Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's The New Me!

So, what do you think?

I have a new look and I have one Napwarden to thank for the wonderful work. She's very reasonable and put up with all my whining and crying even. Not to mention the hundred and forty=nine questions I asked throughout the process. So, if you are thinking of a new look, I would highly recommend Cyn, because she ROCKS!

Had a young man over today courting my baby girl with cinnamon rolls, no less. Too cute. Except maybe for the kissing part. Little Mr. K was telling his mother that he was torn because if he became a priest, then he couldn't marry Maggie. When Maggie heard this, she said that she wants K becomes a priest. Apparently, he's gross. That's my girl! :)

Hold that thought... Jenni just told me that Maggie might have kissed K. Hmmm, maybe not so gross after all.

Phase, whatever, of my home improvement has begun officially. A few weeks back we were in prep mode and threw out a LOT of stuff. So the utility/laundry room was looking good. Well, now that we are on the next phase, the room is full again. Only this time it is filled with as much stuff that we can move into it from the family room. Jenni and I then went out and picked up some flooring underlayment and the flooring itself. Apparently doing a good job on the kitchen floor means I should be able to do a good job in the basement as well. I knew there was a catch.

Anyway, we picked up the underlayment and the price said $24.97, for both the thicker stuff and the basic stuff. We thought it was odd, but figured that maybe they were trying to move some product. We were just going to get enough for one section, but figured that we might as well do the whole floor in one shot. We also picked up about half of the flooring for the room - only had so much money, you know. We go to check out and the underlayment rings up as $45.97, wait a minute, it said $24.97, so I went back and checked where we got it from and showed the guy on the floor. It turns out that the stuff we picked up was in the wrong spot, but because of their error, we got it for the cheaper price.

We're talking over $160 savings there folks. Someone wants us to get this floor done, I think.

I'm going to have to remember to get a picture of what was under the carpet, when we pulled it up. At least it matches the walls. I wonder how it would look in a black light? Hmmm.

Our local St. Vincent DePaul Society had a fundraiser tonight - A Caribbean Night, and Jenni and I went and had a great time. Plus all of the money made from this event went directly into the coffers of the society, which does a lot of work and helps out those in need in the area. Kudos to the team that set up the night and to everyone that volunteered to work it and to those that donated the really cool raffle baskets.

We won two; one was a coffee basket that my FIL really wanted, and the other was a family membership to the Morton Arboretum, that we really wanted. My MIL told me not to mention winning the coffee basket, I think that was so she could excitedly tell him, "Look what Roger won!" Funny thing is, I don't drink coffee, don't even like it. Give me a Diet Coke or some tea any day and I'll be happy. The basket contained five pounds of some coffee -which is brewed by a parishioner, and from what I have heard; is very good. We gave my FIL three pounds of it. He deserves it, for putting up with me.

The Arboretum membership came at just the right time, because our current membership had just expired and we needed to renew it. Perfect timing there.

Today was a good day. New blog design, new floor (on the way) and we helped out some of those that have been less fortunate than us. I shall now head to bed with a big smile on my face. Let me know what you think of the new digs, and have a great evening/day (whatever time it is when you 're reading this).

Good night and God Bless,