Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey There!

Now that I have your attention, I have some very very important news to share with both of you.
Just not today!
I have to put on my chaperone's hat tonight and head out west to Camp WOW! I believe the WOW is Wild Over Word, Wind On Whiskers, uh... Never mind. I can't remember, but I'll try to find out tonight, just for you all.
Seriously, I can do that for you. Promise.
Had a meeting about my "performance issues" today. Apparently, I don't really have any, except that I shouldn't embarrass my boss in front of "his peeps." Okay. I'll try, but if you  turn on me and start yelling like that again, it's open season*.
In other news, I am going to the Doctor this evening. He will tell me that I need to watch what I eat better, and lose some more weight, because the fifteen I have lost isn't enough, by far. Has anyone tried that AcaiBerry extract? I read something that mixing it with Broma- something, can help you lose weight, maybe I'll ask if that's true or not. Anything would help at this point.
Being a lover of the Disney World I am kind of glad that we are not going this year, it seems that with the economy down, the Mouse is doing a lot of refurbishing and cleaning up. Which is cool, because I think we're going to try and go next September. Anyone up for a party? Probably would only be homeschooling, or parents with, kids not yet in school, but that's okay, because it is one of the absolute best times to go, in my opinion. The weather is great, the crowds are low, and for the past six or seven years (I think) you can get the Dining Plan paid for. That's a lot of cabbage, let me tell you!
Okay, I must depart for my evening appointments, see you all tomorrow, right? Have a great day!
God Bless!