Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A List For The Fifth

I really have no idea what this list is going to be about... Call it poor planning on my part (I did have the better part of three weeks - I think - to get ready for this crazy month) but I just ran out of time.


Here goes...

PET PEEVES (in no particular order, because they all equally tick me off)

1. Tardiness - Both on my part, I hate being late. I also HATE it when I have to wait for someone to show up. After all, I took the time to make it there on time, why couldn't you? Now, if you are running late and you know that you are running late, call me! One of the funniest and most irritating things is with the 'Little Flowers' groups that are supposed to start at 7PM, but people don't even START arriving until 7:20, I am not exaggerating.

2. Smacking food - By this I mean sitting there smacking your food and/or gum. In other words, I like to enjoy my meals with some good conversation (no food spilling out of your chops) and quiet chewing. My wife and kids know that this drives me crazy, so when they want to get me going they will smack their lips and become very noisy. Urgh!

3. Gulping Water - Like the eating of food, water and or whatever it is you are drinking, should be quiet. Now how insane am I with this? I even hate it when I can hear myself gulp. No kidding. Send me a Doctor, now.

4. Ignorant People - By this I mean, people that don't know the basics. You would be amazed at how many people are just plain ignorant to basic knowledge points. I mean we all graduated high school, in theory, at the work place. You should have a better knowledge of the world than my seventh grader.

5. Spelling - Oh this one drives me nuts. First off, every computer has some sort of spell check going for it. Use it, it doesn't take long to push a button, right? (Yes, I know that I misspell words, but I try not to, on formal documents like letters or memo's or email's - blogs are okay, for the most part. :) )

6. Incorrect word usage - The word 'like' is an irritating word, when it is used incorrectly. ( you know, like, for sure. He, like really said that I, like, totally, like, rocked his world. Like, you know what I mean?) Irregardless is another. It isn't even a word. Quit using it like it is one. Know your to, too, and two's an why they are different, etc. I am going to post one of these emails I get once a month, that is full of errors like this and worse. The sad part is she either doesn't care, or thinks I am just a Grammar/Spelling Nazi. Sad.

7. Getting interrupted by anyone - This one pertains to a select few people in my life that seem to enjoy flustering me, by asking the dumbest questions at the most inopportune times. Benjy. Okay, that wasn't fair but it applies, especially at this point in time.

8. Someone reading over my shoulder - Yep, B-Man, this one is ALL you! The funny thing is, I know that you know I do not like it, yet you continue to do it. Funny thing is, you probably won't even read this. Is that irony? I'm not sure. :)

9. Misspelling my name - Okay folks out there... It is Roger, not Rodger.

10. Religious ignorance - I get grief about being a Catholic and not a Christian. Excuse me? What Church has been celebrating Jesus' love for the past 2000 years? Oh yeah, that's right, the Catholic Church. Just because I don't follow your local pastor's rules, does not make me less of a Christian than you. Last I checked, all Christian denominations came from Catholicism, some more heretical than others.

11. Invasion of Personal Space - There are a limited few people in the world that I allow in there, and all of them are related to me in some way. Two feet is plenty close enough, I can hear you just fine from there. Heck I think I can hear you better from three feet or more, even. :)

Okay, enough of the Pet Peeves, too negative. I love everyone and wish everyone nothing but the best. As long as you are like three feet away, like okay. :)

Good Night and God Bless!