Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bowling and the Bees

Today was a great day.

A day in which I got to experience life with my children, specifically my daughters Jessie and Katie.

First off it was Wacky Bowling with Jessie. You know what wacky bowling is, right? It's where you bowl with a partner and do a lot of "wacky" things. First frame was normal, which was as close to normal as the morning went. Next it was with your opposite hand, then you had to hold your partners hand, there was also backwards, spinning approach, underhand, through your partners legs, and my personal favorite; through everyone on your lanes legs.

That would be through seven pairs of legs.

Throwing the ball isn't necessarily the thrilling part, no that would be standing there hoping that the ball goes straight and doesn't hit your legs.

Score was not an important factor in the morning. Good thing too, because we barely broke 50. As in half of a hundred, as in if I ever bowled that bad with the guys; well there are rules you know.

Kind of a code, if you will.

The afternoon was spent with Katie at a spelling bee. Her first.

She practiced her words and even could spell soliloquy without missing a beat. (For the record, I had to think long and hard and even look that up)

The time came for the Bee to begin, and me and Jessie, Maggie and Danny were all there watching and waiting for Katie's moment to come. She drew number 5, so we assumed that she would be fifth in line. Instead, she was shuffled all the way to the ninth and final spot.

Finally, her word came.


Piece of cake, and I had no doubts that she would move on to round two. I mean, it's six little letters. So when I heard Katie start out with "E" my heart was kicked, and I felt really really bad for her.

She's a trouper though and came back to sit by me, her head held up high, and only the hint of a tear in her eye. She had practiced and studied so much, and the way she tells it. Every word given to be spelled, were words that weren't in the study guide that she was given.

I'm still very proud of her for getting up and giving it a try at least.

Besides, we live near Chicago, so there is always next year.

So I want to thank Katie and Jessie for a wonderful day, and I look forward to tomorrow when we get to spend it together on our way to visit with the Bishop and the girls get another religious award for scouting.

I am truly a blessed man.