Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures in Student Driving

A while back, say two or three years ago, I sort of made a promise.

A promise that I have been reminded about every so often, over those past two or three years.

A promise that may or may not end up in having a "day in infamy" like result.

I promised my God daughter Jordan, that I would take her out driving, once she got her permit.

Last night, that promise came to fruition.

Now, it should be noted that I have already successfully taught one child to drive, and considering the fact that he is still alive and ticket-less after nearly two years of driving, I would say that I did fairly well.

*** Another side note... Holy smokes! I have a child that has been driving for nearly two years already?! More about this child later. ***

Anyway, last night around eight, Jordan shows up.

That would be eight post meridian.

That would be eight, on a Thursday evening when Grey's Anatomy (okay, I really don't watch this show that much, especially with Izzie having lurid thoughts about some dead guy from when the show was actually pretty good.) is on. But first, I had to go and get Mickey D's for the kids... yes we eat that late, sometimes.

That would be eight, when it's dark outside, on a school night and any other excuse I should have thought of at the time.

Fine, whatever, we'll go for a drive.

It actually went very smoothly. She stayed within her lane, without hugging the curb (something Andy was really bad at), I even commented on how smoothly it seemed to be going and how I didn't feel nervous at all. We eventually made it to a warehouse with wide lanes and limited obstacles - a warehouse where I successfully taught Andy how to come to a complete stop, back up and park in between the line.

Jordy needs to learn how to make a more complete stop, not continue rolling while in reverse, and the importance of parking in between two lines. Now, to her credit, she had only driven four times previously. So after unsuccessfully teaching Jordan the fine art of parking, I asked her to drive us to Wal-Mart. I know, it's kind of crazy sending a kid that can't park, to a busy parking lot, but I needed some body soap. And we were out that way anyway.

Imagine this: "Jordan turn right" (left blinker goes on)... "Okay, the roadway is clear, so pull onto the road and slowly accelerate to the speed limit." (turns left, in the wrong lane, with a car coming from the opposite lane (SO NOT GOOD!!)) "Jordan, pull into this driveway, now."(Semi-truck coming up driveway, using both lanes), "Uh, Jordy..." (moving to the right, over the curb, and driving down the driveway with the passenger wheels riding higher that the driver side wheels). (REALLY< REALLY NOT GOOD!!)

Oh and Jordan couldn't stop laughing - apparently my face looked funny, I guess. (No Comment)

I finally get Jordan sorted out and on the proper track to Wal-Mart, and are coming up to a four-way stop, one with a left turn lane and a lane that can turn right or continue straight. I tell Jordan to go into the left turn lane and stop. Stop. STOP!!

"What I thought that I didn't have to stop."

She was serious.

We get to Wal-Mart and I get this question. "So, do you think I would pass my driver's test?"

She was still serious.

The rest of the ride home was relatively uneventful. Sorry.

I think that I will wait a few more months before I try that again.

I am serious.