Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Panic in Bugland!!

Now why, dear friends, would your lovable Bug be panicking you ask? Could it be that he doesn't have a new and really awesome list for you tonight? Naw, I never know until I sit down, and the mood takes me over....

Maybe it's because six of the seven most important people in his life are in Iowa? Could be, but a hotel room with this cough would be tough on everyone, and the Bug would be sleeping out in the car. I do miss them though, at least Andy and the movie "Across The Universe" will keep him company.

Ooh, one of my favorite scenes is on right now... Jim Sturgess singing 'I've Just Seen A Face' in a bowling alley - good times! Oh, and I am being serious. The only part(s) of this movie I don't like are the circus bit, and weird mermaid bit that follows Bono's version of 'I Am the Walrus.' Again. I am totally serious.

Back to my panic. You see, I have several computers in my household, some more useful than others. However, I have one, that used to be my main home computer, until... well I have six kids, five of which are pretty good at using these blasted things, and, well you get the picture. So, Jenni and I bought ourselves our own computer, deemed to be "kid-free." Apparently the kids found some sort of loophole in the ruling, or went to the 9Th Circuit Court of Appeals (the bane of normal thinking Americans, in my most humble opinion), and have slowly taken over this computer. I don't even want to talk about "my" laptop.

ANYWAY - my what tangents I can start to weave, (ugh!) sorry. Me and my muse.

Like I was saying, the computer downstairs was the main computer, then one day it decided that it didn't want to be a part of the family and *poof!* bye-bye music, photos, tax returns, etc. We took it to a friend of ours, who likes tinkering with these beasts and... well it runs. Unfortunately, for us, it seems to be tied directly to our connectivity issues here.

See where the panic started, yet?

When the computer downstairs is off, the Internet runs smooth and wonderful. I would say that it is Comcastic - but we don't use them for that. :) That's a personal commentary for some other time.

Cubbie likes to make movies, either homemade ones or edited versions of others. For instance, a friend of his doesn't really care for the whole circus/mermaid thing either. So she asked him to edit it out. All well and good, except that he needs to use the ... you guessed it ... downstairs computer. So, here it is coming on 10:30PM locally, and I have yet to make a blog entry. Bad news for a Blog365 guy like myself. I need a list as well, so I called Jenni to do it for me... no Internet at the hotel (what kind of torture palace did I send her and the kids to?)

I was seriously contemplating going to work to blog - Folks, what is wrong with THAT picture.

Oh well, Cubbie being the good sport that he is, and the fact that I was possibly going to tear up here, said that he could kill the computer downstairs and allow me to blog.

Aren't my kids the BEST!!