Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guitar Heroes Ruin School Work for Hard-Working Man (Yeah Right)

Oh my!

I only posted a little blurb about changing the template and that was it. The Blog365 people are going to be mad at me. Excuse me for having a tough day....

Worked ten hours, or was it twelve? And this was actual work, not sit around with free moments galore work. I was getting frazzled. Even my lovely bride told me that I should leave and get away - oh and to pick up LHS from work (he's still grounded from driving). Do being the dutiful husband that I am, I came home.

Then I had the tough task of taking control of the Wii for a little more than an hour, playing Guitar Hero III.

Yes I did.

Got myself a couple of five star reviews even.

Maybe I should move up to Medium, eh?

Or not. After all, I have a goal of getting at least four star reviews before moving on to the next song, much to the annoyance of my family that has to listen to 'My Name is Jonas' by Weezer, six times in a row. Okay, maybe not for THAT song, but there have been songs that I play over and over and... I think I am at level five now, after just besting the "European Invasion" section.

Hey go over and check out Manic's site later today. She is hosting an awards show for all of the blood donor's in Manic's First Annual Blood Drive. There were thirty-three donors in all, that is ninety-nine lives saved. How awesome is that? Yea Manic!!

Back to my 'tough' day.

I then watched my kids play GH III, after all the family that plays Guitar Hero together stays together. :)

The rest of the eveing is a blur... I remember looking at my school work that is due, then I came up with excuse that because I didn't have a three-hole punch I just couldn't concentrate. That and Metallica's "One" on Guitar Hero might of had something to do with it. Can't wait until we get that second guitar!

Then there was the half-hearted attempt at making something to eat, my five-year old little Magpie decided that throwing away the rest of the dinner that was prepared for all, was necessary. Of course, this also happened while I was playing the game. I think. So I took some radiotore (sic) pasta, some corn, some tuna, some cheddar from Vermont (thanks again for the gift Mom and Dad!), some pepper, garlic salt and mayo. Mix it all together and you have, something. Tasted alright to me, although the cheddar was a tad bit sharper than I was expecting. Magpie said it smelled, Monster kept saying "some, some" until he tried it and made that sucking on a lemon face, Cuddlebug said she liked it. Those were the only comments I remember from it, if the other four people in my house said anything about it I don't recall it.

Last thing I remember was watching Benjy playing "Anarchy in the U.K." while I was lying on the coach.

You guessed it. At 4:17am my alarm went off and I was still on the coach. So restful. Not.

Now I am back at work, trying to make amends for yesterday, BEFORE the work begins. I love my job. Really, I do.

I think.

***Extra Note -- before anyone gets the misguided idea that all we do is play video games, I must point out that the boys could not play until they had all of their school work done, the girls were busy "cleaning" their rooms. Rooms that looked really good AFTER mom went through the inspection process (i.e. cleaning up after the cleaning). So there. Besides, isn't Tuesday night game night in your households?

Have a great day!