Monday, February 11, 2008

Guitar Hero 3 Must Die!!

Okay, maybe I am being a bit extreme here, but this stupid video game is turning my kids into evil and violent little brats!

Well, one at least.

No, not Monster (note: new nickname, in case you missed from previous episode).

I'm talking about Cuddlebug. Such venom, such anger, such another word that means the same thing. I hate when I do that! Anyway, the girls, CB and SAPLG came home from Irish Dance classes. I said that they could play the game for the next 30 minutes, then it was prayer time. (we're trying to pray a Rosary every night - we'll get it sometime) SAPLG was up first and played her tune. Now it was CB's turn.

CB: Okay SAPLG, it's my turn.
SAPLG: Just a minute, I need to finish.
CB: Dad! She won't let me play.
Me: SAPLG you need to finish up and let CB have her turn.
SAPLG: Okay, but I was just finishing up here.
Me: Okay. CB, when she finishes you will get your turn.

The next thing I hear is one of the worst shreaks I have ever heard, from both of them.

Me: That's it! Both of you get your jammies on and go to bed!
CB: But Dad!
Me: Now, young lady.
CB: But Dad!

SAPLG actually did what she was told and got her jammies on and went to bed. Meanwhile...

CB: No, Dad!
CB: But Dad!
CB: No!
CB: No!
Me: 1, 2, ...

Then CB did something that I am still kind of in shock over. She put the guitar (from the game) over her head and went to turn on the television, and the game.

Me: ALL THREE NAMES!!! Get your butt in bed, right now!

That did the trick. Of course she whimpered in bed for another thirty minutes, before falling asleep. I couldn't believe that she would do that. That she would even think about it. That makes four of my six fighting hard for their independence. I guess I'm getting old.

***Note: Benjy is looking over my shoulder and just said "All three names?" So, I figured if he didn't get it, maybe I should explain it. ALL THREE NAMES, is in place of her first, middle and last name - the dreaded whammy, when you knew that you had crossed the line. And since I am paranoid, I guess, I just did that instead of saying Louisa May Alcott! Got it? Good, I hope. Note ends here***

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES: Are in! We loaded up cars and everyone should be expecting to get their wallets out to pay for these diet breakers, maybe I'll share my experiences with the frozen world of Batavia later, let's put it this way, I'm still thawing out.

Good Night All!