Thursday, April 30, 2009

Much A Flu About Nothing?

I am in a quandary. 

At last I think I am, but I'm not sure.

Is this Flu the end of the world as we know it, or is it just another flu bug, that we humans haven't had time to figure out yet? By humans I mean the human body. Funny thing about the human body, it doesn't want to die or be hurt either. Go figure. So in an effort to remain healthy it learns how to build up an immunity to various bugs and viruses. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, so I just saw a story talking about the probable spread of this flu bug, and in four months time and assuming that nothing is done to stop the spread, there will be 1700 cases of this influenza. 1700! That seems kind of low, unless they are talking 1700 deaths, but even then, the normal flu season takes over 36,000 every year.

Do you see my problem?

That being said, they closed Batavia High today as well, and my God daughter is hoping that they close her school as well. However hers is an all-girl school, run by nuns that are used to way worse reasons to close the school. Not sure if that made any sense, should I edit? Nah!! No fun there. Besides she isn't thinking about the fact that they would add these days at the end of the school year, you know, during the fun summer months.

Fun and troubling times my friends, which makes life all that much better.


Did you see the Cubs give up six runs in the tenth inning? Andy is not happy. Of course, he and Benjy will be happy tomorrow because they get to go to another game. Lucky boys.

Maggie is doing much better! She had herself a bad fever (104+) for several days, and the Doctor couldn't find anything wrong, only saying that it was probably something viral - NOT the flu. Anyway, she's doing much better now, and is back to her normal lovable self - Praise Jesus!

More flu damage... Jessie's softball games got canceled for the weekend, but not Katie's because she's not in middle school. Apparently only middle school, and now high school aged kids are vulnerable.

One more thing.

Keep washing your hands!

A Flu By Any Other Name

That's right folks, no more Swine Flu, it's now called the H1N1 virus. Apparently, people are getting their pigs slaughtered - at least they are in Egypt, because they think that the pig is giving the people the swine flu. Also, people are steering clear of buying pork, in fear of getting the flu.
Uh, folks. This flu is spread through droplets, and is not an airborne influenza, so if you went out and got yourself a mask, you can leave it at home. Granted comments like this "All of humanity under threat," from the World Health Organization, are doing nothing to dispel any hysteria, in fact those comments are having the opposite effect.
But, but Roger, it's at LEVEL 5! LEVEL 5 of 6!!! We're all gonna die!!!!
Here is what happens when the WHO raises awareness to a LEVEL 5:
Phase 5 indicates that there is evidence of the virus being spread from human-to-human in at least two countries in one WHO region. Phase 6, the pandemic phase, is characterised by increased and sustained transmission in the general population.
 Oh and then there is this guy:
Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would not recommend taking any commercial flight or riding in a subway car "at this point" because swine flu virus can spread "in confined places." A little more than one hour later, Biden rushed out a statement backing off.

"I would tell members of my family — and I have — I wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now," Biden said on NBC's "Today" show.. "It's not that it's going to Mexico. It's [that] you're in a confined aircraft. When one person sneezes, it goes all the way through the aircraft. That's me. …

"So, from my perspective, what it relates to is mitigation. If you're out in the middle of a field when someone sneezes, that's one thing. If you're in a closed aircraft or closed container or closed car or closed classroom, it's a different thing."

Of course, he REALLY meant this:
The White House quickly arranged for Biden to make this statement through a spokesperson.

"On the Today Show this morning, the vice president was asked what he would tell a family member who was considering air travel to Mexico this week. The advice he is giving family members is the same advice the administration is giving to all Americans: that they should avoid unnecessary air travel to and from Mexico. If they are sick, they should avoid airplanes and other confined public spaces, such as subways. This is the advice the vice president has given family members who are traveling by commercial airline this week. As the president said just last night, every American should take the same steps you would take to prevent any other flu: Keep your hands washed; cover your mouth when you cough; stay home from work if you're sick and keep your children home from school if they're sick."

Host Matt Lauer had asked the vice president: "This is by no means a 'gotcha' type of question. … But if a member of your family came to you … and said, 'Look, I want to go on a commercial airliner to Mexico, and back within the next week,' would you think it's a good idea?" Biden made it unmistakably clear he would not want his family to make any trips on planes or subways.

These sorts of comments are what the Obama administration fears from Biden, who after more than three decades in Washington is known for making gaffes.

Which is why people were so baffled when the President tapped him as his Vice President. Of course, it does make any gaffe the President may make, pale in comparison.
Now for the good news:
As the World Health Organization raised its infectious disease alert level Wednesday and health officials confirmed the first death linked to swine flu inside U.S. borders, scientists studying the virus are coming to the consensus that this hybrid strain of influenza -- at least in its current form -- isn't shaping up to be as fatal as the strains that caused some previous pandemics.

In fact, the current outbreak of the H1N1 virus, which emerged in San Diego and southern Mexico late last month, may not even do as much damage as the run-of-the-mill flu outbreaks that occur each winter without much fanfare.
See? All is well.
Just remember to wash your hands.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Didn't Want To See This

Just popped in my email box this afternoon:

A Rotolo Middle School student has a probable case of Swine Influenza.  Based on the recommendation of the Kane County Health Department, ROTOLO MIDDLE SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY, MAY 4, 2009.  As a preventative measure to stop the transmission of infection, students and faculty are not to report to school until Monday, May 4, 2009.

All student activities, practices and meetings planned for Rotolo Middle School are canceled until Monday, May 4, 2009.  This includes all away, extracurricular activities as well as any building usage by community members during this time period.

Students and adults who demonstrate Influenza symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  Symptoms include:

·         Fever, chills

·         Sore throat, cough

·         Achiness

·         Nausea, vomiting

The Center for Disease Control also recommends that all parties are encouraged to avoid group activities, until further communication is provided.


Yes, the family had traveled to Mexico recently. Hopefully the student will make a full recovery and no one else gets it. Benjy says that we should close our school down as well, you know, as a safety precaution.

Nice try, kiddo!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Is The Post That Never Ends

yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because...This is the post that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because... 

Shoot me now!

This Just Cracked Me Up

No other reason...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe They Should Have Thought This One Through

I love how the DoD is saying that they told NYC, and NYC is saying they didn't. Doesn't really matter though if you were there for 9/11 though, I imagine.

At Least Someone Cares About What The Bishops Say

As you may, or may not, have heard; Notre Dame University is bestowing an honorary degree to one, President Barrack Obama. This goes completely against what the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) says when it comes to Catholic universities giving honorary degrees to people, such as President Obama, that go against what the Church teaches, especially in regard to life and other moral principles.
Yeah, yeah Roger, we've heard all about it, so?
Well, what may  have missed in all the hullaboo over the President and his commencement speech, was the fact that another person was to be honored, Mary Ann Glendon, the former Ambassador to the Vatican. She was to receive the Laetare Medal, because of all that she has done with spreading the message of the Church, and especially it's stand on life of the unborn, something that the President doesn't believe in. Just look at his record, if you don't believe me. It is also why I have the Fight FOCA banner on my blog, because it's one of the promises that the President made as a bill that he would sign, once it was brought to his attention. Thankfully, it hasn't made it there, yet.
Anyway, Mary Ann Glendon has decided to decline the Notre Dame invite, because as you can see below, she feels that she is being used inappropriately. All I can say is good for her.

By Mary Ann Glendon
Monday, April 27, 2009, 9:32 AM
April 27, 2009
The Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
University of Notre Dame

Dear Father Jenkins,
When you informed me in December 2008 that I had been selected to receive Notre Dame's Laetare Medal, I was profoundly moved. I treasure the memory of receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame in 1996, and I have always felt honored that the commencement speech I gave that year was included in the anthology of Notre Dame's most memorable commencement speeches. So I immediately began working on an acceptance speech that I hoped would be worthy of the occasion, of the honor of the medal, and of your students and faculty.

Last month, when you called to tell me that the commencement speech was to be given by President Obama, I mentioned to you that I would have to rewrite my speech. Over the ensuing weeks, the task that once seemed so delightful has been complicated by a number of factors.

First, as a longtime consultant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, I could not help but be dismayed by the news that Notre Dame also planned to award the president an honorary degree. This, as you must know, was in disregard of the U.S. bishops' express request of 2004 that Catholic institutions "should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles" and that such persons "should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions." That request, which in no way seeks to control or interfere with an institution's freedom to invite and engage in serious debate with whomever it wishes, seems to me so reasonable that I am at a loss to understand why a Catholic university should disrespect it.

Then I learned that "talking points" issued by Notre Dame in response to widespread criticism of its decision included two statements implying that my acceptance speech would somehow balance the event:

• "President Obama won't be doing all the talking. Mary Ann Glendon, the former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, will be speaking as the recipient of the Laetare Medal."

• "We think having the president come to Notre Dame, see our graduates, meet our leaders, and hear a talk from Mary Ann Glendon is a good thing for the president and for the causes we care about."

A commencement, however, is supposed to be a joyous day for the graduates and their families. It is not the right place, nor is a brief acceptance speech the right vehicle, for engagement with the very serious problems raised by Notre Dame's decision—in disregard of the settled position of the U.S. bishops—to honor a prominent and uncompromising opponent of the Church's position on issues involving fundamental principles of justice.

Finally, with recent news reports that other Catholic schools are similarly choosing to disregard the bishops' guidelines, I am concerned that Notre Dame's example could have an unfortunate ripple effect.

It is with great sadness, therefore, that I have concluded that I cannot accept the Laetare Medal or participate in the May 17 graduation ceremony.

In order to avoid the inevitable speculation about the reasons for my decision, I will release this letter to the press, but I do not plan to make any further comment on the matter at this time.

Yours Very Truly,
Mary Ann Glendon

HT - Creative Minority Report

Sunday, April 26, 2009

When All Else Fails

Write a list.

Top ten songs, by amount of times played, on my iTunes. 

1. Handlebars - Flobots
2. Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
3. Drops of Jupiter - Train
4. Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
5. Umbrella (Rihanna Cover) - All Time Low
6. Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
7. Assassin - Muse
8. Knights of Cydonia - Muse
9. I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
10. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy

Now wasn't that exciting?

Back to your regular scheduled day, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sure Hope He Has A Plan

As you all may know, the Denver Broncos are my favorite professional football team.


I've had to deal with three not-so-stellar seasons, as of late, which caused Mike Shanahan to lose his job. Anyway, the offense is/was AWESOME. Ranked number 2, in fact. However their defense was rather porous.

Today is draft day in the world of the NFL, and Denver had two first round picks, in part because the new coach McDaniels had a little tiff with the starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, and had him traded to the Bears for their first round pick, this year and next, plus a number three and Kyle Orton. They acquired three more running backs during the off-season, and some defensive backs during free agency.

Cool, that means that we are going to just have to concentrate on defensive linemen and linebackers, right?


They picked one, defensive lineman in their first five picks.


The remaining four were, get this, a running back, two defensive backs, and a tight end.

I wonder what Mike Shanahan is thinking right now?

Probably just a little chuckle, I'm sure.

Friday, April 24, 2009

So There's This Band

They are from Minnesota.

They love music.

Jeff is a great read as well, on his blog here.

They are the Receders, and they are pretty good. They also have a brand new CD available, just click the link over there on the side bar, or even here. You won't regret it, unless you are totally into something like hard rock or rap, in which case you should listen to some better music every now and again so why not give them a try. 

It won't hurt.

I promise.

It's better than the five dollar foot long songs, at least*.


* DEFINITELY better than the Cricket commercials.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Has Been Written

So it must be done, right?
I am referring to my post from yesterday regarding my not taking a day off, and a mention of man-boobs, etc. Well, because I wrote that, and my lovely bride reads what I write (she says it is the only way she knows what is going on inside my head, which may or may not actually be true), I can no longer use the excuse of "I don't feel well" to get out of my exercise regimen.
Dang it!
I mean I think I know when to keep my mouth shut (okay Jenni, quit laughing), but now I am going to have to start keeping my fingers shut. At least until I can find a way to make this work for me.
I know I shouldn't even try it, but I am a man after all, and I believe it is in my nature.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not A Very Good Idea

Here's a novel idea, why don't you all choose to keep your pants on instead, but no one listens to me, instead we will find new and easier ways to kill babies.

Really makes you love your country, doesn't it.

Walking Around In Women's Underwear

The fact that the lyrics to that song are so popular with one of my co-workers. I think it's because one time he was singing it, and our boss decided to do a little sashay across the room in a manner that made us all wonder if he were, in fact, wearing women's underwear. Personally it's not my style, but if it floats your boat and you think they are more comfortable, then I say go for it.
Just don't show me.
Another co-worker's Doctor has threatened to buy him a training bra if he doesn't start losing some weight. Seriously, it's not me. What's funny id the fact that he weighs forty pounds less than me, and has bigger man-boobs. Must be my exercise regimen, of which I need to stay on. No more days off unless I am physically incapable of moving.
I do not want man-boobs, or women's undergarments to keep them restrained.
So how do you get a room full of whiny, complaining, bad-attitude employees to shut up? Free pizza, how else? Oh yeah, after the pizza invite your CEO to talk about how great we are doing (surprisingly good) and how your faith in getting that 401(k) match for this year, may be rewarded. That would be nice, especially since this whole college thing is starting to get expensive and we haven't even really spent any money.
I know, let's just socialize the whole thing, and have everyone pay for the college of our youth. I think I am kidding.
Want to hear about something that I don't like? Really, you don't? Well too bad, because I'm going to tell you anyway.
I hate it when authors feel the need to proselytize their beliefs into a story, so much, that the story is hurt. Severely. I man, I understand that you believe that global warming is a real phenomena and all that, who knows you may even be right. But, I really don't want to hear about it, page after page after page. If I wanted to hear that I'd read Al Gore's book. Of course that might be a better fictional tale than the one I'm reading. Sheesh! research much?
Want to read a good book on global warming? Read State of Fear by Michael Crichton, at least he includes some real science in his book.
Oh, did you know that the sun is going to burn out soon? Yep. Wait for it.
No LOST tonight. What the heck is up with that? What is worse though, only three more hours are left for this season. How can that be? Then comes the eight month wait for the final season - Yikes! What will happen?
The kids gymnastics teacher downloaded the latest Dr. Who episode, Planet of the Dead. I'm really going to miss David Tennant as the Doctor - he's AWESOME!
I don't think he wears any women's underwear either. I could be wrong though, he is Scottish.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Thoughts and Observations

That I have built up over the past few days...

Check this out, the Vatican has decided to "improve" relations with the United States, by going Nuclear...

Dateline Vatican - In a truly stunning development, the Vatican today announced that it has begun development on its own nuclear program.

A Vatican spokesman today announced that the Vatican is currently operating 3,000 centrifuges within the confines of Vatican City as part of an effort to develop nuclear power. Monsignor TJ Kong said, "It is important that the Vatican becomes energy independent. This is, of course, entirely for peaceful purposes. However if we decided to develop nuclear weapons that would be our right. But at this time, Project Holy Fire is entirely peaceful in nature."

Leaders across the world were shocked by the announcement of Project Holy Fire and are left wondering whether Vatican scientists have the technology to develop a nuclear weapon. A high ranking EU official speaking on the condition of anonymity says they do. "

Remember, the Church invented modern science and who knows what kind of information they have in those Vatican archives?"

International reaction was swift. While the Obama administration had previously shown little respect to the little City State, (championing abortion on demand, forcing the removal of Christian symbols before speaking at Catholic Universities, attempting to remove freedom of conscience for Catholic health care workers and adoption agencies, funding the destruction of embryos, and repeatedly trying to nominate a pro-choice ambassador) it seems to have its attention now...

Go on, read the rest.

In other "news," apparently, my size has caused the earth to warm up, seriously. Okay, well these "scientists" are serious, or at least playing the serious one in the news.

THE rising number of fat people was yesterday blamed for global warming.

Scientists warned that the increase in big-eaters means more food production — a major cause of CO2 gas emissions warming the planet.

Overweight people are also more likely to drive, adding to environmental damage.

Dr Phil Edwards, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “Moving about in a heavy body is like driving in a gas guzzler.”

Each fat person is said to be responsible for emitting a tonne more of climate-warming carbon dioxide per year than a thin one.

It means an extra BILLION TONNES of CO2 a year is created, according to World Health Organisation estimates of overweight people.

The scientists say providing extra grub for them to guzzle adds to carbon emissions that heat up the world, melting polar ice caps, raising sea levels and killing rain forests...

More at the link, if you can stomach it. Good thing I have another reason to lose my weight - saving the planet!

Finally, this is old news, but it still ain't right.

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

So I Have A Starting Point

And with that starting point, I have an official "ending" point - well as far as getting a Kindle goes.

Here is my starting point...

No, it isn't a particularly proud moment in my life.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Winning the lottery was great, which is why I want to give it all away.

Winning the lottery was great, and it meant that I didn't have to look at your face ever again.

Winning the lottery was great, but watching them bleed was so much more satisfying.

Lottery winners are a literal one in a million, imagine all that you could do, and no one could stop you.

It was a dark and dreary night which made the murder all that much more entertaining, for one and all.

I always heard that it would drive you crazy, then what?

Now, Roger, what the heck are you doing?

Isn't it obvious?

Uh, no.

I am brainstorming, what else?

Oh, so you don't have anything worthwhile to write, so you are filling this space with nonsense, trying to get us to believe that you are working on some great new work of art?

No, I'm brainstorming ideas. You know, for that first sentence of that first chapter of that new book I am working on?

Yeah, but what's your story about.

You will just have to read along with everybody else.


Only if it gets you to come back.

Anyway, if y'all are still with me, I am working on writing a novel - yes that's a book. So I thought I would throw up completed chapters here, or maybe even some incomplete chapters. I'm sure that there will be some more brainstorms as well.

Oh sure, I'll still be ranting about a large variety of topics, but I also want to get these stories out of my head, and onto paper, LEDs or CRTs.... You know what  I mean.

Thank you for taking the time to at least scroll sown this far. Please comment on what you read, as it will make me a better person and ultimately a better writer. At least that's what all those successful writers say.

Good night, and God Bless!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's 1:17AM, Why am I Still Awake

I should be in bed.
I should be snoring (although there is no actual proof that I do, actually, snore. Just hearsay).
I should be looking forward to several hours of blissful sleep, I mean I am not as young as I used to be, and I may actually need the sleep.
So why, at 1:17AM, am I still awake?
Well, I was watching some of season three, make that four, of Stargate SG-1, but I came to the end of the DVD. So that can't possibly be it.
I'm deeply involved in Mafia Wars on Facebook, yet I had no more energy left, so what's the point? Although I do have over $75 million in the bank. If only that were true, especially since Jenni has over $145 million.
The television is still on, in fact I just saw that the Amazing Race is having an open casting call next Friday, from 10-2, talk about some globetrotting. On one hand that would be a lot of fun, but on the other, I have more important things at home. Sorry Phil, I'll have to sit this one out.
Truth be told, it was because of the movie "Annapolis." Because I found it to be interesting, although I really don't know why. Maybe because Mark, or was it Donnie, Wahlberg was in it. Or Tyrese, sorry his last name escapes me at the moment. I do not know. I just couldn't turn it off an go to bed.
That was over half an hour ago now, that it ended.
I'm still not tired, although I should be.
So here I write, and here you read.
I hope it made sense.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We lost our game today, by this much.

*Click on the picture to see it better.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Playing With My Mind

I actually thought of something a little more insane, believe it or not, but went with this title. 


I have no idea, especially since I am not really playing with my mind at all. 

Weird, I know.

For now though, please just follow along and see if I make any sense at all, because if this works it will mean a whole new world to me, and we're not talking Disney either. 

What is it I am talking about you ask? 

Well, I just realized that I have a super secret email address that I can send blog posts to. I know, I can be a little slow on the uptake, but once I start catching up, watch out!

Now all that is left is for me to push SEND and we'll see what happens.


Half Blood Prince

You may find this hard to believe, but I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I am also a fan of good writing, so when you get the combination of good writing and sci-fi or fantasy, I tend to be a happy camper. Now, if you can portray that onto the movie screen, well that is quite an accomplishment. One that very rarely happens. In fact, I can think of a few movies that were as good as the book they were adapted from, or better. The Shawshank Redemption comes to mind immediately as a story that was adapted to film very well, especially when you consider the fact that the story was not a novel, nor even a novella, more like a short story. 

Most of the time, unfortunately, the words just don't translate well on the big screen. See Sahara for an example, which had the title of the Clive Cussler novel, and the general location, Africa, of the novel. Yet the story was seriously lacking. Oh, I enjoy the movie well enough, but I knew going in, that they had left out key parts of the book, so I wasn't expecting a good adaptation.

So, Roger, what the heck are you rambling on about? 

Well, they have released a new trailer for the next Harry Potter movie  -- I know, I know, there are some of you that don't like the stories, but have you actually read them? Because if you haven't, you don't really have any ground to stand on, in my book. Sorry. Well, not really sorry, because if you don't like something based on what you think is going on, you will be disappointed and look kind of ignorant. Touchy am I? Yeah, probably. I don't like it when people decide to discredit something without actually reading it. 

Okay, stepping down from the box now...

Here's what prompted my rant, enjoy if you can, I know I did.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


What would you do if you could increase your strength, your ability to read and comprehend what you read, and your speed one hundred fold?

Eat lots of steaks, no doubt.

Oh, and maybe kick some Goa'uld butt.

Granted there may be a drawback, like there is a time limit, because your body will eventually reject your new found abilities - probably right in the middle of an illegal covert operation, no doubt.

On a different, more realistic note, the mighty Blackhawks of Chicago have taken a one game to none lead in their best-of-seven playoff series versus the Flames of Calgary, in overtime. More like twelve seconds into overtime. Let's go Blackhawks!

That will be it for me tonight. I had something else to say, but... I'm distracted, by SG-1 being trapped in a new Goa'uld 'Super-Ship' that is about to self-destruct, and I'm worried about the team, so bye-bye.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ewoks Suck, Dude.

That was the best line from LOST tonight, or at least the one that I remember the most.

Andy learned a valuable lesson today, and all it cost him was $49.


Glad you asked. We went to see the Cubs play the Rockies today, at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. The weather said that it was going to be sunny and 59 today, cooler near the lake.

The Cubs play baseball near the lake.

The forecast was for Batavia, Illinois. Batavia is NOT near the lake.

Can you see what is coming? 

The funny thing is, I wasn't even going to go to the game today, our pastor was. You see, I learned this lesson several years ago, when I tried to scalp acquire some tickets for opening day with a buddy of mine. At least we had alcohol to warm us up. Anyway, after unsuccessfully getting tickets, and freezing our butts off, we decided to watch the game from the Cubby Bear, across from Wrigley Field. Ever since, I said that April baseball at Wrigley was not for me.

Until today, when I went and froze my tuckus off, without benefit of any alcoholic beverage. Which is great way to segue into watching this dude on the train make a complete a$$ of himself, with his bike, draped over his shoulders, and drinking a beer, then another, and another. He would then stare at somebody on the train and blurt out, "I don't think so!" Every now and then he would blurt out "I'm sorry" when he ran into somebody with his bike, well at least if he saw that he ran into somebody. He gave Benjy his bad - with a twelve-pack of beer in it. I took it away from the boy, I mean there is no need to start bad habits at 14 right?

Where was I? Oh yeah, it was cold, it was windy, the boys had short-sleeved shirts on. It was NOT sunny and warm, it was not calm, and it was most definitely NOT short-sleeved shirt weather. No way, no how.

Oh and the Cubs lost 5-2, another thing that has happened when Andy goes to a Cubs game in April. Last year they got blown out by Milwaukee, at least the weather was nicer, and they were sitting in the bleachers. Where the sun did finally decide to shine, after the seventh inning. Which didn't help our situation, in the wind tunnel known as our seats.

Back to Andy and reading the weather. He shall forever remember the words "cooler by the lake" until he no longer lives near a large body of water. 

And he has a new Cubs sweatshirt to remind him, in case he forgets.

Photos from the fun!

I would have captioned them, but Blogger's being a jerk. Sorry.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What The Heck!

I think that I am going to have to boycott Blogger.

Okay, so I might be a tad bit addicted to doing this everyday, heck there have been some very bad days in here, but this is ridiculous.

I have some pictures that I would like posted on the site that do not want to be uploaded. What the heck!

Whine, whine, whine... Maybe I should get me some Red, red wine....

There once was a blog that had a point, 
then he posted everyday and I should really think these things out before I start typing them, otherwise I may look like an idiot -- too late!

Wonderful news, I get to go to a Cubs game tomorrow!! Whoop whoop!!

I'm rooting for the Rockies though.

Guess what? Chunky actually started to run today, I'm serious! He ran a quarter of a mile in between walks of one mile each. Actually the latter walk was punctuated by another run of about a quarter mile. 

I think Chunky wants his Kindle.

Chunky should also remember to get that official weight picture soon, because the first fifty pounds will be way easier than the second fifty, so... 

I really have no idea.

I'm still mad that I can't post any pictures. 

What the heck!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Spring?

Even though the temperatures are in the thirties, and we might get some snow flurries tonight, that didn't stop us from taking a few pictures.

What is stopping me though, is Blogger. Come back later for the pictures, because I don't have the desire to stay up any later fighting this computer with uploading some pictures.

Cubs game on Wednesday, should be fun, and hopefully a little warmer.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Quickie!

Holiday weekends seem to do that to me.

Speaking of... HAPPY EASTER!!

Uh, stupid pirates? Yeah you guys that allowed yourselves to be seen by American snipers. Bad idea. Are guys know how to shoot, especially when given an opportunity.

Today was a great day, lots of fun with the kids - as it should be.

Really enjoyed Night at the Museum - already watching it for a second time. Dick Van Dyke, as a bad guy... Cool. Mickey Rooney is pretty funny as well.


Good night and have a Blessed Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

And That's A Wrap!

Subway makes sandwiches that are tasty and inexpensive, how do they do that? I really don't care, unless I have Subway stock.

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is Ridiculous

So my buddy Frank was talking about the Boy Scout troop the other day, at soccer practice. I think he mentions this every now and again to try to convince me to get Benjy back in scouts.

Won't work.

For some reason - we suspect that it might be because he wasn't allowed to go on a ski trip a while back (year and a half), so he figured that he would quit, you know, to get back at us.

He's a stubborn one, yes he is.

Anyway... he was talking about how the Boy Scouts have adopted a stretch of the bike path. You know, so that they can clean it up and make everything all nice and litter free. Pretty noble idea, and a good cause, of which I am sure that everyone will agree. Especially with all this "green fever" going around the nation and world. Well, here are some of the requirements...
  • Schedule a clean up a minimum of two weeks in advance. I guess that makes sense, right. I mean what says that we love the earth more than to schedule a cleaning day, 2 weeks in advance.
  • The boys must use special gloves. That's right, they can't just wear any kind of gloves. They have to be special gloves that probably cost a bit of money. Probably because the bike path is full of toxic waste.
  • They also need to use certain bags, wear certain clothes, and whatever other things the government deems important.
  • Oh, and they have to pay to do it. Yes, you read that correctly. The volunteers need to pay - I think it's $20, to pick up trash along a bike path, that they adopted to keep clean.

Government, oh how I dislike thee.

Speaking of government stuff. Why, oh why, didn't the Navy blow the Somalian pirate (aka terrorist) ship out of the water, when the Captain jumped out and tried to escape. I mean, the Captain was probably hoping that would happen. Instead, we get a standoff between four Somalians in a life boat and a US Navy Destroyer! Oh yeah, we're still the most powerful country in the world. Now these idiots think that they can get $2 million for him.

Believe it or not, I have way more respect for President Sarkozy of France. At least he had his military go after and kick some butt. Who would have thought it possible, for France's military to show more courage than our own. Heck, I think France has handled two different situations in a similar fashion. Yay France!!

Finally, did you see that PETA wants the Pet Shop Boys to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys?

Crazy days indeed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zebras Rock

So today we finished off our latest audit, to make sure that we know how to do what we say we know how to do.

We passed!

What does that mean? Well, obviously it means that we get to continue doing what we said we could do, because the inspectors verified that we do indeed know how to do it.


Death sucks. Very rarely are you ready for it, and I know of two very recent deaths that are affecting a lot of people.

One was a sweet little girl named Maddie. I don't know the whole story, but the blogging world is reaching out and helping out, by joining the March of Dimes March for Babies. Some groups are getting together and walking as a team, like a group of Pittsburgh bloggers, led by Michelle at BurghBaby. Go here for more information regarding the walk and little Maddie. If you can donate a little, please do. Or maybe you can even get your own team together and help out that way. Go to the March of Dimes website for more information.

The other story that is in the news is about a promising young pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, Nick Adenhart (22) was killed by a minivan that, allegedly, ran a red light slamming into Adenhart's car, and another car. All told the driver killed three people because of his alleged carelessness. What's worse, he ran away from the scene. The whole story is here, if you want to read it.

In other news...

The Somalian pirates still have an American captain being held hostage - it's time we nipped this thing in the bud and start to take some serious action, like wiping the scum off the map. Too harsh, I think not. After all they are the aggressors, and should know that someone will be fighting back sooner or later. Is it a coincidence that now that we have a weak president, that the USA finds itself facing more and more challenges from these little piss ant countries. 

I know, you all are thinking that just because I really don't like the president that this is another hack job. Uh, I'm not professional enough to be a hack. I just call them as I see them, and right now, with our president bowing down to false kings, apologizing for 'American arrogance,' blaming everything on former president Bush (some things he did are wrong, but not EVERYTHING), and sitting back wagging his finger at that idiot in North Korea and giving him more power by allowing him to shoot off rockets, without any consequences. Give in to piss ants like North Korea and Somalia, next thing you know we'll be giving in to Russia and China. All because he doesn't want to offend anybody.

Now see if I was a true hack, that would have been written much better. So I'm just a partial hack. Maybe a hack in training, if you will.

Oh, and at the Zoo - Zebras, do rock!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Small Victories

The Rockies beat the Diamondbacks 3-0.

The Cubs beat the Astro's 11-6.

Chunky needs to lose just a measly fifty pounds, and he can buy himself a Kindle.

I think Chunky is gonna like losing weight. Not to mention the fact that he will probably like the benefits of being fifty pounds (or more!) lighter. Now Chunky wants to know if you would like to see pictures? You know a few before shots to compare to the after shots?

Maybe we should wait on that.

God Bless!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chunky Loses Some Weight!

I couldn't believe it when Chunky called. I mean he has been rather lax as of late. I believe his schedule looked like this:

Mon - 3 Miles brisk walk
Tues - 3 Miles brisk walk
Weds - 3.5 Miles brisk walk
Thu - 3 Miles brisk walk
Fri - Day of rest
Sat - Day of Feasting and rest
Sun - Day of laying on his fat behind, feasting and resting.
Mon - Needed help up from the sofa
Today - 3.5 Miles brisk walk

How's that for some updating?

Now, you are no doubt wondering how Chunky lost this weight, so was I.

Chunky told me.

I then asked if I could share his secret.

He said sure, but only after he had the eight-layered double-stuffed Oreo cookies, with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (five scoops). I said "Chunky that cannot help." He just told me to shut it and bring me the cookies and cream. And a glass of milk.

The secret was forgotten.

I decided to play it rough after that, by withholding food from the beast. He finally relented, and Chunky told me that I could share how he had lost a whole three pounds...

He got a haircut.


Monday, April 6, 2009


What a great episode to end season three with.

Asgard - Check!

Humor - Check!

Special Effects - Check!

Oh, and we meet the Replicators for the first time! Way cool!

Also, if you can believe it, this is my six hundredth post. Six hundred! Can you believe that I've been rambling on, and on, for six hundred posts? Granted, there have been no Asgard on this blog, but there may very well be, at some point. Especially if I continue to use Stargate SG-1 titles, as the title for blog posts. Did you even notice? Sneaky, aren't I? Oh and I did just start doing that, so in fairness, I didn't give you a chance to notice.

Sorry, surprises aren't my forte!

Humor? Me, funny? Sometimes. Sometimes I'm just a little weird, but hey who isn't, right? Besides, I try not to share the really weird stuff.

I apologize if I seem to be a little disjointed, but this show is cracking me up with Colonel O'Neill's comments, which again brings me back to the humor aspect. I like to laugh - keeps me young, or something like that.

Special effects. I have widgets. In fact, I just added one that shows up at the bottom of every post that will point you to another, interesting post that you might like to try. I'm curious to see how this works, and where it will lead the masses.

Speaking of Mass... Don't forget that this is the holiest week of the year for us Catholic Christians, so go to Mass - it'll do you some good.

As for the Replicators - my technology is too mundane for them, I guess.

Like Nemesis, this to shall be continued*...

*Fair Warning - it doesn't mean that I have anymore to say on this matter, just more of a "I'll be back" kind of thing,

Baseball Season's Underway

Go Cubs Go!!

One can only hope that we will be hearing that song more frequently than not. Why you ask? Well, because when the Cubs win, Andy will be playing that song - loudly, if he can get away with it.

Don't you just love baseball season?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday!!

May you all have a very Blessed Holy Week.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shades of Grey

The sky was full of multiple shades of grey today, and lots of blue. It can only mean one thing.

Wait for it.

Coming on down the pike, any time now.

Here it comes...


Not just a few flurries either, but two to four inches of the white fluffy stuff.

Can I get a Hell Yeah!

And you thought Spring was here.

Silly people. Silly, silly people.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Mess With Momma

So today was a bad day.

Today was a day that I wish I could turn the clocks back and redo it.

Since that isn't possible, I will relive it here.

Not really sure where it went wrong, I mean I woke up in a good mood. Heck, I was even looking forward to going in to work, then came Dunkin' Donuts. I have never seen a line so long there, and it wasn't moving either. So I left, didn't need any donuts anyway.

While at work, I kept getting bummed out and depressed by the news. Our illustrious leader is bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia, yet wouldn't bow down for the Queen of England, and he's apologizing for our (USA's) arrogance, and he is single handily destroying the principles that this country was built on. Sure, he loves America, just the one that is under an oppressive socialist government.

Then, little miss I-need-to-be-involved-in-everything decided to fray those nerves a little bit more by getting involved in MY stuff. Dude (ette) you work for me, not the other way around. So I left for the home front, where I knew that I had a lot of work ahead of me, for the weekend, but...

I wish that I could say that I blacked out, but unfortunately, I remember it all. Benjy was looking for something, a cable to connect the video camera to the computer, and we couldn't find it, so I asked Andy, and whoops! Daddy turned on the psycho, which got on Momma's nerves.

Needless to say, I was full of some serious assitude*, and I paid for it. Well technically, I'm still paying for it, because Jenni isn't exactly welcome to my charms, and I don't really blame her. I was a bad man.

Then Karma decided to kick my butt. First, I was painting Danny's room - he had a strip of pink from when it used to be Jessie's room that was previously hidden by the Cinderella wallpaper trim. Well, I set the paint down on a shelf, and wouldn't you know it but the shelf decides to fall off the wall, spilling blue paint on the wall, the floor, Danny's 1 year picture, myself.

Then there was the trashcan that I think I somehow broke the springs off of - so I had to look through the full garbage can to find the springs. Found one pretty easy, but ol Mr/Miss Karma kept the other one hidden.


Next up, the soccer game's that Benjy and I were looking forward to tomorrow - canceled. Apparently we got too much rain, and the fields were too wet. Which, of course, means that I will now have plenty of time to get to work on those DIY chores of mine.


I'm sure there is more, but it is too sad to think about - or something like that.


Good night, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

* Yes, I did take my meds

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who Sang These?

It will be so easy, I'm sure.

1) Outside The Rain - Stevie Nicks

2) Hella Good

3) Sister Moonshine

4) Tarantula

5) Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3

6) Sober

7) What's my Age Again?

8) Volcano Girls

9) There's a Barbarian in the Back of my Car

10) The Hairbrush Song - Larry the Cucumber (Veggie Tales)

Get them all right and I will tell you that you did a great job.

Hint for you... They are all on my iPod.

Mwah ha ha ha!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am a HUGE fan of Stargate SG-1 and forgot how funny and great this episode was.

The episode is called "Urgo" and it guest stars Dom Deluise as an alien conscience that was implanted into the SG-1 team. More specifically, it is episode 16 of season number 3.

Another great show that I watched tonight was,,, LOST.

We learned a few things; like what Sawyer asked Kate to do before he jumped out from the helicopter. We also learned about what happened to Aaron. I swear that I even glimpsed an older version of Claire, but no one else that I was chatting with, on Plurk, saw it. So maybe it was just my imagination. Then there was Benjamin Linus, young and innocent and shot in the gut by Sayid, well now we know why he is, well, the way he is.

Next week looks to be another real doozy of a show, so we know where I'll be, right?

On that other real popular show, American Idol, my daughter Maggie's favorite singer - Megan - was sent packing. At least Megan, gets to go home to her baby son, which is way more important anyway.

That's it for now,,, C Ya!