Tuesday, June 23, 2009


That was the final score, in extra innings, for Katie's last softball game of the season. By far, it was one of their best games all season.

After one inning it was 3-2 Heat (that would be us)

After two innings it was 3-3. Practically unheard of that there has only been six runs scored total, by this point. I mean we're usually looking at a 10-5, or worse, score.

After three innings it was 8-4 Heat. Looking good.

After four innings it was 8-10 White Sox. Oops!

After five innings it was 10-10. One inning left.

After six innings it was 13-13. There is a conference (for what I have no idea, after all it's a playoff game, there has to be a winner), and they decide to play a seventh inning, as darkness settles and the mosquitoes come out, in force.

Katie is up first, and swings at two very bad pitches. She then settles down and gets walked. Next girl is up and she hits a grounder towards the second baseman, who literally, along with the shortstop, blocks all access to the base. We yell for interference, the ump is hearing nothing of it, so Katie is called out. The next two batters walk, so we have bases loaded and only one out. Our best player is up to bat, Kaylee sounds like Casey right?

Only she doesn't strike out. Nope, she hits a crushing pop fly into a no-man's land between first base and the pitchers mound, anything can happen at this point. Apparently, there is no infield fly rule in girl's minor league fast pitch softball. Doesn't matter, as the first baseman catches the ball. Two outs, and the bases are still loaded.

The girls did learn to stay on the bases for a pop fly, so that part was successful. Too bad they weren't taught about tagging up. Next batter comes up, and hits a grounder to the first baseman who stumbles with the ball. You would think that the girl on third would have scored, right? Nope. She was staying close to the base, forgetting what her coach told her about running on contact. She leaves late, very late, and the first baseman has a good arm, plus the catcher can actually catch the ball. End of the Heat's half of the inning.

Bottom of the inning and we walk the first batter, who steals second, then third. We strike out one girl, and walk another. We get the third girl down 0-2, when she swings, makes contact, and gets an infield hit which brings in the winning run.


However the girls should be very proud of their season, as they improved greatly over the season, and most importantly, had a lot of fun.

Whew! Spring sports season is over. Now on to summer camps, and a BABY!!

Can hardly wait, God has indeed blessed us, and we anxiously await our new son.


God Bless!