Monday, June 22, 2009

Ooh Yeah!

Now that I have set myself up, it is time to knock myself back down again.

I really have no idea what that means but I thought that I would just throw out a bunch of words and see if I could make a sentence, or two.


So, Jon and Kate, are going their separate ways... Don't care. I mean I feel bad for them and their marriage, but I really could care less about them. I have seen the show once or twice, and to be honest, I get more drama in my neighborhood every day than I see on that show. Now, I wonder what will happen. Not really.

Besides, I'm still way too addicted to the Food Network! For sure.

Or the Science Channel, or ESPN, or Disney, or... I have too many other options.

On the work front, we are in the process of learning how to be LEAN. In other words, they think that squeezing just a little bit more out of that stone, called the work force, will produce something.

Back to television. Have you ever seen a show called 'Bridezilla's?' What the heck is wrong with those women? I mean I know that people act differently around the camera, but get real. If I found out that Jenni had done something like that, I would probably not want to have married her. And that's the kicker, the husbands-to-be have no idea until after the show airs, weeks or months later.

Remember that comment/promise I made about reading everyone else's blogs... Well, this weekend I was really busy, and... Maybe when the baby comes I'll have more time. Or at least in the hospital? Maybe I should just wipe the whole slate clean? I'll feel guilty though. Decisions, decisions.

Enough for tonight, no more torture for you! Stay tuned for the big 700th post extravaganza!! (yeah, I didn't just set myself up there now did I?)

God Bless!