Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Found the Moon!

Check out these photo's from Jenni's Uncle Alan. They are spectacular, and it was only ten below zero when he took them! What a trooper. As always, whenever I post his stuff, if you like what you see, you should visit his site. It is incredible, especially if you like birds!!

The picture above is his house that he built from the ground up, he has a journal of everything he went through to build it here.

The next picture is of the moon at the peak of the eclipse. If you want to see more detail, I think you should just have to click the pic.

This picture is pretty cool, as it shows the different stages of the eclipse itself. I imagine his toes were frozen by the time it was all over. I would try to set up some sort of remote control so I could stay inside the warm house, myself. :)

Here's an older picture of another eclipse, I believe.

Have a great day!