Monday, June 29, 2009


So my new son thinks that he is a fine wine, I mean why else would he want to stay in his cramped space, other than he thinks that he'll get better with age/cooking in the womb.

Good news for those of you that have yet to enter my contest... It appears that he will make his appearance on July 6, unless he decides to come on his own. Knowing our history, that's not gonna happen.

So, this will now be the OFFICIAL ENTRY PAGE (I have no idea why I did that, other than to vent maybe), for the contest of guessing the baby's weight, length and time of birth. I'm taking the date out, because well, we kind of already know that, July 6. However, if he comes before the sixth, we can accept your weight, length and time guesses.

My simple contest is becoming more complex as I type, YIKES!

Same prize though, either a Borders or Barnes and Noble $10 gift card, to the closest best guess.