Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, Monday

Oh what a Fun Day!

No really, it was a lot of fun, getting back together with friends from work and kidding each other about our football teams, and ... WAIT JUST ONE DARN MINUTE! The Broncos lost.

All is lost.

They are 4-4, granted they are still in first place of the AFC Worst, but come on! At least my fantasy teams are winning, for now. :)

Oh yeah, the Boss Man is back for a two day visit. He's been gone for most of the month of October, so it's been nice really tough without him. In fact, we only beat our monthly goal by $117K. Now since we are making so much money for the company you would think that we would be due a nice little bump in salary, during this increase in salary season. Let's see here, last year we got $26,000 in raises for 26 people. This year we are getting $25,000 for 27. Oh yeah, and we only made 10% above what we needed to.

Anyone looking for a slightly disgruntled lab supervisor?

Hey the walls are all up!! Yea! Now the fun mudding, sanding, painting, etc starts.

Can I get a whoop whoop?!?

Well here's some contrasting election news (not really an election post kind of thing, more of a trivial pursuit dealy), every election that the NY Jets have won 5 or more games before election day - the republican has won the White House... the Jets are 5-3. On the other hand 5 of the past 6 times that the Washington Redskins have won their last home game before an election, the incumbent party wins the election... Pittsburgh is leading 23-6. So one of those things are going to be wrong, it looks like.

Let's see here.... what else? Oh yeah, George Lopez is one funny show, sometimes.