Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What was I thinking? I mean wait for me to put logic and reason into an election.


All I needed to do was follow the crowd and watch the guy who has an expiration date on EVERYTHING he says, and go with him.

Why should I want someone that has actually done SOMETHING with his life, besides run for political office. I mean if the masses say he's the man, then he is the man, right?

Why should I have been worried when terrorists and dictators and all the rest of the "civilized" world wanted you to lead my country - I mean the masses of 'sheeple' said it will be all right.

Okay, guess what?

You got it.

All the power is yours for the next four years.

Prove me wrong!

I'm tired of being right all the time. :-)

P.S. - "Happy" Roger should be back tomorrow - I need to get some sleep. (if I can)