Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Snippet and Where's the Moon?

I wasn't planning on working too late tonight, then the phone rang...

"You're workiing late tonight, right?" - says my lovely bride.

"Um, yeah, maybe a little bit, why?"

"Can you pick up Benjy?"


Benjy was at a play practice for a retreat this weekend. It's the "Here I am Lord" conference/retreat at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in St. Charles.

"At seven."

"Uh, okay."

Now I had some time to kill. Might as well get paid for it, I guess. I was on my way to pick up Benjy, when the phone rand again.

"Hey, Benjy has religious ed tonight also."


"We're PACT parents."


PACT parents are basically a parent that shows up during a religious ed class and helps out, if needed. PACT (Parents and Catechists Together {I think}) is a great program that, in theory, helps parents and their kids "learn" together. Believe me when I tell you this; the kids sometime sknow more than their parents.

So, I pick up Benjy and head to the class - after pickiing up the customary PACT parent snack, cookies and juice boxes. (yum!) We get there halfway through class, Randall Road is always busy and the Jewel was on the craowded side (excuses, excuses) and Benjy didn't get out of play practice until quarter after seven (already fifteen minutes late).

Class goes well, what we witnessed at least. :)

Leaving class, I happened to be looking at the Moon. Whoa! Way cool. I did not know there was supposed to be an eclipse tonight - I LOVE those things!

No, seriously, I do. I remember staying up all night at my grandparents house, sketching a lunar eclipse. Seriously. I might even still have the sketches somewhere, although I doubt they survived the last thirty-odd years.

Another cool thing about the eclipse was that it was blood-red. That's right. Manic's blood drive is over (this year) and the moon decided to honor her achievements. Isn't that cool.

I thought so.

Now go and check out the prize winners - I need to go to bed, I have adoration at 3am!