Monday, February 25, 2008

A Few More Changes

I got called out this evening.

Apparently LHS, doesn't like being called LHS. So I need a new nickname. Also, he doesn't like the nicknames for #2 and #5. So to show that I am quite the compassionate father that I claim - okay, I never really claimed it, but it sounds good, right? Right?

So here come some changes, and not just for #1, formerly LHS. Now, let's work this out together, shall we?

#1 - He is a he. So it has to have a male connotation, otherwise he might get really upset. So names like Suzy Snowflake, are out. Besides Suzy would NEVER call out her father in such a public manner as the former LHS. So, female names are out.

What else is there? Let's see he likes to play the drums... and Guitar Hero 1, 2 and 3! He likes the Wii, and loves doing his school work in a timely manner (okay Bug don't go down that path, otherwise we'll just be calling him LHS 2, and he might not like that one either.) He loves his iPod, but I am afraid of Apple suing me for some sort of copyright infringement - I have NO money, so please do not sue me. :-) That leaves the Cubs... can I call him Cubby? Or is that too immature? How about Wrigley? Or will you kind readers think that he is gum? That's weird, right? Hmmm. Maybe by the end of this post I will have it worked out.

#2 - Benjy. I like Benjy. The name fits perfectly, however the son that is now known as formerly LHS (for now), thinks that I am showing favoritism. Give me a break. The kid has been called Benjy from day 1, actually from BEFORE day one. When we came up with names he was initially going to be Nicholas Alexander - in honor of my Russian heritage (or something like that). That was perfect, after all naming a child is a trying task. Just ask ANY parent. So we had a boy name picked out and we were pretty sure that he was going to be a boy, so... The dang neighbor named her son Nicholas.


We can't have the same name now. That is just so wrong. She stole our Nicholas! Okay, so we calmed down after a while and moved on to our second choice. Benjamin Alexander, it doesn't flow as well, but I liked the initials, BAM. Within a week, we were at Jenni's parents having a baby shower, I think. When my Mother in-law (who I get along with really well, praise God) started with saying something along the lines of how is little Bam-Bam? I think you can guess what happened. Yep. "We can't have our son made fun of about Bam-bam." - Yes, dear.

The day finally came and little Benjy (I know, we're okay with that but not Bam-bam) still needed a middle name. For some reason Thomas came into play, and it stuck. Something else that sticks is me calling him Benjamin Thomas Franklin Pierce.

No. I don't know why. Anyway, I like Benjy, and Benjy has been his nickname forever, well at least for the last thirteen and a half years (yes, all the kids call him Benjy and I believe that he is quite proud of his name, although my neighbor keeps calling him Ben for some reason), so Benjy it will remain. Sorry Formerly LHS, it can't be changed and it won't be. My blog after all. :-)

#3 - SPLG and SAPLG - acronym Hades. Especially since I couldn't remember either one. I know, it's pretty sad that I can't even remember my own child's nickname; even when it is one I invented. I would call her princess, but that could lead to problems with my other two princesses. :-)

Lately she has been very fond of her email, but what kind of nickname would that be... exactly! She is doing Irish step dancing, so... Of course what do I do if she quits? This is quite a commitment of time that I have invested here and I don't want to do it again, if I don't have to. She used to be into American Girl dolls... Used to.

Ooh, Jenni just gave me a great idea, and it fits... FTB - Favorite Third Born. Perfect. Also it is way more kinder and gentler than the previous nicknames, well one of them at least.

#4 - Another long-time nickname, Cuddlebug. Why? It's simple, she always cuddles with me. Well, as long as #5 isn't bumping her out of the way. She also loves the princesses at Disney (who doesn't?), and she is getting into Irish Step Dancing, as well. She loves horses, she could be my friend Flicka - no! Besides, I didn't write that title properly, so we'll just move on. I almost feel obligated to fill in more space here, lest she feel slighted by only one paragraph. What can I say though, her name fits.

So it stays.

#5 Magpie. Not really a fan of this name. contrary to what the former LHS thinks. I mean a Magpie is a bird, not a child. Spoiled would work, since everyone (including her) thinks that she is my favorite. Every parent knows that there are no favorites when it comes to child-rearing. Right? Did I mention that everyone thinks she is my favorite, even at church. I hear this so much, that I'm starting to ... I don't know, lash out. It's not fair to her, I mean she is just a very strong-willed little girl who happens to love her daddy very much.

What can I say? :-)

So, what do I call her?I think I will defer to Jenni once again, at least until something better comes along, and call her FFB - yep, Favorite Fifth Born. Or Baby Girl. Now, I am torn... Did you see how my mind quickly countered that offer of FFB? It really did happen as fast as you read it. Amazing. So, like the former LHS, I will have my final decision at the end.

#6 - He was called #6 for a while, and I don't like it. First of all, it shows a lack of creativity on my part, and secondly it just isn't cool sounding. Or something like that. I think.

His was recently changed to 'Monster' and it actually fits very well. I even call him that in person, so I think we have a winner. I should remember to put the quotation marks in, don't want anyone to be confused. :-)

So, what did we decide....

#6 will be 'Monster'
#4 will remain Cuddlebug
#3 will be FTB (Favorite Third Born)
#2 will remain Benjy

So that leaves me with #5 and #1...

#5 will be Baby Girl

and finally.... drum roll please....

#1 will be Cubby!

That's it, I'm done.

Good night.