Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who Wants to be a Genius, Anyway?

In an attempt to make my posts more palatable I figured that I would post now @7:18, as opposed to later @11:00.

Well, that was fun. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? :)

Just Kidding, sheesh!

Okay, see that little "blog grade level thingy?" Down there on the left side... see it? Okay. Well I thought, hey I've been writing some deep intellectual thoughts of late - not really. Anyway, I thought I would check and see if I graduated High School and moved up in the world. Guess what?

I regressed.

What the hell? Yep, I am now in Junior High School. That makes no sense at all. I know that we, as writers, are supposed to write at an eighth grade level, but to have it thrown in my face like that! Ouch!! (Note: I didn't update it, because my pride is in the way.... no really, pride. You'll see another reason why in a minute or so, just read on).

Okay. After dealing with that blow to my maturity level, or intellectual level. Really it's more of a lack of intellectual maturity, if I want to be honest, and I do. I think.

Being curious, I decided to put the family blog's URL in -- guess what I found out? My family is a bunch of GENIUSES. Yes, it rated as GENIUS. Amazing, but true. I am so proud, yet also well, you know...

No, I didn't post the results there either. No need for their heads to get any bigger than mine, after all. :)