Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things I've Learned...

Never, EVER, EVER expect a plumber to get a job done when he is working for nothing. No matter how much he promises to get the (expletive deleted) done!


Benjy is a really good soccer player, and we have a very good soccer team. We won again today, this time it was a 7-0 shutout. I'll probably get yelled at again, like last time when the boys won 9-1, but I swear I had Benjy and all my offensive-minded players back on defense, much to their displeasure. We finished the fall season at 6wins and 3 losses. Unfortunately the three losses were all to the same team, I'm sure we'll get them in the spring!

I know of one Holly from Texas that isn't liking the Texas-Texas Tech game, and one son of mine, Benjy, that is enjoying it. Well, he would be if he wasn't at the church's haunted house, and the girls (plus Danny) were watching Tinker Bell. :) (22-6 at halftime)

Buying cheap shoes from Wal-Mart does not always equal a good deal.

Not having anything to write about does not bode well for NaBloPoMo, not having time to write does not bode well for NaNoWriMo.

Anybody else try those Double Cheesy Beef Burritos from Taco Bell? I am just too addicted to them. Someone please tell me that they make them out of cat, or something, because for $.89 I don't think I could go too wrong, except when I eat ten at a time, maybe.

I love my children they are so bossy and never listen... oops, probably preaching to the choir there, eh?

Enough for now... Danny's crying and Maggie is calling him a loser, and Katie's coming to save the day. Ten minutes ago it was Katie pushing Maggie, and Danny coming to her rescue, oh and to keep this up ad nauseum, Danny pushed Maggie down twenty minutes ago, and Katie came to her rescue. And the thirty....

Have a great evening, I know I will.