Friday, February 22, 2008

Marytown and a New Voice in the Blog World

My boys went to Marytown the other day, and it inspired LHS so much, that he actually blogged about it. You know what? He did a great job describeing his experience, and contrary to his brother's admonition, blogging isn't for losers. He's the next person I want to see adding words of wisdom on the Miller Time blog. :)

Maybe it will happen. Maybe.

Jenni has been contributing as well, which I think is awesome. She's the sane one in the family, and I am not kidding there. Plus she is funny and beautiful. God has blessed me with an angel on earth, let me tell you.

I went to the first night of the Here I Am Lord conference with the boys, a friend of Benjy's and my God daughter Jordan. We listened to a couple of talks, one from a Sister Michael Marie Houseman about Theology of the Body, which while being a little dry - and it seemed like she wasn't very comfortable, peaked my interest in the subject. So now what? We'll see what I do, I guess. The second speaker was Jason Evert, and it was a "sex talk." No, not for the adults but for the kids. He has a great message and a great delivery, I just hope and pray that the kids he talks to listen to him and his message about waiting for marriage before engaging in sexual activity. The boys are going throughout the rest of the weekend, and they have some great speakers coming up, so if you are in the area (St. Charles, Illinois) stop by.

That's it for now, work beckons.