Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Does Five Minutes Really Matter?

Let's see,

I just missed the first five minutes of LOST. So that would be a Yes. It really does matter.

What else?

Pouring milk into a large bowl of Frosted Flakes right before your two-year old has to use the bathroom, and while there wants to discuss what Thomas the Tank Engine did on the island of Sodor, over and over again. Another Yes.

How about...

Having five minutes worth of gas left, with ten minutes until the next gas station. Okay, that one may be a stretch, especially since you can't really know how much time you have left in your gas tank, that is just plain silly.

Speaking of silly, the bunnies on the header are a sign of sure silliness. Plus, I occasionally will submit a 'fluffy bunny' story here for your approval. They are also kind of cute too.

Did I mention that I missed the first five minutes of LOST?