Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Prayer For the Times (Unfortunately)

News came out yesterday that unemployment has hit a 25 year high. That being said, I really do not envy President-Elect Obama's job coming up. I do have faith in America being able to weather this storm, but it doesn't look like it's going to be a light drizzle. I saw this at The Deacon's Bench and felt that it is appropriate for today.

O Saint Joseph,
we pray to you for those who are out of work,
for those who want to earn their living or support their families.

You who are the patron of workers,
grant that unemployment may vanish from our ranks;
that all those who are ready to work may put their strength and abilities in serving their fellowmen and earn a just salary.

You are the patron of families,
do not let those who have children to support and raise lack the necessary means.

Have pity on our brothers and sisters held down in unemployment and poverty because of sickness or social disorders.

Help our political leaders and captains of industry find new and just solutions.

May each and every one have the joy of contributing,
according to his abilities,
to the common prosperity by an honorable livelihood.

Grant that we may all share together in the abundant goods God has given us and that we may help underprivileged countries.

God Bless.