Thursday, March 20, 2008

And I Thought Making a List Was Hard

Well let me tell you what the gang at have in store for the month of April.


You got it. Love Letters. Hate letters. Dear John Letters. Photographs of Letters. Etc.

So in honor of that, my list du jour.


1. R - What other letter would you expect, I mean my name has three of them.

2. L - So versatile, and another biggie when it comes to my name, with four!

3. J - So many fun words start with this letter, as do the names of a couple of my favorite people. :)

4. K - I just love the sound that this letter makes, it definitely puts an exclamation point on words when it is involved.

5. M - Another favorite for more than just personal reasons, it looks so Majestic.

6. W - Such an action letter, walking, writing, whining, etc...

7. A - Needed a vowel, sooner or later and why not this popular letter.

8. B - Big Bad Baby Bees Beg Beavers Biting Bark Beat Bugs - see how much fun you can have with that letter, I mean come on people!

9. D - Because I am a Daddy and it has three Dee's in it. Also you can't have determination with a 'D,' nor Desire or Diet... oh yeah, and DISNEY!!

10. E - 'A' was feeling lonely, besides there is no "team" without an 'E.'