know what I mean. Our running gag is that she is having a hot and heavy relationship with the man, who also happens to be a published author, (that part actually bothers me, for some reason). He likes to call her on occasion and give updates on whatever it is that he feels like updating. Am I bothered by it? Nope, I am completely secure with Jenni and my relationship, we've been through a lot of crap over our fifteen years together, that if she hasn't left me yet, I don't think that she will.

Back to the point....

So she answers the phone, imitating one of the kids, and I ask if the good Doctor is in, I knew it was Jenni on the phone. Anyway, she says yes, so I say I need to talk to that man and give him a piece of my mind. Then Jenni comes on with a deep voice and tries to play the part of the doc.

Ha ha ha, giggle, giggle, giggle... What fun we have. While having our conversation she mentions that we are out of milk. I am flabbergasted. I mean I just bought two gallons three days prior! Suddenly we're going through milk like it's water. (More on that later) So I stop by the former-White-Hen-Pantry-now-7-eleven, and pick up the milk. I get home and Maggie says "why are you here?" uh I live here. She is just curious, because she knows that I'm supposed to be camping. Smart kid that Maggie. So after another round of kisses (I love those!) I head back to the campsite. Oh we did have a visitor when I got home - Andy's girlfriend Rachel, can I just say more on THAT later.

I get back a little before 9 and find some kids in their tents already, and some wanting to go on a night hike sans flashlights. Those are fun, better if there wasn't a half-moon, but it was a long hike - probably three miles (yea exercise!). We get back and we have ourselves a "cracker barrel" - no not the restaurant, but something light and high in protein, that won't fill us up and makes us work hard, okay our bodies hard work, and work to keep us warm. Something that supposedly works well during cold nights when camping. Much better than loading up with "Ho-Ho's" and "Twinkies" which is nothing but sugar and kind of a waste. After the "cracker barrel" I decide that I have had enough and head to bed... not really planning on sleeping, but I started getting comfortable, etc. I did have some quality time with my "iTouch" though. Definitely more on that later. Probably reserve an entire post, or three, to it. :-)

Sleep for me is... how do I explain it. I only really sleep anywhere from four to six hours per night, and those hours are very important to my body and I think mind. Didn't get them last night. Oi!

Okay J.D. Drew just hit a grand slam in the bottom of the first inning. There may just be a game seven. Let's go for some extra inning games, okay boys? Get really, really tired! My Rockies are waiting. :-)

Potty Break....

I'm back, seems like no time passed at all, doesn't it? Where was I?

Oh yeah, absolute crap for sleep last night. If there was a rock under my tent - I found them! Yikes. I didn't fall asleep the first time until after 11 - normal for me really. I was awake again at 12 - I heard a train, which proves that I wasn't really sleeping. If I am asleep, I can be right next to a train blowing it's whistle and the resounding Doppler effect later, and still not wake up. Really. It's almost like I am dead. But I am only like that for about four hours, maybe a little more, but no more than six. I was up again at 12:45, 1:17, 1:48, 2:11, 2:49 - I swear that there was something crawling right next to my tent - again not sleeping... more times 3:37, 4:08, and 5:11. I know this because my lovely "iTouch"has a clock on it, and...

Now here is the weird part, I didn't wake up again until 7:11. So, I probably got myself a whopping two hours of sleep. I called Jenni later and told her that she owed me a rub down - oh my aching back. Still hurts, but it wasn't too bad when I got moving around a little bit - oh and a couple of Advil. :-)

One more paragraph, which will point back to a point I made long ago(up there). Got up, watched the kids make breakfast, ate a banana, sat around playing with the fire pit, watched the scouts clean up, sat around some more, watched some scouts go on a nature hike for merit badges (Benjy included), went for the aforementioned Advil and some Diet Coke, sat around some more, watched the fire some more, brought some firewood, waited, and waited, lunch - hot dogs and tomato soup (was supposed to be chili, but someone didn't get the memo), watched the clean up, took down my tent, sat around shooting the poop with a couple of people, got volunteered for becoming Troop Chaplain, said "sure, why not" and finally did something - play cards. Hearts to be exact. Figures we bring the deck out when there is only 40 minutes left before Benjy and I leave. Took Benjy to CiCi's to meet up with Ashley and her friend and mother - they are going to a haunted maze tonight, came to work and I'm still here. See one last paragraph.


Friday, October 19, 2007

11 Days and Counting...

Until the first of November and that great invention... NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in which aspiring writers, like myself, try to complete 50000 words for a novel or story. One that hopefully makes sense and can be refined and edited to become the next "BIG" thing. I mean all I want is to be half as rich and famous as J.K. Rowling - no big deal. :-)

Anyway, the problem that I have always found while partaking in this adventure, I never seem to get started. Granted, two years ago, I found out about it around Thanksgiving, which would have given me something like four days to complete 50000 words! You do the math, that's 12500 words per day. I like to write, heck I even love it at times, but 12500 words a day for four days straight!

Last year, I got ready and actually signed up early, October 20-something I believe. Then I proceeded to forget and lack time and lack creativity andblahblahblahblah! Excuses upon excuses, what can I say... Procrastination is for me!

Well, now that I am forty, I am hoping that I have matured enough and will be able to partake in this adventure, complete at least 50000 words, send it off to a publisher and receive a big fat check and a travel schedule that will occupy my time next August. Again, not really too much to ask for, right?

I have a job where I can sneek in some writing, like now for instance (shh don't tell!), and I can never get to bed before 11pm it seems, so that should - in theory - give me at least two hours every night after the kids go to bed to write, plus sneek in an hour or two during the day. Sounds like it will be a succesful mission to me, what do you think?

In other news, Andy actually asked me for some help, and I was able to give it to him. See turning forty has its benefits. Granted it was only after Jenni told him to ask me, and that came after she told Andy that his girlfriend could not come over to help. It's a start.

Baseball news.... The Red Sox won game five to force a return to Bean Town for at least a game six. The Indians of Cleveland lead the Red Sox of Baoston 3 games to 2, in a series to determine who will play the COLORADO ROCKIES!!!

In other news from that great state of Colorado, the Denver Broncos will battle against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Invesco Field on Sunday night. All I have to say about them, for now, is that I never thought I would see the day that the Rockies would over shadow the Broncos. Of course, the way the 'donkeys' are playing right now, it shouldn't surprise me. Hopefully they will get a shot in the arm and a boost to their confidence on Sunday night.

Cliche-ville there, sorry.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Am I Bad?

Or against the rules to post just pictures as a blog entry? I mean pictures are worth a thousand of them there words, right? Besides I love my family and will share them, via the internet blogging world, with everyone. So there!

Why do I like certain things? I have no idea, but I hope to explore these ideas as we move along through the course of my life, and all that jazz. It'll probably come across as blah, blah, blah.

I've forgotten what I was going to say and will now go to bed.

Good night!

THE Important Things in Life

Uh oh!

It's not looking good for England's national soccer team. Why? No, it has nothing to do with David Beckham, but the fact that they blew a 1-0 lead at the half, and a chance to go up 2-0 halfway through the second half. A golden opportunity at that, from what I have read. Nope, in fact England let Russia not only crawl back and tie the game, but four minutes later went down 1-2! Yikes! Say by bye to your Euro 2008 dream, boys!

In other sports news, have you heard? The Colorado Rockies are going to the World Series!!!



There is something wrong on the west coast

Check out this story and tell me you don't agree.

Basically, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people have got passed into LAW a bill that basically is a self-promotion tool for these people. Now they might be nice people and all that, but let's face it, they are not acting naturally. No way, no how!

God put us here for a reason, that was to procreate and take care of this great big blue ball that he has put us on, not to sit around and have ourselves pleasured in any way that you feel like. Tell me when it is possible for two men, or two women, or two (for lack of a better word) it's, can make a child. Okay, granted the 'it's' can possibly conceive due to the fact that one may or may not have originally been male, and the other may or may not have been a female. Not the point. It goes against any and all natural laws for homosapient that I've ever read on. EVER.

Okay, I lost some of you because of the God reference, but I hope not. What the governor in California has made happen, is basically, the removal of the words "mom" and "dad" and any other words that show what a natural, and by the way, the MAJORITY of families are. I mean this country, granted it's just California, is kowtowing to a minority that is what maybe 10% of the people in the nation. That's roughly 30 million people, but I doubt if it is that high. That means that one out of every ten people is a homosexual. I think throughout all of my travels, I've met a handful, and I have met a lot of people in my short forty years on this planet.

So what can WE do? Obviously supporting a measure to get the bill on the ballots as a referendum is a start, then support it's removal from the books. Next, if I were living in California, I would definitely take my kids out of the public schools, yesterday! Home schooling is a great alternative and a healthy one. My kids and wife are enjoying it, and we believe that it is one of the best decisions that we have ever made. Moving away from all the craziness in that state, heck the whole west coast would be next. There are plenty more places to live that offer plenty and are a lot less expensive. Maybe we should just cede California away and let it be it's own country - I'm serious about that. Let's just kick them out, and if you don't like it, move there. You'll do well, it'll become the next Sodom and Gomorrah. Oops sorry another biblical reference.

Anyway, please read this story and share it with all that you know, unfortunately it is a legitimate story and should be rocking the airwaves with lots of protestation.

Stepping down...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome to the Big Time!!!

The Rockies win the pennant, the Rockies win the pennant, the Rockies win the pennent!

What a dominating series, score wise, as the Rox finish off the D-backs 6-4 last night at Coors Field in Denver Colorado. Seth Smith got the Rox ahead for the first time with a bloop single to left and Matt Holliday finished it off with a three-run home run, all in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Then, the pitching held Arizona to just three runs over the remaining five innings. Can you say


Now the Rockies await the winner of the Cleveland Indians/Boston Red Sox series. Cleveland is currently up 2-1.

The World Series, itself, doesn't start until the 24th, so the Rox have to cool off for the next eight days. Just not too much!

Wow! This reminds me of when the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl the first time in 1977, beating the much-hated Raiders from Oakland to get there. Here's hoping that the Rockies first World Series goes better than the Broncos first Super Bowl.

Oh well, I'm off to home I think now. Why stay at work, right?


Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't wanna jinx it

But the Rockies are up 6-1 in the bottom of th fifth.... Going to bed now, will let you know results in the morning..


Can it be?

Tonight could be the night that the Colorado Rockies sweep the Arizona Diamondbacks and make it to their first World Series, in their fifteen year history! Yep, they won again last night 4-1 off of a Torrealba 3-run homerun. Looks like winter is arriving in Denver also, with that misty, cold rain. Fun times - as long as you're winning, I guess. :-)

More later.... gotta take care of something.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

How about that?

Can you believe it? The Rockies are two wins away from the World Series! Who are these guys? I mean they have gone 19-1 over the past 20 games.


That is just so awesome. The Broncos are hoping they make it, I bet. So that we fans won't pay as close attention to what ever it is that is going on there in Dove Valley. Yikes!

Now, I am planning an essay, of sorts on what it means to turn forty, especially since that is what I just turned yesterday - yea me!

So now you have something to look forward to. :-)

Going to Newark this afternoon for the annual Dominick-fest! Or whatever they call it. It should be fun getting together with them and their assorted other friends and family. Gonna be a brisk afternoon though, so I might wear pants instead of shorts. Bummer!

Son't get me wrong, I love Autumn, especially if the Summer was extra moist and hot. I just don't like hanging around outside in the wind - don't know too many people that do though.

To answer that question, yep I am at work. Gotta make the funds for my new iTouch! Only six more days, unless something else comes up - stay tuned! Plus, Jenni and I are seriously contemplating taking the kids back to Disney World. Maggie is gonna be Disney'd out, that will be three trips in 15 months for her! Oh to be a kid again!

Okay, gotta go and run another test - C-Ya!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A quickie!

Just a quick note to point out that the Rockies did indeed win last night 5-1, now I have to stay up late tonight because the game doesn't start until 9 our time! Oh well, that's what you get for liking teams from the west.

Broncos are off this weekend - thank GOD for small miracles. They are hurting right now and need to regroup for their own special15 game winning streak! Hey, it can happen, just look at the Rox - winners 18 of their last 19 games played. :-)

Oh yeah, it's also my birthday. Whoo Hoo!! The big 4-0!! Who'd a thunk it? Whoever says it is depressing getting older just ain't looking through the right glass, if you know what I mean.

I'll try to post more tonight, if I get a chance, otherwise I'll probably stop by tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Okay, these reviews are taking way longer than I expected - which is rather annoying to me... Already it is nine o'clock and....

Rockies -------4
Diamonbacks - 1

Okay, can't complain for a while at least. Oh it is the bottom of the fifth as I type that. Maybe another update shortly.

Uh oh, two on with two out... Francis gave up a single to Webb and walked Young. Time to get Drew out and move on to the sixth. Good job by Torrealba coming out to try and calm his pitcher down... let's see if it works.


Now we have a full count - this will be interesting to look at in a few days, months, years time. Foul ball - time for a curve ball from Francis ... Drew is swinging early trying to get ahead of the fast ball. A curve ball will probably get him.

I'm wrong. Fastball strike swinging..

Whoo Hoo!!

Is It Worth It?

I mean do I really need to be at work every day from 5am to 8 pm? Do I have to sit and listen to the neanderthal smacking his gums while eating my food? Do I really enjoy hearing how much the neadrathal has done for my career? This is starting to get old fast. Yes, I need the hours so that I can afford to maintain my current lifestyle. Okay, well not really, but the money is nice.

It all started with my desire to take the family to Disney World, and now it's almost like I'm addicted to this crap! I mean I actually feel weird when I take a Sunday off. What is wrong with me? I don't know, but I continue to plug away and hope for the best - whatever that may be.

Now I'm gonna continue on whining....

Actually, I need to get to working on the employee reviews that the neaderthal decided I should write. I should have known that was coming. So, now I'm torn between completing the task - not really too hard, or just blowing it off and watching him sweat. I'm such an evil bastard at times. Especially with these reviews.

No raises for you!

Actually, it will mostly amount to nothing more than 3%, which is considerably less than the current cost of living. How about them apples?!

Okay, I'll stop whining and get back to work!

Rockies are down one in the bottom of the first, not the best of starts, but....

we'll see.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Stuff

I figured that the best way for me to keep up with the writing and all that jazz, would be to practice it as much as possible. I believe that I mentioned this previously, on the blog. So now I just have to get myself up to the task of writing, even when I have nothing to write about.

Take today for instance.... B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!

Not a thing happened today that I feel even like remotely sharing. Oh sure there were a few excitable moments when I realized I was in charge, but other than that nada, zip, nyet!

Don't know if nyet was used properly up there, but I also don't really care at the moment. I'm more concerned that my Sirius internet radio keeps buffering - rather annoying if you ask me. Even if you didn't I still told you - so there!

Just got a picture from the Wrigley debacle over the weekend. My wife's uncle takes really good photos, in fact I should make sure to ask him if I can use some of his photos here. Excellent bird photography, and if you ever want to see them head on over to and check them out. Very good stuff, let me tell ya!

My thought train keeps getting derailed because I keep getting photos.... I'm gonna have to post a few now. :-)

Gotta go


Okay, as you can see it didn't work. So now I need to find a different photo to post... back in a minute.

Now we'll have to see if this one works. Of course I will probably change this one out soon, as well, because it is a bit on the blurry side. We'll see if it survives.

Yea! It worked. Now all I have to do is hide this post in the archives and no one will be the wiser, right?

God Bless America

Here is a very patriotic F117 fighter jet. This picture was taken at an Edwards AFB air show, and I thought that I would share it here. Plus, I wanted to add a photo to my profile and this fits the bill. (Still haven't mastered getting a photosharing site, or whatever), so this will have to do. :-)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fire 2, Revolution 1

So, we went to a soccer game last night...

The venue is Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois, which is southwest of Chicago. Think Midway airport and head pretty much due west, I believe. Anyway, Benjy invited his friends R.J. and Michael. A couple of good kids that we've known since they started playing soccer together, six years ago.
Here is the trio above...

Here is Sparky the fire mascot waving the banner of the Chicago Fire, which is basically the emblem of the Chicago Fire Department. They had a bunch of old fire trucks out there and a fireworks display as well. I heard that there was supposed to be cake, as well, but I think we spent too much time watching the fireworks to get any cake. :-) Don't need it anyway.

Here is the New England Revolution flag, like football and baseball, they also have a very good team. While Chicago is embroiled in a battle to make the playoffs, New England clinched a while ago.

Here is how close to the action we were. Roughly twenty feet from the field with no obstructions. Gotta thank the Otto's for the tickets, they were great, and the boys had a great time.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Benjy! 13 years old! Wow!!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bad Bugs!

I promise that I had NOTHING to do with this Bugs help Tribe rally past Yankees in 11 . Really, I mean it. Although I did enjoy watching the Yankees go down 0-2 in the series. I would like a World Series with someone other than the Yankees or the Red Sox, please. I'm personally pulling for a Cleveland - Colorado World Series, myself, whose combined payrolls don't even match the Yankees, or the Red Sox's payroll. Let's hear it for the little guys!

Chicago Fire!

No, I'm not talking about the infamous fire from long ago, where a cow - of all things - was blamed for. No, we're talking about the Major Leaugue Soccer team the Chicago Fire! That's where we'll be tonight.

In honor of Benjy's thirteenth birthday, he was given some tickets to see the Fire in action. These are great seats as well, basically the front row, halfway between the penalty box and midfield. We are close enough that when we yell to Twellman that he's a 'sissy man,' he will turn and look at us, then smile and shake his head. At least that's what we think he was doing. :-)

Seriously, Benjy has had some great sporting events to go to for his birthdays. He saw the Bears vs. Eagles (his favorite NFL team), with two of his friends a few years ago. Again, great seats and best of all, for Benjy, the Eagles won!

Here's a picture from that fine day three years ago. Benjy is, yep, in the middle all painted up in Eagles green and wearing his favorite shirt, his Donovan McNabb #5 jersey. As you can tell it is a bit worn. Jeremy on the right is wearing his Rex Grossan #8, even though Grossman had spent most of that year sitting on the bench, injured. And Drew, on the left is just confused. :-) Actually, Drew didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so he was decked out with Eagle face paint and a Bears jersey. Oh well.

Anyway, me and the boys had a great time then, just like we will have a great time tonight. Hopefully, I'll remember to bring a camera and take some pics tonight. We'll be going with RJ and Michael, who I've coached soccer to for several years - maybe they'll be able to see what I was trying to tell them. :-)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Moving on Up!

Yes, you heard me right - actually you read me correctly, the Colorado Rockies are now one victory from sweeping the Philadelphia Phillies and advancing to the 2007 NLCS! Wow! Who would of thought that? Certainly not any of the sports writers that I have been reading. Personally, I like th efact that they aren't paying attention to the Rox, because if they were, well... maybe it wouldn't be so good.

Looking to get some respect from the infamous East-Coast Bias.

Rock On!!

In Other News...

I/we really love to visit this place, any guesses as to where I speak? You got it. The World Showcase at Walt Disney's EPCOT.

Probably one of my favorite places to visit, especially with the kids.

This is my little Angel, or my "Cuddle Bug" Kaitlynn. She is a HUGE fan of, can you tell, Tinker Bell. Also commonly called "Tink"

Why everyone likes to shorten names nowadays is beyond me. Now granted calling Tinker Bell Tink, isn't as jarring to me as calling Christmas 'X-mas' - that is a travesty in my humble opinion. After all Christ is the reason for the season, as they say. So, why would you cut that part out? Of course, celebrating anything that has a 'Christian' connotation has suddenly - okay not so suddenly, more like steadily, become taboo. Now if you are a Catholic like myself, it actually gets worse. Just read the news someday and you will see what I mean.

I shall move on now.... To these 'Goofy's'... they are my number one and number three daughters; Jessie and Maggie. Jessie is on the right and the oldest of my girls, and Maggie is my 'baby girl.' They are quite fun to spend a day, or nine, at Disney World. Plus they know that Daddy loves Goofy, so maybe they were sucking up for some Ice Cream! Oh, I kid! Sheesh. Anyway, taking pictures of the kids in hats is far less expensive than buying hats that won't be worn at home, don't you think?

I think that is enough for now - I must return to the grindstone known as work. Gotta love it, right? At least that is what they tell me. :-)


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

iPods = iTrouble

Oh my goodness! What do you get when you have iPods in the house and children that don't respect their mother? Wild guess for you.... Daddy gets two, yes count them, two new iPods. One even being the new iPod Touch ---- Whoo Hoo!

Now, should I continue to hold onto these bad boys? What do you all think? I think I shall have to hold them... even though they did pay for them, with their own money no less. I say too bad! plus, really want to check out the "iTouch" (I still like that name so much better), before I actually spend the four hundred dollars, and change, on one...

Short stuff for now, gotta run home and watch some baseball! The Cubs are playing in October if you can believe that! So are the Rockies, who beat the Phillies today, 4-2. So, I am off to see the ....


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Deep Thoughts

Or am I actually checking my email? I honestly cannot remember. Does it really matter? Probably not. But I figured 'what the heck' I'll add this picture for posterity. Yeah, something like that.

These two goofs are part of my brood. Trying to act like a Jamaican-mon! Andy, on the left actually bought this hat... infact he wore it all day. Well, until the heat got to him. Go figure knit cap and a 98 degree heat index just didn't go together very well.

That's enough for this fine day, now that there is only an hour and a half left of it. Must go to bed, so I can wake up and do the whole thing over again.

See you all next time.


Playing Around

Just playing around and found out how to add pictures - okay I never said I was the smartest person on theplanet, I just play one on TV!

Oh well, I am enjoying my new time here and I am sure that there will be much more reverie to come.

No really, I mean that. Before long you will know more about me an my family than even I know. Okay, I know that is an impossibility, but it made you think for a second there, didn't it? You can be honest, after all it is just us here on the world wide web and all.

Cosette, is a classic heroine from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables a classic bit of literature that everyone should at least try to read... failing that go see the musical, or even one of the many movies that try to depict this tale. Plus, I really like the picture, don't know why, just do.

Gotta go again - nature calls. I'll let your imagination run wild there, okay, probably not...



New Month

Welcome to 'Rock'tober friends and family. I really don't care too much for that term but, when in Rome... And I think that I am in Rome.

Okay, not really, but you didn't believe that anyway, now did you. Let's see I want to post here on more than a weekly occasion at some point. BUT... I seem to be too busy at home, or tired and work seems to get in the way as well. So how do I solve this quandary? I think that I will be purchasing an Apple iPod Touch, or as I like to call it, and "iTouch." Probably not the only one, either. Now will this improve my statistics of posting? Who knows? i just want one. It's really the first "gadget" that I have wanted for a while. Now some of you out there will decry the size of the memory - I'm getting a 16G version, myself. True the iPod "classic" as they are now calling it has versions that have, I believe, 160G of memory.

Well, that is great if you want to have EVERYTHING at your disposal, but let's be honest here. Are you going to actually NEED all of that? I don't think so. To prove my point, I created a play list with songs I enjoy, and some that I may not, along with all of my pictures, and came to a grand total of almost 5G memory usage. Now, before you go and say what a pathetic play list I have, I can change songs daily, heck, every hour if I wish, and with this 5G I can view all of the pictures of my precious family AND listen to more than 24 hours of music!

Granted if I got stuck on a deserted island somewhere, I might want for more variety, but heck the battery will die after a few days anyway, so I just shot that argument down.

But what about the videos and movies?

What about them? I can add my favorite show - don't really have one, and watch that episode over and ever for a week then download another. Why do I need to have an entire series or season on an iPod to watch? I really don't see the point. Same goes for movies, and they are the biggest memory whores out there!


I don't know what the point of this entry was, well actually I do, and I proved a point that I can pretty much write anything once I sit down and work on it. What a concept. You know what EVERY book on writing says you need to do to become a good writer? You guessed it. Write! So, I will NEED to do this on as frequent an occasion as possible. Spelling errors and all. After all that is what spell check and proof reading are for. Plus, ain't none of this gonna make it into a book anyway!