Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Pictures - Life at Home

Hot off the presses!!

Or should I say, 'Hot off the Scan Disc?'

Here's LHS! Playing games on his iPod Touch. We are both so excited that we have every feature that the more expensive iPhone has - except the phone and camera, of course. Alas, we have a decent cell phone plan already, so why spend $600 for a phone that will end up costing us thousands a year, due to all the data time that we would be using. So now we can use our iPod Touches to surf the web and check our email. As long as there is an open Wi-Fi and believe me, there are plenty of them out there; you have your Starbuck's, Panera Bread, various bookstores, and of course, homes without secure networks. Gotta secure them networks folks!

Next we have #6 and Magpie munching on some popcorn. They LOVE their popcorn, then again who doesn't? Okay some people don't, something about getting kernels in their teeth, or the fact that popcorn tends to "pass" through the digestive track a little smoother than other foods.

Next we have SAPLG - yep, when this picture was taken that was how she was. Isn't she precious? Five minutes later, she turned into her alter-personality SPLG. Gotta love bedtime! Actually it's that surreal time twenty to thirty minutes BEFORE the actual bedtime, which also inevitably goes, at least thirty minutes PAST said bedtime.

Here is Benjy trying to, simultaneously, hide from the camera and hide the popcorn from #6. By the way, I really need to come up with a better nickname for the boy. Something that will match his good-natured, with a touch of meanness that only a two year old could have.

Next up we have my beloved wife, and Cuddlebug practicing their knitting. SAPLG tries, but SPLG shows up instead. One of these days she'll realize that practice is okay, and that mistakes will happen. Anyway, these two have been patiently working on three or four rows, then pulling them apart, only to redo it all over again. Like I said, practice is okay, and it will take lots of practice to master this art form/craft.

Next up we have the mysterious Benjy. Once again, he has escaped the camera's eye. He was getting the Wii set up for fun and frivolity, or whatever. We love the Wii, and we all play the Wii. There are some fun games, that are able to keep everyone involved. Okay, that was pretty much a crap sentence, so if you didn't like it, just know that neither did I.

The next two pictures will truly demonstrate why I am actually blogging at this point in time... No further words are required. :-)

Yes, it is MY turn to clean the kitchen. Thankfully, SAPLG showed up to help me - by actually cleaning it up! I am sooo bad, and lazy. My excuse is that I am practicing my craft. And when I sell my first million copies, of whatever it is I finish, I will be able to pay someone to keep the house clean. By the way, the patience that I said my wife has plenty of.... Yep.

Gotta Go!