Hi, it's me!

You know, Roger.

The one that always quietly stands alone in the corner.

What you haven't noticed me? Why I am shocked.

Let me give you the rundown, okay?

I'm a forty-plus year old dude that loves to write and figured that this blogging thing was worth a shot, and I have actually been at it since September of 2007. (Wow!) However, like my life, I kind of just stick to the shadows, because that's what us shy people do.

Jenni, she's my lovely bride, a saint of a woman that has put up being married to me since June of 1992, yet we have known each other since the summer of 1987. I always knew I would marry Jenni, it just took me five years to convince her.

Andy, is my oldest and a recent member of the twenty-somethings. He goes to college at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. He's a huge Chicago Bear, Blackhawks and Cubs fan. I have no idea why.

Benjy is next and recently joined the ranks of licensed drivers. He plays soccer and is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles - I really have no idea why that is, since we have never lived in Pennsylvania, let alone Philadelphia.

Jessie is my oldest daughter and she recently joined the ranks of teenage life. Prayers are always appreciated. She has recently found out that she enjoys playing the sports of volleyball and basketball. She cares not for football, I believe, other than to antagonize her brothers - I kind of get that.

Katie is my middle daughter and middle child, she doesn't seem to mind that one bit. She also has recently found a love in playing volleyball and will soon be starting her basketball journey, should be fun. I believe that she is a Bears fan, but may not admit to it.

Maggie is my baby girl and I probably don't need to say anymore about that. Let's just say that she knows how to get her Daddy to respond to things a little differently than the rest of the kids. Princess might be too strong of a word, but not by much.

Danny is son number three. He is a gamer, loves the Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks, and I'm sure he would like the Bulls and White Sox if given the chance. He has a photographic memory, may be slightly OCD and is way smarter than I am. Did I mention that he is four?

Timmy is the baby and will be turning two in July (2011). Wow! He is a great joy to be around and his personality is going to fit right in with the rest of us. He is a Broncos fan, but doesn't really know it yet.

We are all great lovers and fans of all things Disney, and try to make it a point to visit Walt Disney World at least once every couple of years. I have more I can add here but it would just take away from the rest of the blog. 

Feel free to join in any and all conversations, I don't bite - much.