Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ya Hey Dere! Them Be Chickadees!!

The girls were in Minnesota this past weekend, at the International owl Festival. They had a good time and learned a lot about all different kinds of owls. As a bonus, they were able to spend some time with their Great Aunt and Uncle. This is the same Uncle of all the bird photography. Anyway, the girls had seen a picture of Alan with a Chickadee feeding from his hand, and wanted to give it a try. So, they bundled up (it is cold in Minnesota, dontcha know?), and grabbed some peanuts (who knew Chickadees liked peanuts, anyway?) and waited. And waited. And waited.

FTB says that she waited the longest, about ten minutes... Doesn't she look happy. :) I actually thought she looked to be frozen in place, but as you can see, success!! A chickadee has landed.

Next up it was Cuddlebug's turn, I guess she didn't have to wait too long. Apparently FTB woke the chickadees up and let it be known in chickadee world that there were peanuts to be had.

Baby Girl really didn't want to try, but then she did and said that it felt weird. I think little Mr/Mrs chickadee could feel her trepidation and took off, to Baby girl's surprise! Alan captured the moment very well, and now the blogosphere knows all about it. :)

While Baby Girl was "playing" with the chickadees, this deer was checking her out, trying to figure out if she was a friend or foe. Plus, I think that the deer is normally used to having no one around, so was a bit curious. Once Baby Girl let out her little yelp of surprise, I believe that the deer bolted for the security of the surrounding woods.

Like I said, the girls had a good time and I want to thank Alan and Jo for being great hosts. Who knows. (pun slightly intended) Maybe we'll all be back next year.