Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Really Should Have Taken a Picture

I didn't know what I was doing though.


All I know is that I went downstairs to wake the sleeping teens at 11:30. Shocking, I know. I was trying to get young master Andy up so that he could deliver his application for another scholarship. I realized that it was probably a futile effort (waking him up, not the scholarship), so I left with the application in hand and three bags of clothing for Goodwill. I also told the boys that they needed to get up and start cleaning/picking up the basement, because I need to get started on the great basement do-over, as I have named it. Of course, I should just name it the get-that-ugly-carpet-off-the-floor-and-build-your-daughter's-room-already project, but it was a bit wordy - even for me.

While out taking care of Andy's application and the Goodwill drop off, I decided to go and get the oil changed in my minivan, since I was about five hundred miles overdue. No, I do not change my own oil, see previous posts about my inability to handle such mechanical functions. No links, because if you really cared to laugh at me, you will have to search them out yourself. Hey it's only about six hundred posts. I digress.

The oil change went quick, so I called home to see if the kids started lunch, or if the wanted me to pick something up. Jessie said that she already was making some Mac-n-Cheese, so I figured that I just saved a bit of coin, because my oldest daughter has some initiative. I also asked her if the boys were up.


Two minutes later, my phone rings and it is Maggie telling me that she doesn't want the Mac-n-Cheese, and wants chicken instead. Are you serious? Fine. Then, lo and behold, Andy is on the phone requesting food. How do they always know? FINE! I ask if he has started cleaning up. Not yet. When will you be starting? Soon.


I get the McDonald's - I wanted a Diet Coke anyway, and get home to find. Benjy, still asleep and Andy taking a shower. Oh and the basement was immaculate, with everything in it's proper place. NOT! I think you might have known that already.

Daddy was not a happy man. No, not one bit.

What I did next, after waking the neighbors with my baritone, shocked even myself. I cleaned. I organized. I made it so that I have room to relocate some stuff while working on the great basement re-do. It actually felt pretty good even, kind of refreshing, even had a sort of calming affect on me.

Don't tell my wife.


When making a fire people like to join you, when cleaning the ashes you are often alone - African Proverb