Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Preview, Of Sorts

I have a complicated life.

Okay, maybe not.

I do have a life that needs some guidance and an occasional push in the right direction, whatever that may be. So, in order to prepare for next month's topic of 'letters' I thought that I would make a list of letters that I will be writing.

Or something like that.


1. To the love of my life, Jenni.
2. To my sons.
3. To my daughters.
4. To the Sci-Fi Channel for putting freaking wresting on!
5. To the editor of a paper that has bashed my Catholicism on a regular basis.
6. To Deborah Gibson. Okay, not really, just trying to be funny.
7. To the graduating class of 1985, what the hell happened?
8. To Britney Spears, what the hell happened?
9. To Santa Claus, it's never too early, right?
10. To Walt Disney.
11. To Stephen King.
12. To Terry Brooks.
13. To Clive Cussler.
14. To NBC, why did you cancel Journey Man?
15. To Fox, why did you cancel Firefly? Okay, maybe I will leave this dead horse alone.
16. To the Presidential nominees, be careful what you ask for.
17. To that brat down the street that thinks she can pick on MY kid.
18. To the loser that keeps asking for a handout, while going to a spa to get her hair done.
19. To the makers of 'Rock Band' (EA, I think)what's up with the broken stuff?
20. To my Mom.
21. To my Dad.
22. To my Brothers.
23. To myself.
24. To Coca-Cola for inventing/creating a wonderful addictive drink known as Diet Coke.
25. To God.

Just a few ideas, not all of them will be used, but most may. Until then have a great evening.