Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heading Into The Closet

Remember the boy's rooms from last year? The ones that still need a better floor, and their closets fixed, and some more paint and doors to be put in? You know the ones I will not forget.

Yeah those.

Well, I have started working on them again. Yay!

First step, putting in the closet system. Check. We went with the Rubbermaid system and it looks pretty good, if I say so myself.

Next step, doors. At least for Andy's although, to be honest I really don't see the need for them, but my vote doesn't count. In fact, my FIL just commented on my Facebook status about said doors - because they are in his garage. I will be picking them up, post haste. Or at least after church, sometime tomorrow. I think.

Jenni says definitely. Which is pretty impressive since she is asleep at the moment. Must be that secret language that all husbands and wives share. Fellow husbands, you know of the one I speak.

We finally found Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii today, so Benjy and I just "jammed" on it for the past hour and a half. Fun stuff, but I think I need to move up past easy, because easy is just too boring, and uh, easy.

Andy's doing a solo tour on the drums right now as I type. I must say that the drums are WAY nicer that the Rock Band drums, by far. Oh, and an FYI for my fellow Guitar Hero/Rockband fans out there. The Wii version of Rock Band is NOT compatible with Guitar Hero guitars, we found that out earlier today when I picked up the drums and the game of Rock Band for the Wii, figuring I wouldn't need the guitars because I already have two guitars for Guitar Hero as is, so why not. Wrong oh, captain. Luckily Sam's Club took the drums and game back AND gave me back my money, which we didn't think we were going to get. Whew!

Well, hat's it for now. Church is in the morning and I need my beauty sleep.

Good night and God Bless!