Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Birthday, A Fight, A Wall, and Cake (Oh My!)

First off, best birthday wishes to my most favorite six-year old in the whole wide world.... (yes, she kicked her four-year old friend out of her stroller, but she was tired after all*)

Happy Birthday Maggie (Aka Margaret Elise Miller), you have finally made it to six, what are you going to do now?

"Go to Disney World, of course!"

Yes we are dear child. Yes we are. Just check up there for when. (in case you don't know)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I did not forget Benjy and Jessie's birthdays... I was sort of grounded, remember. :) No excuse, I know, but this will have to do...

Happy 14Th Birthday Benjy (he's the Cubs fan on the right), what are you going to do now?

"Go to Disney World, of course!"

Happy 11Th Birthday Jessie, and what will YOU do now?

"Start a fight with my siblings?**"

Try again.

"Go to Disney World, of course!"



Yes, I know that you may feel that I am always calm, cool and completely under control. This is true, it's the rest of the world that is out of whack!

Not buying it, are you?

Okay, as some of you may recall, I have some MAJOR reconstruction going on in my house - we are breaking the boys up into two rooms, and making their bathroom a little bit LOT better. I even had a plumber lined up that was ready and willing...

FOUR (expletive deleted) WEEKS LATER! I am never happy to see this guy. He is always smirking, like he knows that he has something over us - which, duh, he does - I'm not a plumber, after all.

Anyway, I get home from Church and who is on my door step talking to Jenni? You got it, smirky the plumber, acting like all is well and that I don't hate his guts at this moment (okay hate is a really strong word, but sometimes it does actually fit). Unfortunately for me, and Jenni, this boiled over to me acting like an (expletive deleted).

I really hate when I am like that, and take medicine to counter the chemical imbalance in my head that makes me not think straight. I am not a pretty picture most of the time - this is really really ugly!

I am sorry Jenni.


On the plus side, whenever I act like a king-sized jerk, I tend to dig in to what I am working on, hence the wall. Actually, with the great help of my father in law, the rooms are all wired! (yea!!) So I was able to finish putting together a wall, along with taping and mudding it. Plus, as a bonus, we brainstormed an easy and cool design for the doors to Andy's closet.

Oh yeah, I also finished the drywall in the bathroom, which was another in a long, long line of excuses as to why he hasn't finished yet. UGH!!



We got our cake, and yes, we did eat it too!

Have a great day!

* Maggie wants me to tell you that I am a Meaner! because she did NOT kick her friend out of the stroller.

** Jessie says that she wasn't the only one starting fights with her siblings, just so you know.