Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Plethora of Lists (well, at least three)

Okay, here we go... I have no idea what my list will be tonight, so I am currently getting ideas from the family; Favorite comfort foods, best baseball team that has not won a World Series in exactly 100 years, things I like about the Spring, things I don't like about the Spring, favorite Cubs players, favorite toys of a two year old, reasons Jenni has the flu...

Now, do you see any good ideas there? I see a couple, but which one should I pick.

TOP CUBS PLAYERS, OF ALL TIME (at least that I know about)

1. Ernie Banks
2. Bernie Williams
3. Greg Maddux
4. Ryne Sandberg
5. Mark Grace
6. Ron Santo
7. Andre Dawson
8. Hank Greenburg (I'm pretty sure that he was a Cub)

That's it. See why it wouldn't be a good list? I don't know a whole lot about the Cubs... Sorry Cubbie.


1. The Sun.
2. The smell of fresh grass
3. The sounds of birds chirping and singing
4. Baseball
5. College Basketball - especially the NCAA tournament (March Madness Baby!)
6. Playoff Hockey
7. Blue skies
8. Rainy days
9. Pretty flowers. :)
10. Pina Coladas (just trying to think of that song... being silly, nothing abnormal there.)


1. Pasta
2. Wonder Bread - white
3. Soup, pretty much any kind, but chicken works the best.
4. Pretzels - the sticks.
5. Chocolate
6. Diet Coke, okay I know it isn't technically a food, but it does bring me comfort. :)

I hope that this works, because that is all I have. Although I have a new post (I think) coming next, we'll see.

Bye-bye for now.