Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

This game has to go down as one of the great ones.

I watched it, and I enjoyed it and I cannot recite what happened other than one freaking awesome football game. Especially the last three minutes of the game, we had a safety, a sixty-plus yard touchdown, and a drive by the Steelers (particularly by Roethlisberger and Holmes) that ended with one of the sweetest looking catches ever! Holmes again.

Now I am distracted by the insanity known as The Office.

Maybe I have ADD, or ADHD, or maybe even IRDLTO (you figure it out, and comment on it).

Speaking of comments, why don't you all do that? Am I just writing stuff unworthy of commentary, or are you like my sister in-law who says that she can't figure out how to make a comment. Likely story.

Maybe it's because I published stories about fluffy bunnies. If I promise no more fluffy bunny stories, will you comment? Am I laying on the pathetic-ness of myself too much right now? Will you actually read these words as they are, or will I delete them before I press the publish button? You tell me, please.

Okay, on to real life. We have donated about eight large bags of clothing, three large boxes of books are about to go, once I haul them out to the car. Then there is twice that much in garbage. We are maybe a quarter of the way through. How the heck did we fit all this stuff in here. I actually spelled it hear, can you believe that? Me the writer of sub-par fluffy bunny stories? Don't tell my publisher, I mean they might drop me, or something.

See the talent? I sequed right into fiction there.

Okay, I'm thinking that sleep deprivation might be the problem, so maybe I should just go to bed. Or at least back to Twitter. :)


"Stanley tried to die, just to get away from you" - Andy from The Office (the one and only quote I think I will ever use from this show)