Sunday, March 9, 2008

Benjy Gave Me This Idea (so if you don't like it, blame him)

My darling wife Jenni noted a few minutes ago that I hadn't blogged yet. I had to tell her that blogging isn't everything after all. Or maybe I just forgot, or... I would tell you the rest but it would ruin my newest list. This idea came from Benjy, and that is why I am giving him full credit. :)


1. I have been pretty busy, between Church and work (yeah, I know) and the kids and Church and the kids. I haven't really had too much time to blog. I mean even at this late hour, Monster is still calling me to play with him. (DST and a two-year old do not mix)

2. I forgot to write something until my darling wife pointed out the fact that I hadn't blogged yet. Hey, it happens. Too bad I didn't go with my mulligan idea for my day of rest, then I could have used it for today.

3. I am very tired. This is understandable considering the weekend I had. Confirmation Retreat, First Holy Communion Reconciliation (ED: I oops here, I imagine it had to do with fatigue) (Cuddlebug's, not mine - although I am flattered that you thought I was so young), Laser Tag, 6:30 Mass (On the day of DST, what was I thinking?), work, Guitar Hero 3 (had to unwind, right?), NASCAR (same reason) and a Murder Mystery. All of which will need to be touched upon on these pages here. Maybe.

4. I'm actually doing it, so get off my back. :)

Have a great evening and God Bless!