Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rock Climbing Made Easy!

Today was a great day to be a rock climbing teenager! Also a great day to bring the camera out and take some snaps of the kids in action.
We all went to Vertical Endeavors, an indoor rock climbing park - for lack of a better word, with the KORE (Kids Operating with Real Enthusiasm) from church. Okay, Benjy and I went. We took along for the ride, Teagan, who enjoyed watching more than climbing - although she said she had a great time!

And then there was my God daughter Jordan, who says that she has been climbing trees "forever," so why not rock climb. She is actually pretty good at it, as the pictures will attest.

Lots of climbing... here Benjy and Jordan are racing to the top. Benjy was on a 5.9 (degree of difficulty, I guess), and Jordi was on a 5.8, so they were closely matched up (kind of). Benjy won this race and pretty much every other one he was in. Who knew he was such a monkey boy?
Here Benjy is racing Dominic, and it wasn't even close. Granted when they switched sides, Dominic won. The left side was hard and only Benjy and an adult chaperone actually were able to ring the bell at the top. One, young adult(I think he is 19), tried and tried to get to the top. Finally making it all the way, but still failing to ring the bell, so it didn't count. Jordi cam inches away from getting the bell also, but...

A little nap by Joe, after faililng to make it past a mark in, about, fifty tries!! Okay, maybe it wasn't that many, but he was a huffing and a puffing. At least it was a happy nap, right?

Lots of Pizza, which is essential whenever you get a bunch of middle-schoolers together. Great pizza, and a well-timed snack. More and more kids were feeling like Joe above, and needed a little boost.
Back to the climbing.... Here Benjy is at the top of a crevasse, that he had to climb without any help from the many hand holds on all the other courses. A real challenge, and as Mrs. Bug just pointed out to me, I forgot to rotate the picture, Benjy is really about fifty feet off the ground here.Jordi, couldn't figure out how Benjy did it, and claimed that it had to be his size. We had to point out that a grown women had done the same course two time already... So she tried extra-hard and finally made it about halfway. Good job, Jordi!!

Here he is, the King of the Mountain! He made it to the top of every course he tried, with the exception of one, where he said it felt weird because he had to climb upside down. I think he means that his body was no longer perpindicular to the ground, rather it was parallel.

Good times were had by all, and Benjy is on a mission to get us to sign up for a membership. We might just do that. :-)