Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Contest!!

I want to thank Jeff over at View From The Cloud, and a proud member of The Receders (go buy their stuff, it's available at Amazon and iTunes(no link, I assume you know how to get there) it's good!) for this great idea.

A Contest.

A Contest with a REAL PRIZE!!


You all have been waiting for me to finally breakdown and give something away, admit it now, you know that it's true. Best part, it's easy to enter, just write your entry in the comment box, or I'll even accept a Face book entry, but since you are reading about it here, why not just comment. :)

As you may, or may not, know, we are having a baby! Our seventh! So, in honor of our new son's birth, we thought that we would have a pool for you to enter, guessing our newborn son's birth date, birth time, birth weight and birth length.

Piece of cake right?

Here's a hint: The date will, more than likely be June 30. That doesn't mean that you have to guess the 30th, but it will improve your odds greatly.

Next hint: We have to be at the hospital by 6AM, to start the induction process. Unless he decides to show up on his own, sooner, which means guessing a date earlier than June 30, might be beneficial.

What do you win? A $10 gift card to your choice of Borders, or Barnes and Noble. If you get everything exactly correct; you will get one of each. Pretty cool, right?

How do you enter? Easy. Leave a comment stating the Birthday, time, weight and length of our latest addition, in the comment box. We will then compare your answers to the actual event, and if you are the closest, as deemed by the judge (Jenni), then you win!

Extra bonus best part!!! You can make more than one guess, but be aware that we are doing a "first come first served" contest here, which basically means if there are duplicate answers, we will go with the first comment in the box. (I hope that makes sense).

Finally, the decision of the judge (Jenni) is final. Sounds harsh, but it has to be.

What are you waiting for? Get guessing!!

God Bless!!
Roger and Jenni