Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Do I Say This Without Spoiling The Surprise

I'm gonna be a new daddy!!!!

What's that? You already knew that? Who told? No seriously, I wanna know.

Okay that's not the surprise, this is.

Jenni, being the bestest wife ever, let me watch LOST, live. Well, okay, technically it's been in the can for a while now, but I watched it the same time as everyone else. Pretty cool. Also, I tried to follow along with my friends on Plurk AND Twitter. Dude, that's hard to do, especially when you want to write on both social media dealies AND actually watch the show.

Want a recap? Me too. :) Gonna have to read Doc Jensen tomorrow to see what I missed, although it was pretty straight forward, I think. Except maybe the bouncing back and forth in time bit. Can you imagine what the "Master Plan" of this whole story looks like. I mean we have this arc going that away, and that arc going this away. Then there is the part where they intersect, and then where they aren't supposed to intersect. Oh yeah and then there were some French people, and the always young Richard Alpert.

Ha! If you saw it, I guess you would understand. If you do, let me in on it. :)

On a completely different note. Do you think it's too risky to try and get a new job? There's one that just popped up that might be interesting. Hmmm. Oh, and if PITA is looking here, I'm not who you think I am. :)

Great news fellow Chicagoans!! It's going to get ABOVE freezing this weekend. YAY! We're talking fifties, maybe.

Did anyone else chuckle about London being shut down (make that most of Great Britain) over a measly 10cm or four inches. Yep four inches shut down the city that outlasted the bombings from those evil bastard Nazi's. What has happened to this world? Sheesh.

My little whine session down there, has guilted my Sister In-Law to actually comment on my posts. Who knows, maybe she'll start her own blog and blow mine out of the water. I would probably hate her for it, but we'd still be good. Right Jen?

MIL and FIL are on Facebook! How cool is that? I should recommend that all the teens I'm "friends" with become their friends. Most of them know them already anyway. They are the cool grandparents, after all.

Yummy, Dean's Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream. Why can't there be an ice cream diet? That would be the most popular thing. Ever.

If you want to laugh, really laugh, head over to Holly's Animated Life on her blog. Too funny.

Okay, I've said enough. Did I mention that LOST was awesome again tonight? Too bad about Jack losing his arm though.